Drug Testing of Individual Student


October 9, 2017



If based on observable behavior or symptoms, a school employee has a reasonable suspicion that a student is under the influence of a controlled substance, the employee will report the matter to the building principal and the student will be escorted to the school nurse’s office for an examination that may include checking the student for abnormal vital signs.

If based on the student’s observable behavior, medical symptoms, vital signs or other factors, school administrators have a reasonable suspicion that the student is under the influence of a controlled substance, the student may be required to submit to drug or alcohol testing. The testing may include but is not limited to the analysis of blood, urine, saliva, or the administration of a Breathalyzer test.

If the student is required to submit to drug or alcohol testing, the testing will be done in the following manner:

  1. The administration will attempt to contact the student's parent/guardian before the student is tested.

  1. Testing will be done by a medical professional or clinic with appropriate testing facilities approved by the District. The parent/guardian of the student may exercise the right to choose a different medical professional or clinic to administer the test within the time limit set by the District. If the parent/guardian exercises the right to choose another medical professional or clinic, the parent/guardian will pay for the costs of the testing.

  1. The testing will be conducted in a reasonable manner using a method that takes into account the factors of the student’s age, sex, and the degree of intrusiveness involved in collecting a sample for testing.

  1. Disclosure of drug testing results will be limited to the student, the student’s parent/guardian, and appropriate District administrators for the purpose of providing counseling or taking appropriate disciplinary action.