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Sunday, October 7th 2018
16:00 - 17:30 CET


The Muenster Support Program for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss

Language: German, Russian

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About the Topic

Supporting parents from the start: getting acquainted with the Muenster parent support program aiming to develop communication skills of newborn babies and small children with hearing loss.

Universal newborn hearing screening was introduced in Germany in 2009. The Muenster parent support program was developed in Muenster University Clinic as a competence building course for mothers and fathers who see their child’s hearing loss diagnosed at a very early stage.

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October 14th 2018 / 16:00 CET

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Learning results for parents

Children begin communicating long before they have uttered their first word. Parents interact with the child via eye contact, touch and sound imitation, facial expressions and body language. Regardless of hearing status these early interactions are important as a foundation for later hearing and speech development. However, parents are often confounded by the hearing loss diagnosis and lose their sure footing when it comes to communicating with their child.

→ How do I help my child grow their listening and speech?

→ A program suited for children before and after an early cochlear implantation.

→ Presentation will be supported with results of efficiency studies, surveys of parent satisfaction and long-term outcomes for speech development.

Learning results for experts

Karen Reichmuth will share the theoretical and practical sides of this short-term (2-month) rehabilitation concept which centers on the family and has as its basis group classes where chief support is given to children’s natural behavior, daily interaction with parents and experience exchange with other families in similar situations.

About the presenter

Karen Reichmuth, certified SLP.

Holds a position in the Clinic for Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology at the Cochlear Implant Center of the Muenster region in Germany (Muenster University Hospital).


Karen Reichmuth


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