Scholarship Policy

Scholarship Purpose

The fund will help Outreach families, families in a position of financial hardship, and persons with special needs be able to swim on our team or learn how to swim.  

Outreach Family:  We define outreach swimmers as swimmers who qualify for free and/or reduced lunch, parents who have been out of work for at least 6 months.  If you are an Outreach family, please click HERE to see what other financial accommodations are available for your child.

Supporting Documents

Scholarship Fund Policies

  1. Scholarships are limited by fundraising efforts
  2. Scholarships are awarded first-come, first-serve and based on a board decision.
  3. Scholarships for financial hardships are not limited to families who qualify for Outreach, nor shall an outreach qualification disqualify a family from receiving a cash award
  4. Limited to one request per family per fiscal year (August 1-July 31)
  5. USA Swimming member’s parent should also apply for the Elaine Miller Fund, if possible, in conjunction with the request.  
  6. Guidelines for awarding scholarship:
  1. No more than $200 per family, per calendar year, exceptions may occur with board approval
  2. Families must have a $0 account balance from previous seasons with Piranha Aquatics in order to be eligible.  
  1. Renewal Guidelines:  In order for families to re-apply for scholarship the next season, the following stipulations must be met:
  1. 50% practice attendance by the scholarship athlete (on average)
  2. Swimmer provides service back to the organization in the amount of 10% of the award
  1. Based on a $10/hour rate (so $300 from the club, the swimmer would be expected to provide 3 hours of service back to the club)
  2. Can help with younger athletes, work a session of a swim meet, help at a mini-meet, splash class, help coaches with a task, etc.  
  3. If USA Swimmer also applies for Elaine Miller fund, only the amount the club provides for Lake Erie to match applies to the service requirements.

Salem High School Independent Athletes Scholarship

Salem Students can apply for additional scholarships through the Salem Swim Boosters. Contact Dan Bowers  

Our Mission: To employ the sport of swimming to develop a culture of inclusion, build community, and provide opportunities for all people to benefit from a lifelong love of aquatics.

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