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Hello, and welcome to The Hub! The very first step is to read the rules. Even if you think you know the drill for sites like this, please look them over just in case, because ignorance of the rules is not accepted as an excuse for breaking them!

That's all the required reading, however it's recommended you at least skim the About Hub threads to get an idea of what Hub is about.

When registering an account, your account name should be the first name last name of your character(When available, because of the nature of Hub your Character name may already be taken, feel free to use a common nickname/codename/fullname). Out of character accounts are also allowed, but not required.

You can collapse the Discord bar and quick info by clicking ‘Collapse Header’ at the very top right of the header bar.

Getting into the Community.

Even before registering with us you can join our public web chat at https://discord.gg/ZcsupSc

Once you have registered any account OOC or IC feel free to sign up for Discord too so we can recognize you as more than ‘guest’! https://discordapp.com/

As soon as you are accepted you will be added to our private main community chat, don’t worry we only bite when asked. ;)

Filling out your Application:

The application Template App is located here.

Have questions about Canon’s? Check out This thread

Information about Anchors and Hub? Take a look Here!

To reserve your claims, head to our Claims thread. Reply to it with your OOC name, Canon, Fandom, Face Reservations:

Writer: Kel

Fandom/Universe: Marvel, 616

Canon: Tony Stark

Face Claim: David Gandy

We keep the reservations for 2 weeks without contact, if you’re in contact with us we are more lenient :)

RP Sample: is only required for first characters and can be used as your first post/discovery of the Hub. :D

Images: The avatar size is 250 wide by 400 tall. The mini-avatar width is 211 and will automatically resize. If you need help resizing or manipulation try www.ezgif.com, it's a great resource for image and gif resize, if you want more detailed manipulation check in Discord! Or commission from the OOC shops :)

Filling out your profile.

To begin filling out your profile, click "Edit Profile" located at the top left of the site, by clicking your name. Mybb's control panel layout is fairly intuitive, even if this is your first time on a mybb site, so it should be easy to poke around and find things like where to change your avatar/signature, and the like. If you need help, ask in the Discord or PM the "Nyte" or "Kel" account.

The following is a list of all the categories listed on the Edit Profile page, in the order they are listed. Those marked with a *(star) are required! Note that there is no word minimum for any section, but your history and personality are expected to be fleshed out enough to get a good idea of what your character is about. This section gets wordy for the sake of clarity, feel free to skim.

HTML formatting is required for all fields. Otherwise paragraph breaks and the like won't show.

*Written By: This is your out of character name, either the name of your OOC account, or the name you use in the Discord. If you don't have a name you use online, now is the perfect time to make one up! You're also free to go by your real name, but if another user joins with the same name you'll have to talk out a way to differentiate yourselves.

*Fandom: The Fandom your character is from; Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Trek. This is the Highest level of information.

*Universe: If your Fandom is already part of the Multiverse mark it here, IE. 616, Books, Original Series.

Custom Title:Enter in your Code name or Nickname here.

Date of Birth: A default mybb field. It's required on the registration page to make sure you're over 13, (as complying to COPPA laws, The Hub is recommended to users 18 and older only.) It's up to you if you want to put it in your profile/enable it to show, though note that many skins (all, currently) don't display the birthday setting. If this is your IC account please make this your Character's Birthday so it will add to the IC Calendar!

Your Website: Another default mybb field, this doesn't currently show anywhere on the site.

Age: How old is the Character? (Numbers please)

Occupation:What do they do for a living/Most of their day?

Mini Gif: Link for gif image for your mini hover profile.

Bio:Quick overview of your Character, anything from bulletpoints of personality; to small history section.

Sexual orientation: Do they have sex? With what/who?

Relationship: Are you currently in a relationship? Are you interested in one? Enter in the name and profile link if you are in a IC ship!

<a href='http://thehubrp.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=19'>MyShipPartnersName</a>

Replace the: http://thehubrp.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=19

With what their application link.

Theme: Link to a youtube song

Copy the address link on your desired song and copy.

And change to match


So https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88ZJEFXCqew

Becomes: https://www.youtube.com/v/88ZJEFXCqew

When your profile/Application is finished:

Post the proper form in application forum. Subject is your Character's First and Last name, Fandom, Universe

 In the mean time, feel free to chat in Discord, make a plot thread, or brush up on your Universes happenings in more detail. The only things you can't do without an accepted character are post in-character.

If someone asks about it, you're free to link to your application thread, but avoid spamming your application in the Discord.