Initial Setup: SideQuest on PC

  1. Setup SideQuest on your PC.
  2. Download the appropriate APKs
  3. You can install these by plugging in your Quest via USB-C and opening SideQuest:
  1. clicking on My Apps

  1. Drag the APKs over to this Installed Apps text install the Overlay first

  1. Click on Current Tasks to Check Installation Status

Join our Discord if you’re having issues with this and visit #Support

Initial Setup: Inside the Quest

  1. Go to the TV app on your Oculus Home Dash
  2. Scroll down to Unknown Sources and select  Why You Are  |   YUR.Fit  .
  3. Login or Sign Up into a YUR account
  4. Once logged in, go to the Edit Profile screen by clicking your user name in the top right corner
  1. A drop down will appear with Edit Profile and Log out, select  Edit Profile .
  1. Enter all of your profile information to your preference
  2. Once finished, scroll to the bottom of the Edit Profile page and click  Save .
  3. If successful, a green  Profile Updated!  should appear next to the  Save  button
  4. After that, YUR account should be ready to start tracking calories

Initial Setup: YUR Overlay

  1. After the initial installation, it is recommended to reboot yur Quest
  2. Open the TV app on your Oculus Home Dash
  3. Scroll down to Unknown Sources and select  Why You Are  |   YUR.Fit  .
  4. Select  Overlay Settings  at the top
  5. A window with different trigger options and position parameters for the Overlay should appear.
  1. By Default, the overlay can be opened by pressing down on both controllers, the Thumbsticks and pulling in the Grip Triggers

How to delete the APKs

  1. Use SideQuest to uninstall. Find com.yur.fitquest and click the cog. Then click Uninstall App