Empower localities

Do everything possible to increase the capacities of local health systems, local food and goods production, health treatment & research infrastructure, medical worker training, and medical equipment manufacture including tests, vaccines, oxygen, PPP, etc. -- using whatever resources are at hand. Mobilize.


Empower people

Engage everyone in the medical conversation, to fill the gaps in the healthcare system. Otherwise people will do it themselves, without the benefit of the experience of medical workers handling the virus on the front line.

For example, at the moment, this virus apparently causes oxygen levels to drop dangerously low before real symptoms even appear. This happens through blood clotting reactions of the immune system. So, every household needs a small pulse oximeter to test their oxygen levels, and if this drops, garlic & ginger should be on hand to provide pain relief and blood thinning without suppressing the immune system (NSAIDS suppress the immune system, which needs to continue to create antibodies). This could protect a great many people and relieve anxiety during the enactment of physical distancing protocols.

Pause the economy


Stop taxation and stock markets. Pause accumulation of payments on loans, rents, subscriptions, and utilities. Provide thousands every month to each individual. For work that must continue, we need a community economy: one that's guaranteed nationally, but administered locally & democratically.

Stay at Home

Reduce the spread. Get everyone sheltered. Feed everyone. Make them whole.

Suppress: test, track, and isolate

The only way to eliminate the virus, globally, is to use the stay-at-home mitigation time to ramp up the ability to test ... open test centers in every private and public laboratory ... then test 100% of the population ... and anyone coming in or out of the country. It’s better to dedicate 1% of GDP to testing than to let 1% of the population die.

Victory Gardens

Help everyone to grow whatever they can, wherever they live.

Pay garden stores and nurseries to distribute to whomever can use plants, soils, etc.

Help farmers to get fresh produce directly to consumers, safely.

Help everyone to get supplies for food preservation.