White Mountain Trail Collective Project Proposal

The White Mountain Trail Collective works to "Protect the Trails and Preserve the Legacy" Our mission is to promote trail sustainability, increase trail stewardship, and preserve the legacy of trail maintaining knowledge that has been used to protect the trails in the White Mountains for over a century.  Projects should include what is needed to support sustainability as well as provide opportunities for collaboration in trail work, training and stewardship.  

Please submit proposals to: melanie.luce@wmtrailcollective.org

Club/Maintainer Name and primary muscle powered recreation activity: (example: Mtn Club, Hiking)

Executive Summary:  Briefly describe the proposed project

Timeline: When will your project be “Shovel Ready”?

Land Owner/Manager:  If you are not the Land Owner/Manager you must have Land Owner/Manager Permission for this Project (please attach Land Owner/Manager letter of support)

Other: Is there anything else you would like us to know about this request?