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Mosaic Piano Studio Goals
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Piano Studio Goals

Studio Goals

  1. To support each student in the belief that they are capable of technical excellence and a high level of self-expression. Students are not “artists in waiting.”
  2. To help the student and family develop realistic healthy practice habits in the home.
  3. To develop a routine that encourages consistency, leading to technical growth.
  4. To develop a healthy and age-appropriate approach to sharing music and performing.
  5. To safely support a student with public presentation.
  6. To approach each lesson with high warmth and high standards–you can do it.
  7. To help a student understand the difference between uncomfortable and unsafe.  Learning an instrument can be challenging, how do we push through these challenges in a safe and supportive environment?
  8. To help each student know how to share their musical gifts with a wider community–schools, families, churches.
  9. To develop healthy work habits that translate to other areas of their lives.
  10. To develop technical excellence so that they may begin to explore the world of improvisation and composing, finding their own voice.
  11. To provide a studio environment that supports creativity with welcoming safe spaces, high quality instruments and an environment that invites possibility.