Mixed Netball

Amber Morgan


Selwyn's Mixed Netball team is among the best in the uni, having most recently finished in second place in the whole university. We play one match at the weekend throughout Michaelmas and Lent term, along with occasional training/taster sessions and several socials. We are a very enthusiastic, friendly and (slightly) competitive team, and are always happy to gain new members!


The Grange Group

Jessie Dong


Discuss the undiscussed. A space for open discussions on controversial and taboo topics. Join us for a conversation on books, poems, films, documentaries, articles, and art on a range of topics, such as food and sex, hypocrisy, unconventional relationships, and consumerism. Open to all -- arts and science students alike!


Ladies Netball

Bex Thrush


Ladies netball is low commitment but lots of fun! We have matches once a week in Michaelmas and Lent term, usually on a Sunday morning (before brunch!). We also take part in cuppers which is a half day tournament in Lent term. When possible there are joint training sessions with the mixed netball team. There are a few social events each term, usually with other sports teams which is a great opportunity to meet some new, sporty minded people like yourself.


Selwyn College English Society

Sarah Taylor


The English Society is the collective name for all students studying English at Selwyn; there are no obligations to attend events, we just want to encourage getting to know each other across years and creating a community within the subject. The society has not been very active until recently, which means a lot of what we do is being shaped as we do it. We try and organise at least one social and one theatre trip per term, but we are very casual and always open to suggestions. We were honoured to have Ann Morgan, a writer and novelist from Selwyn, as guest speaker at the recent society dinner (our formal annual event), which was a lovely evening. At the moment, the society is for students of English only, but we are hoping to set some things up that can be inclusive of any members of college with a love of literature, so keep an eye out!





Selwyn College Medical and Veterinary Society

Luke Glover


We are a society for all medical and veterinary students at Selwyn College. For 60 years we have supported students here through welfare, talks and funding.


Selwyn College Squash Club

Luke Glover


Selwyn College Squash Club meets every Wednesday from 8-10pm for informal general sessions, where everyone (including beginners) can come along and de-stress with some fantastic (and social) exercise. We have a team and play in the college leagues, with the "cuppers" knockout tournament taking place in Lent term.



Beatrice Jones


Events for women and non-binary students to discuss topics of feminism, gender, sexuality, and much more! We also go to events and discussions across Cambridge whilst also forming a tight-knit support network within Selwyn.


Natural Sciences Society

Clement Moyland


We arrange 'stash' for our members and provide a structure of pastoral support, guidance, advice and mentorship. We organise regular 'swaps' with other scientific and philosophical societies around the university, as well as with other Selwyn societies. This a usually a 'formal swap' in that their society will host us at their main college for Formal Hall, and then in return we will host them for Formal at Selwyn. Additionally we have a fantastically popular Annual Black Tie Dinner to which we invite all the 'NatSci' members of the JCR, MCR and SCR, in addition to excellent speakers, alumni. We welcome into our membership first-year Chemical Engineers and Computer Scientists, third-year Medicine and Veterinary Medicine students, and masters or doctoral students researching a scientific field. We round off the academic year with an annual May Week Garden Party.


President: Jack Entwhistle - 

Treasurer: Connor Lovell - 

Vice-President: Alec Granville-Willett -

Selwn Hockey Club

Octave Masson


This year, we have a men's and a mixed team. We train once a week on Tuesdays and then have matches on Sundays. Our men's team is currently in the second division, with a good chance to get promotion this term. Our mixed team reached the quarter-finals of cuppers this season!


French Foodies of Selwyn

Lina Norder

Eddy Sidebotham



We are a group of friends (three regular members) who meet once a week to experience culinary adventures whilst practising our spoken French. In Michaelmas Term we had the priviledge of hosting some native speakers from different colleges, which has proven really helpful in improving our language skills. We take turns preparing delicious meals for the rest of the club, and after dinner retreat to watch European films - usually French, German or Scandinavian to broaden our cultural horizons (we're very remain). Currently Sweden, Ireland and Australia is represented. Recent successes: - Cooked what was probably the best meal ever prepared on Selwyn grounds in the form of a delicious haloumi burrito (message us for photos) - We are also very environmentally aware - we once fed three people with ingredients from a bin (don't worry - we washed it) If you're at a high level of spoken French and are a talented cook with access to a large gyp then join the French Foodies of Selwyn!

Table Tennis Club

Billy Hayes


We're a casual club who train weekly, in small groups spread across the week so times are flexible. Having fun and learning from one another is what we really value, so members of all abilities are welcome. We're not too shabby either - we only started this year and we're already powering through the inter-collegiate league! If you fancy playing for the college or simply a wee knock back and forth, swing by and play with us.

Selwyn College Boat Club

Sam Pettinger-Harte


SCBC comprises of men's and women's squads that train both on and off the water approximately 4 times per week. We welcome novice rowers throughout the year, and specifically have a large intake every Michaelmas term. The main competitions are May and Lent Bumps, in addition to Fairbairns head race in December and multiple ergo competitions throughout the year. We have recently celebrated success in the 2016 men's boat going up 6 places in May Bumps! SCBC prides itself on being a friendly and inclusive club, and welcomes anybody from Selwyn to join. We aim to create a healthy but competitive atmosphere for all experience levels!


Selwyn Rugby Club

Matt Wilson


Rugby at Selwyn is formed of players from both Selwyn and Peterhouse. The club has had plenty of success over the last 4 years, competing with John's for the division one title in 2015 and winning the Cuppers Plate in 2017. With a lot of the older players graduating, there is a lot of potential for new players to get involved and play plenty of rugby every weekend! This is organised by Greg Beazley of Peterhouse this year, who is happy to welcome people who are new to the game or those who are interested in returning to it.

Selwyn History Society

Milly Hodgson


Selwyn History Society is inclusive of all our students either studying history full time, or alongside another degree program. Termly social events and our annual history dinner provides members with an excellent opportunity to get to know students in other years who share the same passion for history.

Selwyn Mixed Lacrosse Club

Issy Fleming


Selwyn Mixed Lacrosse is a fab, friendly team and open to all. We play matches once a week and are currently playing in the top division! We have team socials and are always looking for new members. If you’d like to give it a go we’d love to have you!


Selwyn Badminton

Women’s captain: Dlya Rajan (dr446)

Men’s captain: Nadan Gokhale (nbg22)

We have a general session once a week which is a casual knock-about open to beginners as well as more advanced players. We also have a women's team and a men's team which compete in the college league in both Michaelmas and Lent and in the Cuppers tournament in Lent.

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