Why Does Racism Exist?

Unit & Project Reflection


Many of you have been taking pictures already when you were in your groups and generating different answers to our unit’s guiding question. GREAT! Now, keep going. As we progress through the week and you work on the filming and editing of your films, document the process. Take pictures of what you are working on in the next steps of this project. You will use these photographs to post to the project page of your digital notebook.

Be aware, some of your classmates may not have the means to take pictures or will be on camera or editing while you are photographing. Support one another and be sure to share images so everyone has access to documentation. There should be no reason why one group member doesn’t have something to show on their digital notebook.

You should have a minimum of 4 photographs documenting the process and each picture should have a caption describing which part in the process is occuring. Along with these photographs, you must also provide the storyboard your group created. This too is part of the planning and documentation process.


Along with the photographs you should describe the overall unit as well as the steps/process it took to complete this project with your group. What did we learn in this first unit? What resources and materials were provided for you to learn more about this unit? What was the project assigned for your group and what were the expectations? What steps needed to be taken to complete the project along the way?

This is the opportunity to provide an overview of everything we have been doing for the last 4-6 weeks in core. Look back and consider how all of the different pieces now fit into place for the end goal.


And finally, reflect on the process. Take a look at everything we have done and you have accomplished so far this year, and take the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience. Consider the following questions and respond to all of them thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Though the questions are being presented to you in bullet points, you DO NOT respond the same. You need to answer in complete sentences and in paragraph form.