Triangle Community Ministry (TCM)



“An ecumenical Ministry of Presence in solidarity with the Triangle Community, the Ministry seeks to make visible the Word by assisting & supporting Triangle residents in their physical, emotional and spiritual well being.”


Reports to: TCM Board President or designated TCM Board Member Position Summary:

The Pastor/Chaplain is responsible for actualizing the Mission of the TCM by being present to and ministering to the spiritual needs of the residents living in the Triangle neighborhood of public housing in Madison, Wisconsin. The Pastor/Chaplain’s compassionate presence will foster spiritual healing, hope and joy in Triangle residents; many of whom live with the daily challenges of chronic physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health problems. Many  residents live with disabilities, limited social, financial and health resources. This spiritual and cultural diverse community necessitates that the Pastor/Chaplain have sensitivity and knowledge of interfaith and ecumenical traditions to support understanding, potential and community building. The Pastor/Chaplain serves as a member, without vote, on committees and Board of TCM.



1.        Provide pastoral care and spiritual counseling to meet the individual and community needs of Triangle residents. This care includes but is not limited to prayer, worship services, funeral and memorial services, grief support and being present to the residents.


2.        Collaborate with the TCM Board, staff and Volunteers to encourage teamwork and mutual responsibility for new and existing programs.


3.        Assess, plan and recommend for Board approval, program revisions necessary to respond to changing needs of the Triangle residents and community.


4.        Collaborate with the Board in articulating the TCM Mission Statement to supporting churches, committees and the greater community.


5.        Collaborate, as appropriate, with the TCM Treasurer, Stewardship Committee and staff to insure budgetary and fiscal responsibility. Initiate and assist with fund raising activities, grant writing and exploring new opportunities to increase financial resources.


6.        Represent and present the work and funding needs with current supporting churches and to help find new churches, groups and individuals on a regular basis.


1.   Maintain and uphold TCM values:

      Holistic ministry addressing the needs of body, mind and spirit.

      Value the uniqueness of each person.

      Express the love of God through sharing, caring and presence.

      Provide opportunities for service through volunteers.

      Build on our rich heritage of ecumenical ministry.

2.   Provide pastoral care

      Provide on-site accessible worship for the Word and Sacraments.

      Provide individual spiritual counseling for Triangle residents through personal contact, in home visitation, hospital, nursing home visits. office appointments, or referral.

      Act as an advocate for residents regarding spiritual needs and ethical concerns

      Be available for established regular office hours.

      In cooperation with other Triangle staff and community providers, as appropriate, develop, facilitate, evaluate study groups and specialized support.

      Lend pastoral support as appropriate for other Triangle meetings, educational activities and community events.

      Respect and maintain resident privacy and confidentiality.

3.   Build and maintain trust in team relationships

      Exhibit an approachable, interactive style in relationships.

      When appropriate, utilize a team process for decision making.

      Act with integrity and honesty, being wiling to trust others and engender trust.

4.   Build and maintain good working relationships with TCM staff and volunteers.

      Collaborate with the Community Parish Nurse regarding holistic health care service provisions and program planning.

      Collaborate with TCM Board and staff to provide input, recruit, orient and evaluate new staff and volunteers.

5.   Build and maintain good working relationships with the TCM Board.

      Attend monthly and annual TCM Board meetings.

      Participate as a member, without vote.

      Provide reports as requested by the TCM Board.

6.   Build and maintain good working relationships with the CDA housing management and the wider community to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the triangle residents.

      Work in cooperation with the other service agencies and organizations and attend meetings when necessary.

    Maintain a safe environment for residents and staff by supporting the rules and regulations of the CDA.


7.   Effectively manage work hours to coordinate vacation, sick leave and emergency absences with staff, TCM President or Board designated supervisor, to ensure consistency and continuity of worship services and programs.


8.   Maintain a plan for personal and professional development as well as continuing education that enhances the ability to preform the role of Pastor/Chaplain and perform the TCM responsibilities.


9.   Maintain a safe environment for residents and staff by supporting the CDA rules and regulations.


      Work under the supervision of the TCM Board President or Board designated supervisor.

      Work with the TCM Board when interpreting, changing or creating TCM policies.

Position Guidelines and Standards:

1.     Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the ecumenical community:

         Commitment to TCM’s Vision, Mission and Values.

         An appropriate degree from an accredited college, university or seminary.

         Ability to uphold, understand and promote justice for people of diverse cultural backgrounds with special needs, who are poor, oppressed and often marginalized members of society.

         Openness to ecumenical context.

         Service as a TCM Pastor/Chaplain will be in harmony with their particular denomination’s standards.

         Clinical Pastoral education is preferred.

2.  Knowledge of the chaplaincy needs of underserved and low-income populations which includes individuals with physical, emotional, psychological or developmental disabilities.

3.   Ability to maintain professional and personal boundaries.

4.   Administrative office

         Ability to work tactfully and in cooperation with staff and colleagues from other organizations.

         Ability to work with a budget and understand financial reports.

         Cultivate and maintain relationships to support the TCM mission, public relations, grant writing and funding raising especially to churches and faith communities.

         Ability to present ideas and recommendations clearly and concisely, both orally and written.

         Competence in computer including MS Suite.

This is a part-time position based on 24 hours a week or 60% of full time 40 hours.

         Base salary is $30,000

      Social Security is deducted by TCM with an equal amount paid 333by the employee.

         Health care in not provided at this time.

         Continuing education fund is $600 per year.

         Vacation is 2 weeks per year.


This job description is for a renewable term following a 6-month probation period. After a successful 6-month evaluation there will be an annual evaluation by the TCM Executive Committee. After probation period, TCM’s intent would be for the appointee to assent to a good faith commitment of two years minimum.































October, 2018