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Minnesota Malayalee Association (MMA)

Business Support Initiative Policy

Minnesota Malayalee Association (MMA) is proud to support startup and small business initiatives with

The key policies and procedure MMA would follow in-lieu of supporting startup and small business are following:

  1. Business owner(s)’s membership needs to be in good standing, and should also be a past member.
  2. Business needs to be a valid incorporation under the Secretary for State in the USA.
  3. Business listing in MMA website with a website link of the business.
  4. Businesses can request an application through an email to info@mnmalayalee.org.
  5. MMA board has the right to deny the support for Business Support initiative for any requested application with no further explanation.
  6. Businesses may consider donations based on their willingness to support MMA.
  7. Share business information in digital channels of MMA.
  8. Promote and provide support needed for business outreach.
  9. Enable participation of business in events and activities benefiting local communities and charities.
  10. Mutual benefit programs initiations and collaborations between MMA and business.
  11. Encourage blogs and community involvement (common themes not just for business, any other creative sharing).

The key benefits for MMA as well as community as whole are:

  1. Positive Public Relations.
  2. Encourage and support businesses being charitable.
  3. Mutual Promotions.
  4. Incorporating social responsibility in daily operations.

436 Old Farm Road, Shoreview, MN 55126