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Four-Corners Collaborative
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Beltrami, Logan Park, Northeast Park, St. Anthony East Neighborhoods

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What is the Four-Corners Collaboration?

The 4 Corners Collaboration committee was tasked with exploring options for the next evolution of the neighborhood organizations in the area of Central and Broadway, including Beltrami, Logan Park, Northeast Park, St. Anthony East neighborhoods.

With funding and support from the city dwindling, neighborhood organizations need to become more efficient, more attractive to other funders, and more relevant to all community members. Collaboration is necessary to be sustainable and effective.

Merger Presentation Documents

Background information and the finer details

Previous Community Meetings

Each neighborhood hosted meetings in October 2022 to share a presentation and recommendation about what a merged organization looks like.

Past Process:

The meeting in April resulted in the creation of 4 Workgroups:

1. Programming/Mission & Values

2. Financials/Budget

3. Governance/By-laws

4. Legal/ City Requirements

Current Timeline:

Calendar of Workgroup Meetings:

4-Corners Merger Calendar

All Workgroup meetings are open to the public with the ethos of collaborating towards a possible merger.