Purity Club Membership Application                                                2019/2020

Name of Applicant notes (if a couple, apply for individual memberships)

If only one applicant, you can bring in a guest, but no guarantee of entry for busy events where members have preference and discounts etc..

Name of Applicant_____________________________________________________________

Forum Details to check applicants validity (FL, Fab, Naturist Site, Play Group Site etc..)

Forum Website Name ___________________________________________________

Your Profile Name on Site________________________________________________

Your Address__________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________Post Code_________

Date of Birth _________________     M/F/G (Gender Fluid) _____________________

Mobile Number ________________________________      YES                     NO

(for records only. Tick YES for event updates by text. Tick NO if you don't want to be contacted)

Email Address__________________________________________________________

Proof of address.  Bring a passport or driver licence with you, and a utility bill showing your address

If you download this form,  bring it with you completed, together with the two forms of identification.


Membership Number___________   Validity_____________ Photo_________________