Annual General Meeting - October 10, 2017 7PM

Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Christy Stanhope, Tim Ing, Pratibha Pandey, Waylon Dean, Janis Lahey (non-voting), Karen Knox (non-voting), Cara Wilson, Debbie Dekok, Natasha Sidwell, Blanca Yang, Heidi Piper-Ward, Rachelle Davidson

1. Welcome & Call to Order (Waylon, BCCNS President)

2. Determination of Quorum: (Michelle, BCCNS Board Secretary)

10 members present and 42 advance ballots

3. Discussion of current school status: (Heidi, BCCNS Program Director)

Review of financial position as of June 30, 2017.

Challenges for 2017-2018 school year include recruitment for empty spaces in specific programs.  

Members asked about teachers on parental leave this year & return times. Miss Kate expected to return Jan 2018, after March break for Miss Rhonda and next school year (Sept 2018) for Miss Lana.

Plan for capital improvements to the play yard coming in the spring.

Notice of change to financial review: Note that BCCNS will change from the more costly option of a full audited financial report to a finance review engagement report. This request was included in the approved budget for this year and our major funders, the City of Ottawa and Province of Ontario, have approved this change. You can review the approved budget for 2017-2018 .

4. Vote on Motions:

Motion #1:

Approval of Meeting Minutes from April 18, 2017 AGM

                  1st: waylon Dean                         2nd: Natasha Sidwell

                48 In Favour        0 Against                 4 Abstain

Motion #2:

Approval of new auditors, Parker Prins Lebano, CPAs.  After considerable delays and communication frustrations with our last approved auditors, the BCCNS Board has put forward that the following organization complete our Review Engagement for the financial years ending June 30, 2015 and forward. Parker Prins Lebano Chartered Professional Accountants Professional Corporation, 1796 Courtwood Crescent, Ottawa ON K2C 2B5 of 2016 - 2017 Budget (attached)

      1st: Waylon Dean                         2nd: Cara Wilson

                51 In Favour         0 Against                  1 Abstain

Motion #3:

Approval of Pratibha Pandey as Treasurer for BCCNS Board / School Council through end of May 31, 2019.

      1st: Waylon Dean                         2nd:  Cara Wilson

                51 In Favour        0 Against                  1 Abstain

Motion # 4

Approval of Natasha Sidwell as Vice-President for BCCNS Board / School Council through end of May 31, 2019.

  1st: Waylon Dean                         2nd: Blanca Yang

                52 In Favour        0 Against                  0 Abstain

6. Other questions from the membership (Heidi & Waylon)

Discussion of current enrollment challenges.

Discussion of fundraising aims and corporate giving plans or rules.

Question regarding by laws and policies & procedures available to general membership.

Action item: Rachelle & Tim to get bylaws posted online & P&P highlighted (it is already available online).

Action item: Natasha to look into healthy snacks funding that may be available to schools like ours.

Action item: Cara will help with P&P Committee work in the new year, as Policies & Procedures are being revised due to Ministry of Education requirements.

Thanks & closing (Heidi, BCCNS Program Director)


7.   Adjournment

7:55pm adjournment

BCCNS’ Mission

At Bells Corners Co-operative Nursery School, parents and teachers work together to provide quality care and early childhood education. We believe the needs, rights, and concerns of children, parents, and teachers are equally important in creating a learning environment. We are an inclusive school where all children belong.