Fallen Shaman


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


It is said that only the bravest, only the smartest Fallen can attain the coveted training required to rise to the position of Shaman. Casting balls of fire and resurrecting fallen Fallen, these stand-apart leaders are truly the heart and soul of their demon groups.

Jeff’s Choices


Support (Challenge Forge)


Graw the Herald

“Rare spawn unique Fallen Shaman that can be found within the Stinging Winds in Act II of Diablo III. He has an extremely low chance of spawning. In combat, he has Electrified and Teleporter affixes. Upon death, if he actually spawns, he is guaranteed to drop the Harvest pennant.”

Trait- “Harvest Pennant.”

“The long cold winter begins, but your hard work during the harvest will keep you alive. Hopefully.”

When Graw is defeated on the battlefield he drops the Harvest Pennant. This pennant can be picked up by a friendly hero and it grants them % of “leach” to all their attacks and abilities for a short amount of time. A percentage of the damage that they do to the enemy will be returned to them as health for as long as they have the pennant. This can be talented into later in the game to allow Graw to drop the pennant without having to die.


Mount- Fallen Hound

Q- “Fireball”

One of the most iconic abilities of the fallen Shaman in the DIablo Universe… the fireball! This is a skill shot that travels very show- but if it connects with an enemy it deals massive damage to the target and the targets around them. This is Graw’s only damaging dealing basic ability.

W- “Reversal”

Graw selects a target and returns all health that was taken from that target over the last 3 seconds. This ability would be on a large cooldown and would need to be used at the proper times to effectively support friendly players.

E- “Electrified” Activatable- Passive

Monster Skill from Diablo 3: Electrified monsters release bolts of electricity when struck, causing lightning damage on contact.

In the Nexus, Graw would have this same monster skill. When this ability is “ON”  If struck with an attack Graw will deal lightning damage to the enemy. All enemies that are struck with this lightning damage 3 times will be stunned for a short amount of time. Each time that the lighting strikes it takes a portion of Graw’s Mana, so it can be turned “OFF” by the player at any time.

Heroic 1- “Wormhole”

Monster Skill from Diablo 3: Monsters with the wormhole affix tear a pair of magical rifts in the battlefield. After several seconds, the wormholes emerge, and all heroes near one wormhole are teleported to the other.

This works exactly like it does in Diablo 3. The Shaman player will select 2 places on the battlefield and after a few seconds of casting 2 wormholes will appear. All heroes that are near the first wormhole will be transported to the 2nd wormhole as soon as it spawns. This ability transports ALL heroes in the area instantly.

Heroic 2- “Grunts”

        “Their most potent (and hated) ability is resurrection of the dead Grunts.”

Graw can select a large AOE circle on the battlefield and resurrect all fallen heroes in the area as Grunts to the battlefield. These Grunts are controlled by the dead players and will be able to deal damage to the enemy with basic attacks. The grunts last as long as the death timers or until they are eliminated by the enemy.

Specialty Skin:  “Mountain Rescue Squad Graw”

Complete with first aid pack, hiking stick and a pack with tent and other useful items.

Dance: Pole Dancing Graw

Kristen’s Choices

The Staff of “Ra…”kanishu!







Bishibosh begins the game with five Fallen that follow him around the battlefield, attacking those he commands them to. The damage they do is pulsed outward, providing his teammates with a small but regular heal. Their damage is also transferred back to Bishibosh in the form of mana.


        Fallen Totem

Three fallen jump on each other’s shoulders. Bishibosh jumps on top and is precariously carted around the map.


Rez Fallen

When one of his Fallen dies, Bishibosh can cast this to resurrect the corpse into Fallen that rejoin his group. This can be used on multiple dead Fallen.


Feed Hero

With a wave of his staff, the mana he was receiving from Fallen damage to enemies is now sent to a target friendly Hero in the form of health.


Shamanistic Fireball

This skill shot launches a fireball outward, exploding on contact with the first enemy it hits. The explosion does area damage that is returned to the nearest ally as health. If there are other allies within the radius, the healing is partitioned out equally.


Rez Hero

Using his shamanistic powers, Bishibosh marks a target allied Hero for an extended period of time. This gives the Hero a mark over their head. For the duration of the ability, if they die, they are resurrected after only a few short seconds. Only killing Bishibosh will cancel this before the heroic ends.


The Coldest Plains

Bishibosh summons forth three other Fallen Shaman that each come with their own set of Fallen they are responsible for rezzing. Bishibosh, though he can’t target the Fallen of his brethren, can target his brethren, allowing him to rez the summoned Shamans that fall to enemy blows.


        Kiss the Shaman

Grilling up something delicious for his fave five, the Kiss the Shaman skin comes with a giant spatula that shoots grease fires, a magic apron, and a necklace made of plastic forks.


        Square Dance

Bishibosh leads his Fallen in a rousing square dance as they do-si-do.