NEWTalk: Episode 2 Educated

In your groups, you will be utilizing the resources and research you have been studying in core and creating Episode 2 for N.E.W. School’s “NEWTalk” video.

Outline of Video:

  1. Intro to Video:
  1. This episode will be exploring education globally. Your first task in the introduction to your video is to answer the questions below by citing content from your three classes and guided by research done during your exploration.
  1. How do people learn effectively?
  2. What is the value of being educated?
  3. What sacrifices are made to be educated?

  1. Define/Hypothesize:
  1. What is the most effective way to learn? Develop an answer to this question based off your exploration of learning styles and research. After stating your hypothesis explain the procedures of your experiment. Include your rationalization which lead you to your hypothesis.

  1. Document Trials of Experiment:
  1. During this part of the video you should include short segments and photos of you and your group carrying out your experiment with different control groups.

  1. C.E.R. & Conclusion:
  1. In this portion of the video you will be tasked with restating your hypothesis; as well as, analyzing and discussing the results of your experiment. Make sure you organize your data in a visual format (graph, chart or table). Finally, state whether your hypothesis was confirmed or denied based off the data you collected.

  1. Final Remarks:
  1. How do these results relate back to our focus on global education?


Benchmarks Due Dates and Aligned Rubrics

Due Date



October 16th

Benchmark #1

Empathy Scavenger Hunt


October 26th

Benchmark #2

Design Thinking Outline

Creative Design & Innovation

November 2nd

Final Project

NEWTalk Episode 2

Collaboration & Contributions in a Team Dynamic

Visual Design & Organization

Informative Writing

***Please note, all benchmarks can be resubmitted for a higher grade; however, resubmission is due prior to the next benchmark.

Final Project Due Date is November 2nd, 2018