By patron name

Click on the Checkout Tab and then, look up patrons by typing in their last name or first name.

By Homeroom

Click on the homeroom (this works for Pre-K through 8th grade classes).

The homeroom tab allows you to choose the homeroom.

When you select a homeroom, you see all the students in the class. You can sort them by First or Last Name.  

To select a student for checking out, simply click on the name, check out the book to the student and then click on Select Patron to go back to the whole class. Repeat the process for all the students in the homeroom.

To choose another homeroom, click on the pulldown menu. Or you can click To Patron to go back to the individual checkout.

By scanning the patron’s barcode.  

To print out barcodes by class homeroom, click on the tab Patron Barcodes by Homeroom from the main screen

Check in

To check books in, you can scan them one after another.  I recommend having a designated area for book returns: a book drop (if you have one in your circulation desk), a book cart, a basket, a particular area on the circulation desk (demarcated by a sign).  You can also scan books that were used in the library but not checked out to count towards your total circulation stats.  These are referred to as in-library use.

Copy Status

Go to Circulation =>Copy Status. This allows you to check on the status of the book in terms of availability, circulation history, current checkout, etc. Search for a book by title or barcode