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AccessDoc_Make Connections to Make Mentoring Happen with Shilpa Hanumantha
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Self-Advocacy: AAPI Heritage Month” Video


Shilpa Hanumantha, an Indian woman, is standing in front of wood panels with dimmed lights on the wall. She's wearing a long-sleeve shirt and flowing brown scarf.  She begins to sign.


How important is it for me and young deaf people to find role models and mentors? It is very important.

Looking back on my own life, I found mentors quite by chance or by luck, either at a camp or an event I happened to attend. But today, if I know someone who would make a good role model, I would introduce them to a young person.

Don’t waste any time, as it is critical to their developmental process on many different levels for them to connect with their potential mentors.


Teal circles animate as Shilpa fades. Text appears on 2 banners that overlay a solid teal circle. “Self-Advocacy, AAPI Heritage Month.”

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