Channel commands

Let’s start with

- !comandi = it links this document in Italian language

- !commands = it links this document in English language

Notes: most of following commands could return Italian output text, because it’s an Italian channel.

Commands to get my socials links:

- !social o !socials = it shows a full list of my socials in a single output

- !discord = shows my Discord channel invite perma-link

- !facebook = shows my Facebook page link

- !id = shows my main gaming portals id (ask me first or I’ll not add you as friend)

- !skins = shows my skins link (for Assetto Corsa) published on Race Department

- !steam = shows my Steam profile link (ask me first or I’ll not add you as friend)

- !telegram = shows my Telegram channel link, which warns you when I’m online live!

- !twitch = shows my Twitch app channel invite perma-link

- !web = shows my website link

- !wishlist = my Steam and Instant Gaming games wishlists

- !youtube = shows my YouTube channel link

Partnership commands:

- !partner = commands to get partner ref links and advice on purchases

- !best = Bestshopping channel partnership info

- !humble = Humble Bundle channel partnership info

- !instant = Instant Gaming channel partnership info

- !kinguin = Kinguin channel partnership info

- !offerta = last suggested suggestions for purchases

- !refereum = shows my Refereum referral link, free points and games!

- !wasdit = prizes giving portal for streamers and viewers!

Practical utility and streaming info commands:

- !creazione + username = return info about a twitch account age

- !dona = gives a comfortable link to donate to channel, even from mobile

- !followage = tells from how long channel is followed

- !followers = tells how much channel followers

- !hosting = shows who’s currently hosting this channel

- !live = shows a series of info and statistics about current livestream

- !multi = shows a multistream link with streamers setted by moderators

- !multistream = like !multi, but links instead of

- !pride = surprise!

- !prime = suggests valid motivations to be a Twitch Prime user

- !pvp = [ITA] motivations about why I don’t really like PVP so much

- !regole = returns chat rules

- !roe = info about roe and ref code

- !sub = gives a comfortable link to sub channel, even from mobile

- !time = returns date and time from stream time zone

- !top = returns top 10 viewers ever on this channel

- !uptime = returns streaming length up to now

- !urban + sentence = returns a word’s meaning for common slang (English)

- !yt = shows title and link about my last YouTube published video

Only for moderators:

- !hint, !shout or !host + username = link to another streamer channel

- !setmulti + username = updates !multi and !multistream comands to username streamers

Useless commands:

- !gatto = mostra un gatto in chat

Repeated automatically by bot or castable by moderators:

- !esiste = writes welcome message

Voice commands

Voice commands, which generate sounds on streaming:

- !aoh or aoh! = voice command to attract my attention on chat

- !salva = voice command to remember me to save [active only if current game allows it]

Fidelity points

This channel has its own currency, named patches, with following commands available (not so much up to now):

- !patches = shows how much patches you earned up to now by watching streaming

- !sfida + username = allows you to challenge another user 1vs1 to try to win his patches, or lose them (costs 10 patches)

- !dai + username + quantity = gives a certain amount of patches to from user whom casts this command to user wrote after command

- !ruba = doesn’t steal!

You automatically get 1 point every 5 minutes, 15 by following, 50 per sub and 5 by hosting, 10 for each euro donated on StreamLabs or every 100 bits/cheers.