Tairangi School Procedure Statement


The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. The school is currently entitled to 7 units.
  2. The majority of the school’s units will be used for management purposes.
    Two each will be permanently allocated to two Senior Management Positions.
    One will be allocated to each of the Senior Teachers.
  3. The current management structure of the school will be preserved in the future.  This maintains a career structure for incumbents and future employees.
  4. An extra unit is to be permanently allocated to the teacher responsible for assessment.  The positions are advertised internally with a committee making decisions on the content of the job description and who the unit holder will be.  If the current holder of this unit leaves the school, the position will be readvertised internally if there is a decision to retain it.  Recipients of permanent units will receive a letter of appointment.
  5. In October each year the senior staff, following syndicate consultation, will make decisions on which areas of school development will be allocated a fixed term unit for the following year.  These decisions will reflect the school goals for the year which are formulated at the same time.  The unit will be for responsibility.
  6. This unit position will be advertised internally in late October or early November.  By 15 November each year decisions will be made and staff informed of decisions which will be made by a committee.  All recipients of this unit will receive a letter of appointment.
  7. All decisions relating to units will be communicated to the Board of Trustees.
  8. If the school’s unit entitlement is reduced the procedure contained in the Teachers’ Collective Employment Agreement for dealing with this situation will be followed.  Advice on how to follow this procedure will be sought fro NZEI at the time.
  9. These procedures will be reviewed every two years.


Permanent Units

M units are permanently allocated to the teachers holding the two senior management positions each and to the other two syndicate leaders (1 unit each).  If a teacher currently holding these units leaves the school, the vacancy will be advertised with the permanent units attached.  This will preserve the schools’ management structure and assist in maintaining a career structure for teachers.  The process for appointment is as described in the Appointments process document.

One unit is permanently allocated to the teacher with responsibility for assessment.  If this teacher leaves the school permanently or resigns form the management unit component of the position, the position will be advertised internally if it is decided to retain it and written applications based on ability to fulfill the job description for the position will be invited.  Applicants will have two weeks in which to submit applications.  The rest of the process is described in the Teacher Salary Units Policy Statement document.

Fixed Term Unit

The process for deciding which areas of responsibility will attract the fixed unit, the length of time it is allocated for and the process of appointment are described in the Teacher Salary Units Procedure Statement document.

The internal applicants for fixed term unit will have two weeks to submit a written application based on their ability to fulfill the job description for the position.

Reduction of Units

If the number of M or R units available to the school decreases the procedures described in the current Primary Teachers, Deputy Principals, Assistant Principals and Other Unit Holders Collective Employment Agreement, Part 4, Surplus Staffing, will be strictly followed.  Advice on this process will be sought from NZEI.

File:teachsalunits3.doc        Procedure Statement – Teacher Salary Units