1.        Purpose

The Governor Mifflin School District believes that its program of studies meets the needs of all its students. However, in exceptional cases, consideration will be given to students who wish to enroll, on a full-time basis, in an approved college program in lieu of their 12th grade year.

2.        Guidelines

The parent/guardian of the student must make a written request to the principal. The principal will, in turn, make a recommendation to the Superintendent, based on such factors as the goals and aspirations of the student, present achievement levels based on standardized tests and school performance, and the student's social-emotional maturity. The final decision rests with the Board.

        Pol. 217

Students approved for participation in this program must meet the graduation requirements set by the Governor Mifflin School District.

Upon satisfactory completion of the approved program a Governor Mifflin diploma will be awarded.

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