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Commonly Asked PHP Questions
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Commonly Asked Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Questions

Who is a part of my child’s treatment team?

Clients in our PHP program receive an individual therapist they meet with 2x a week, a dietician they meet with 2x a week, a family therapist they meet with 1x a week for family therapy, and a psychiatrist they meet with 1x a week. We also offer a 1x a week 30 minute family meeting with the parents, therapist and dietician to provide treatment updates.


What outcome can I expect from treatment? What is your success rate?

Prosperity uses the Assessment tool Eating Disorder Inventory - 3 to compile data at the intake, discharge and a year follow up. After Prosperity has been running PHP programs for three years, we will be compiling the results for the most accurate measurement. Please read our testimonies on the website. We define success as graduating from PHP and IOP with no eating disorder behaviors, stabilized weight, mood and distress regulated. We rerun the assessment a year later to see if the symptomatology is the same or better upon graduation.


How many hours/days a week is PHP?

PHP programming is Monday through Friday consisting of a minimum of 35 hours per week. When a client attends in person, we provide breakfast, lunch and two snacks.


Is the PHP program 100% in person?

At this time, our PHP program is 100% virtual with expected return date to in person of January 31st. We require all clients to receive a negative COVID test prior to returning in person, whether or not they have been vaccinated.  


What does my child do about school while in PHP? Can they attend classes during the programming day?

We recommend you connect and consult with your child’s school to learn more about what accommodations they can make, and what services they provide for adolescents receiving intensive treatment. When a client is in programming, we cannot accommodate clients attending classes because our program day is highly structured with group, individual therapies and meal support which require 100% attendance.


What do clients do after PHP?

Clients step down to a less intense program, called Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Our IOP program is currently 100% virtual and held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00-8:00PM. Clients who step down to IOP from PHP keep the same treatment team of their therapist and dietician. Psychiatry services are not provided in IOP, however we are happy to provide referrals if needed. Clients who step down from PHP to IOP receive an additional 4 family therapy sessions.

How many programming days can my child miss while attending PHP if we have a vacation scheduled?

To ensure successful treatment outcomes, we require full attendance for the PHP program.

If my child is feeling ill, can they miss a day of programming?

If your child is feeling sick,  please let us know! We will encourage you to take the day off to rest and monitor your child. If symptoms fall under potential COVID-19 guidelines, we will require a negative covid test before coming for in-person treatment.

Do I need to reach out to insurance for PHP authorization?

We have a strong business team that takes care of requesting authorization and continued coverage while in the program. We do strongly recommend you reach out to your insurance separately to learn more about your benefits, coverage, and cost.  

Can my child continue to see their outpatient therapist/psychiatrist/dietician while in PHP?

Because our PHP program provides an individual therapist, dietician, psychiatrist and family therapist, we ask that clients pause seeing their outpatient teams while receiving treatment with us. This ensures there is no miscommunication or conflicts with treatment expectations and goals. Your child's Prosperity treatment team can provide treatment updates to their outpatient team to ensure smooth transitions in care. We will need a Release of Information (ROI) filled out to communicate with outside providers.

Because psychiatry services are provided, does this mean my child has to take medication?

No, just because they see a psychiatrist does not mean it is a requirement. Adolescents cannot be prescribed medication without parental consent. Parental/guardian attendance in psychiatry sessions are required for the first psychiatric intake session, and for additional sessions moving forward should you want to get in touch with the psychiatrist.

What will my child be doing during the day while in programming?

While in programming, adolescents attend a variety of groups daily including meal support groups. Each day varies in terms of group topics which include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), dietary psycheducation, art and mindfulness, relapse prevention, and coping and life skills group.  

Can we meet the team and have a tour of the facility?

Yes, we are more than happy to give you a tour either at the time of the intake or another scheduled time.

Will my child be able to continue with Prosperity providers after IOP?

Once clients complete the IOP program, they will not be able to see Prosperity providers and will have to have a separate outpatient team. We are happy to help you find outpatient providers.

My child is vegan/a picky eater/won’t eat certain foods. Do you accommodate this?

Everyone's nutritional needs are unique to them and each client receives an individualized meal plan while attending the program.  We typically do not support veganism. We approach treatment and recovery with an “all foods fit” philosophy meaning there are no good or bad foods. This is done to help remove distortions and judgements about nutrition.