Chapter 7 Dead End

        {An alert has arrived my Elder.} One of the Elites went directly to Jelnorlus with the information from the first galaxy. {What’s the emergency, young Tachyean.} {I just received news that the star has finished it’s cycle properly, Now it’s collapsing into a black hole. I was informed by the Elite of that sector, and they seemed a bit lost at the idea that it had finally happened. I hope you or the council have a solution to this issue?} {I believe it’s now out of the hands of the council to decide how to handle the situation. You must go to the Lord of Tachyon to seek advice, and assistance with the issue.} Jelnorlus couldn’t believe that of all the things that could come up as Neoum’s first major project without the Elders be the star’s collapsion. {Sorry madam, I shouldn’t have made such a simple mistake, luckily time isn’t of the essence as of the moment, or else I would feel very blasphemous about all this. I will make haste this instant my lady.} The messenger flew off at pro-spd two toward Neoum’s quarters.

Neoum had just woken after a long month of analyzing the current problems of the Order as the list is rather continuous, but Neoum was able to pull it off. He was ready to start the first week’s agenda when the messenger arrived at his door as he was leaving. {My Lord, the worse has happened. The start of the black hole in the first galaxy has begun! I need you to help decide how to go about this, because we have never been in a situation like this before.} Neoum was flustered by the unexpected news. He just couldn’t think of any real solution off of the top of his head, so he had the next best idea. {Don’t worry, I will handle the situation in person.} {Wait my Lord, it’s going to be a very dangerous mission to embark on, and I would hate to see anything negative happen to our leader of the Order. May I accompany you to the location, and assist where needed?} Neoum didn’t want to get anyone in the mess because he didn’t want to risk anyone else’s life since the events with Wendel. He did feel that this Tachyean wanted to help serve as much as possible though, and Neoum knows the feeling of needing to help someone, even if it isn’t going to be very beneficial to the situation. {okay, if you really want to help me, then stay close, and don’t do anything without my instruction, okay?} {Yes my Lord, I truly want to help you in whatever way I can. Thank you my Lord for giving me such an opportunity. I’m forever grateful.} {Well, don’t be so proper about it, I feel that if we are going to work together, then we shouldn’t have such a division in our interaction like job roles. I want you to treat my like your fellow tachyean, okay?} {Okay my…..okay sir, I hope we can get this done well together friend.}

Neoum had to prepare a couple of his belongings for the trip. It would take about a four month  trip if Neoum has the messenger come along, so he made such he had what he needed to get through the trip, and be prepared to deal with the situation. {By the way, I forgot to ask what your name is?} {Oh, my name is Franden. Why do you ask?} {Well I would like to know who it is that I’m referring to when I need to call for assistance, and of course I like knowing how the wellbeing of my subjects are. By the way, just let me know if you need us to stop on the way there, I’ll understand if you can’t keep up with the rate we need to go.} {Don’t worry about me my Lord, I will be in no way a nuisance. Trust in my abilities to serve you my Lord. I will also stop the extra affection I’m giving you. You can still expect the best on my end, but I will be expecting as much or more for you.} {I will make sure you will not be disappointed.} The two prepared themselves to leave, but before they could leave, Jelnorlus stopped in their way.

{Before you two go, I recommend that you both go to the people of the second universe twelfth district, for they would have the most experience in the regard of black holes for their people are the only ones to observe one at a scale of more than a few meters in diameter. If you go there first, I suggest contacting a certain Bob among the Desparentos for he are the certain leader of your popular party. I wasn’t sure how or why he knew to contact me so quickly, but I trust that he will be a great aid to this mission.} Neoum was trying to think if he had helped them before, but couldn’t recall exactly how he did help someone named Bob. {I hope I can recognize him when I get there, because I can’t even think of anyone of that name?} {Oh don’t worry about it my Lord for he knows you only of your current reputation, and he’s been only supportive since I guess the system has been falling apart without the guidance of the Order, and the  people have been having a very hard time working with  such chaos spawning from their society.} {Well, it sounds like he wants more than just assisting us. I hope he isn’t expecting any immediate support, for I don’t have the time to help him.} {Well Neoum, you might just have to for he is your only source of being able to handle the issue of the black hole.} Neoum seemed a bit nervous by that response, even Franden could see the obvious struggle that was occurring. {My Lord, please don’t let this hurt your stable and powerful mind. I know you will be able to top both of these problems with the greatest of ease!} Neoum actually felt a bit more confident from Franden’s motivation. {Thank you Franden, with both of us, it should be easy to help them out.} {Well Neoum, the problem with that is it would be more efficient to send Franden to the location of the Black hole by himself, so you can finish up the issue the Desparentos are having, and then catch up to his position. Sorry that the first part will be solo my Lord.} Neoum was a bit shook up about that, but knew something wasn’t going to go smoothly. {Okay then, I guess I will meet up with you once I have handled the situation in the twelfth sector. Wish me luck!} With that Neoum was on his way.

Jelnorlus then stopped Franden before he could leave. {Why are here, he’s just trying to help the people of our universe, and you seek to ruin that as always, correct?} Franden froze by the meer statement. {I mean, you can’t just expect me to let him survive this right? I’ve put so much work into getting him this far. I think he will wonder into the trap soon enough.} Jelnorlus couldn’t do anything to prevent him from his task. {I hope you’re sucked into the mass for the rest of eternity.} {Why are you so hopeful of such negative things, Master Elder? I only wish to advance the purpose of our existence, and if you really wanted to stop me, then you could’ve ended it all those year ago, but instead decided that I was more purposeful alive. You made this mistake my lady, so I hope you poor boy can handle what’s to come next.} Jelnorlus let him go, and started to tear up before she was able to get her weapon ready, thus Franden escaped her graspe. She knew this would happen, but never expected it to happen so soon.


Neoum made his way toward the twelve sector to then notice a message beaming in from Jelnorlus. He begins to slow down to answer it, but it immediately ceased. Neoum decided that she forgot what she needed or something, but decided it wasn’t worth his time.

Neoum was only a few hours from the sector after traveling for a few days, and he was ready for the next challenge ahead. The only problem was that the obstacles were unknown up to this point, and the last time he was in the system, he had brought the charger, which the ruling government wasn’t very for it at the time.

He started to descend into the sector only to be stopped on the bridge by the guards. Neoum was confused by the fact that there were even guards there to begin with for the bridges are suppose to be open to the public. {Excuse my questioning, but why are you lot here? I thought that this location, being a solar bridge, would imply that it is a public area to travel to? I would like to know who authorized this established patrol?} The guards were more confused by the fact that they were staring at a Tachyean that they didn’t answer for a few minutes. “Well Tachyean, the prestiged governing party has decided that no one is allowed to enter the system without the necessary documents to claim the privilege to be among the prestiged party.” “Yes, and by the way Tachyean, do you have your documents?” The second guard was a bit aggressive with how he said that to Neoum. {I wasn’t informed of such documents until now, so I wasn’t prepared to show them to you. How would I require said documents, gentlemen?} The guards started to prepare their weapons to answer with, “You must go to the capital to acquire the privilege of being here.”

They prepared to attack Neoum, only to miss the fact that Neoum had already left the area, and was well into the solar bridge’s facility. Neoum knew that the fight would waste time, and he needed the information more than to assist the current problem, but would keep note on the area for the next location to start protecting from the galactic control of the mega corporation that established itself around the time of his first monthly request errands from the Elders. Neoum still had the details that were sent to him when he first started to head over to the sector, and was prepared to meet up with Bob, and his group of associates. He was noticed by numerous amounts of guards, but all were to slow to land any attack on him as he was flying through. Once he got there, a large group of guards were surrounding the area that would lead to the secret entrance of bob’s meeting location. Neoum knew that it would be more of a hassle to actually phase himself into the meeting, so instead decided that he would make a quick battle with the guards would sadly be the best option. Neoum wasn’t very for battling at the moment for any battle he’s apart of, the media tends to attack at it, and show off the worst parts, making him the problem that everyone can fear. He needed to help these people, but he was in a more dire mission, and he knows this will end up being used against him. His sword already generated, he started to spin a bit, build up the energy he has, so when released will send the guards flying in all directions without Neoum experiencing any real fatigue, but noticed the weapons they had were highly advanced in comparison to what a system that barely got their tachyium supplies back for only a few months. Neoum started to rise from the ground at very unpredictable speeds to prevent the guards from having an accurate shot at him. He then had to smash all of his force at into the ground of the bridge, disassembling it, in order to knock the guards away.

Neoum was a bit furious by the fact that they even had access to such weaponry when it wasn’t regulated by any of the trade groups that the Order accepted established, and he knew exactly how they acquired them. The mega corporation had been protesting the idea of Tachyean in the Order, and were demanding to have other systems help their cause by enlist millions of troops with weapons they manufactured from every last piece of Tachyium they stole from the desperate people that follow them. He was trying to find the next location there were planted in for the past week, and he hadn’t been able to check the second universe yet for the fact that it consist of the major population of anti tachyean systems. He really wasn’t in the mood to handle the current issue, but instead continued forward into the base. When he finished navigating the maze of puzzle that blocked the way from the entrance, he was able to tell the keypad the password he was instructed to say. He then realized that he wasn’t sure if he could simply telepath it over to the lock. Instead, he simply phased through the door, now knowing that was the entrance. Once he finished, he was able to find that the meeting was about to start.

“Hey everyone, it’s the Lord of Tachyon!” With that, the room burst into cheer with them all chanting “Neoum, Neoum!” Neoum didn’t think that anyone would call him of his name, but then again, the effort of trying to make “Lord of Tachyon” sound good and smooth in the form of a chant would be next to impossible. He was able to see the leaders of the table at the front of the conference room. The room itself was a bit of a fade olive green with many patches in the walls, along with a stained carpet that used to be scarlet and a bit of silver markings that can no longer be identified. He walked over to the leading table to be able to meet the “Bob” that he was informed about. {As you all know, I have arrived. Now that I’m here, which one of you is the Bob that summoned me here to this hidden meeting place?} The Derparento in the front of the group stood to greet Neoum. {Ah, so you are Bob.} “Neigh my Lord, I am but a mere servant of Bob. He is the one that shouted to everyone of your arrival.” Neoum then turned around to see one of the smaller desparentos of the group, but at closer examination, it is clear that he is the leader. The length of the fur in his lower regions indicate that of higher nobility within the Desparentos culture. He must have been ran out for the fact that they didn’t want any opposition from the people of the system. “I’m so glad that you could make it, my friend here Phil didn’t think that you would show up.” The person that was leading the group got upset with this and ran toward Bob with rage building in his eyes. “How dare you make such an attempt to bring me shame in front of the Lord of Tachyon of all people. I dare say that you didn’t even want to go through with this plan to begin with much less believe that it was going to work!” “Well… you have a point, but that’s doesn’t allow us to have time to chat more about the construction of the piece for we need to know the meaning of it. Thus, Neoum, can you help us with our cause of bringing back Order to our poor little system, and in return I will personally assist in the aid of ridding of the black hole that you fear so?”

Neoum figured that he would have to help, but if he would have to bring him along, it might be too late  to stop the black hole. “Now I know it may not be the most efficient way of doing things, but you can literally pick me up and carry me the whole way their, and I would feel a thing, or die in the process. I will then be able to give direct advice as to the destruction of the black hole. Just please take this offer my Lord, it my be our only chance?” {Okay then Bob, if I can do this task for you, I will be pleased to have you come along with me the whole way until the end of the mission. Just make sure that’s what you will be willing to do in order to accomplish the mission.} “Okay my Lord, I will make sure that if you can do this, then I will follow you until the end of the process, and be ready for more.” The two went to shake hands on the deal, all Neoum has to do now is to finish the task at hand and he will be able to then get to the serious issue.

{Now then, what’s the task that you need me to help you with?} Bob fidgeted a little bit by the mentioning of the task. “Oh, well it’s nothing to extreme, but you do have to drive out the mega corporation if that’s possible?” Neoum was about to freak out by what he just said. But decided that it wouldn’t be worth all the trouble of having anger build up about. {I understand what you need me to do, just expect that time is of the essence, and if I have to, we will need to go to the black hole to handle that if things aren’t progressing. I truly hope that I can help you all, but this might be one of my greatest task yet.} “Oh thank you Neoum, I really will owe you for this one.”  


After the meeting brief about the current whereabouts of the corporations plans for the twelfth sector. As Bob explained, it seemed more of a losing battle to actually run out them. The best route to confront this would be to just forget trying to save the system, but to rather evacuate the last of the resisting citizens before more torment of the corporation occurs, but Neoum sees the situation as the only time he will be about to handle the corporation before they develop too much out of hand. {Well, I’m not going to lie, this may result in a large conflict in this system if you really want them to be gotten rid of.} “My Lord, I know that you want them out of the picture, it’s not good for your image. You need them to be stopped here, or else they will spread throughout the Order, and eventually a new war will occur with many more troubles for the Order that can result in the entirety of the Tachyean species to become extinct. I wouldn’t want you to have the trouble of being the Lord of Tachyon that would have to lead the currently crippled Order into battle, but if you think that this should wait any other day, then you can make that decision. I will only be the observer of the end result of all this, so hope that I will be able to tell of your  story in an honorable way.”

Neoum knew that the rulers of the Desparentos can live for hundreds of thousands of years, in fact, the only other leader of their people that the Order has seen was the father of Bob, but that had been forgotten by the time frame of Neoum’s father’s death. They were then always against the Tachyeans, but with the excuse of how Neoum’s father died, they were able to take the point to then dethrone Bob from his position. The only thing about Bob is that he would have never truly ruled his people at this point for he was going to take his father’s place in rule at the same time of Neoum’s father’s death, thus Neoum couldn’t really say if Bob would be a reasonable ruler, but with that threat, eoum couldn’t quite gage what Bob’s character would make of him. His introduction was a bit childish and he seemed now to have a much more professional understanding of the events at hand. Neoum wished that his point in the matter wasn’t as correct as he addressed it.

“Okay everyone, let’s start the migration before they discover the place!” Phil then came over to Bob “Yeah, and I wonder what would have given off the idea that we’re in this district, or maybe I should say whom?” Bob smacked Phil over the head, Phil tripped a little by it. “Hey, I would prefer if you wouldn’t insult the Lord of tachyon, he’s kinda the most powerful being in the universe, and I wouldn’t want our system to continue to be known as the trouble child of the Order.” “Okay then Bob, just please don’t hit me like that again, you know I have a fragile head.” “I think you’re just to full of it to realize that the only reason why it hurts is the fact of your giant head.” “Hey, that hurts!” “Well I mean...” Bob silenced once Neoum started to head over to the area. “Well then boss, how do you think we should approach this?” Neoum wasn’t sure if he was even able to start this full scale operation without at least a few elites to assist him. Then he remembered something. {If you can give me just a moment, I need to check up on something.}

Neoum went over to the pathway they were going to use to leaving the cavern to make sure that no one could hear him. He brought out his communicator to try to send a message to Franden to make sure that he was progressing at an acceptable pace. {Franden, how are you getting along with the trip?} The transmission would take about five minutes before any response would reach neoum, thus he waited patiently. He thought intensely about how would be the most practical way of dealing with the corporation without any large offensive. He could only think of one path that would work, but would cost about a month's worth of time, being that Neoum would have to find the location of the leading members of the corporation in order to actually discuss the issues and hope for the best to try to convince them of the wrongdoing they are causing for the order in its entirety. They wouldn’t be the most pleased that they were found, but if things got out of hand by that point, Neoum figured that they can’t fit that many troops into the room, and wouldn’t want to have the risk of their lives ending from misfire of any kind. Neoum knew that the only good plan would be to wait it out, evacuate, and fight another day, but Bob felt that would only cause the Orders destruction. The time flew by with the response coming in, {I have gotten about a quarter of the way there, and advancing at a decent pace, try not to burn myself out too quickly. I will be arriving within the next couple of weeks, and i hope to see you soon. Also, how’s the situation over in the twelfth sector?} Neoum respond quickly. {The situation has gotten a bit more out of hand than I thought. The sector is the area where the corporation has been hiding out for the past week, and Bob with his gang wants to launch a full scale attack on them to reclaim their control of the sector. I feel that this may need a lot more attention than I would have ever thought. Sorry if I don’t get to meet up with you before you arrive. Just keep going, and don’t contact me until you get there. I must have no distractions at any point during this mission, so make sure that if you try to reach me, make sure it’s urgent.} Neoum then went back to Bob and Phil, which Phil seemed a bit upset by something that Bob stated.

{So, how’s the evacuation going?} ‘Well my Lord, I would say that we are going to be able to leave in the next hour…” “Yes, if we’re lucky.” “Hey, now why are you so negative Phil? I just hope that the Lord of tachyon here isn’t offended by your constant negativity.” {oh, don’t worry about…} “Now if you think that you can play innocent in front of him any longer, I might have to tell him the rest of the plan!” Neoum felt a bit out of the loop with how these two’s dynamic as well as the fact that he didn’t even know there was much of a plan to begin with. {Before the two of you continue to bicker, I would like to know about the plan, for I was under the assumption that there wasn’t even a real plan to begin with.} ‘Wait, Bob didn’t let you know about the plan? Now that’s something that I really needed to hear right about now. The plan was to stall you long enough here so that he wouldn’t have to explain the problem that he can’t help you with the black hole situation.” “What are you doing Phil, I can in fact help him just as much as anyone else could help him with it.” “Yeah, but that’s only because everyone else doesn’t have experience with black holes, you included. I bet that now with that in the air, the Lord of Tachyon here might just leave, but since your arrival, the corporation has maxxed out security to the point that it will be useless trying to leave until they are dealt with. Sorry my Lord, but you can’t refuse to help us, and it was all Bob’s idea to do this.” Neoum just stood for a bit, processing the facts presented, {I see, I’m not upset about this, simply tell me if there was any truth about the information about the black hole, and how you found out about it?} “My Lord, I’m sorry. There might be some truth, but it will be very difficult to get if we even can. My father still lives, and he was the observer of the event, and he would be able to describe how it happened, and what exactly fixed the problem.  The problem being that he is on the secluded peoples that are in the center of this sector, and the corporation are using those worlds as their factories, reconstruction the very tachyium that you made for them. I wish there was another way to assist you, but if I can get to my father, then I would be able to relay the details back here. I hope that you don’t hate us for our, for my deceit?” {I view what you did as necessary for the survival of your people from a tyrannical ruling party. I think you did what you had to do, and I can’t judge you for that. I do, however, don’t like how you intended to have do all of this work just to them be told that I have no way of leaving without doing it. I see this problem with a deadline, and thus I will work my very hardest to achieve the task, while making sure that you don’t cause any more of a mess by your doing. I want to start off with the both of you and understand the conflict that the two of you have. Now start explaining or else I might just leave, and find the information myself.}

Phil panicked a bit, and started to try saying feasible sentences, but couldn’t concentrate enough on what he was saying to do it. “My ...please don’t get…. How about I ….. I really think this….. I need to tell….” “Phil, calm down. Breath in and out for a minute, and think of what you’re about to say to the mighty Lord of Tachyon. Sorry by the way my Lord, but we have this relationship for he is my cousin, and in our tradition, cousins compete for survival, and whoever makes it through will become the head of the family. The problem about that now is the fact that it doesn’t work the same way it would if we weren’t so civilized. I think that the only way of truly understanding how exactly it would work now would be a constant contest of who’s smarter, for intelligence is the most important aspect to modern day survival. Thus each time he talks with me anywhere near, he thinks of a way to out do me in whatever it is we’re  working on, such as right now.” Neoum was a bit confused by this. {Why is it then that you don’t try to do the same, I mean you must have had some point in which you could of tried to best him here?} “Well my Lord, I have been. By not letting myself get out of hand while being around you, I best him in the fact of actually passing the opportunity of embarrassment in front of the more powerful being in the universe, outside of the mighty creator themself.” {I see, but you must really have a great control over yourself not to take advantage out of this situation. I, knowing a certain being that would do anything to take the attention to himself and run wild with it, I’m rather impressed.} Phil then ran off to the front of the room to confirm that the rest of the party was ready to get on their way.

“Okay everyone, it’s time to start heading out! We must make haste if we’re going to help the Lord of Tachyon leave this place! Let’s get the move on!” Phil continued to the lead the group while Neoum and Bob stayed at the back. “I think that we should make a diversion to get them to focus on us while you try to make it to the secluded worlds without any interruptions. The other thing you can do while your there would be to visit the figure heads of the corporation. They are suppose to be on the same world as the one my father went to. The planet by the way is the one second closest to the star.” {Well if I get the time to handle that, then it will be done. I wish you didn’t have to risk your operation just because of something that I have to do.} “It’s the least i can do. I was the one that messed you up by tricking you into coming here.” {I mean, to be fair on your end, I expected that it would be a bit more than just information that you wanted to give to me. I figured that you wanted to use me in some way, just didn’t expect it to become this elaborate of a project.} The two continue toward the center point of the bridge, where the guards were defending.

Neoum generated his sword ready to take on the crowd ahead, but knew that he wouldn’t be able to aid the people as much as he would like. The best he was able to do was generate higher level tachyium protective gear. He hoped that it would work itself out for the best, but knew things weren’t going to be easy. As neoum prepared the last of the gear, Phil came up to him. “I apologize for the outburst from earlier, as well as not being able to answer your question. I understand that Bob has explained to you the situation , and I hope that I’m not some fool that only made the situation worse than it truly had to be.” {Well now, you gave me the truth, and, even though you were going to hide it from me, it worked out in your favor to tell me what was need to be known for the battle ahead. I would have probably not cared nearly as much about this, and just had the evacuation start. You allow me to properly analyze the situation, and I appreciate it, thank you Phil.} “No, thank you my Lord, for you have allowed me to understand that sometimes the truth  is the most important thing to honor. For now though, we have a battle to begin, and hopefully be able to retreat from after you pass through the exit. I wish you the best of luck my Lord.” With that Phil advanced back to the front of the battle party that would combat the guards for Neoum.

The exit was about a Tachyean wide, expecting that neoum would have to try leaving at some point, and the guards had up to tier eight blaster that could actually deal a significant amount of damage to him if he takes a direct hit. He stayed behind the party, with the armor , and other tools that he made for them. Luckily he decided that maybe tier ten gear would be the most effective way to create it in. They prepared for the attack when an explosion on the outside of the area. The guards run towards it with the party a bit confused. Then Neoum looked to see what happened. There were Elites that just entered the bridge. Neoum didn’t know why the Elites were there, nor did he realize that there were any Elites that could be spared at the time. {What are you all doing here?} The leader responded, { I would have asked you the same question my Lord if I knew it were you. We are the attack force that have been hunting down the corporation under the order of Jelnorlus, and Sulfern, something about them not wanting you to feel bad if you couldn’t find them for we are always on the hunt for them. Though it was you who revealed the location of them by your speed through the bridge, activating all the system alerts of nonsensical behavior of a Tachyean. Not to say you were doing things without reason, just that’s what the systems informed us of.} {Well then, I say you continue what you’re doing, and also when you all finish, I will need you assistance getting out of this system once I find the solution to the current black hole problem.} {Consider it done my Lord.}

Neoum went to the now undefended exit, and flew towards the secluded worlds as instructed by Bob. I hope you aren’t lying to me again about this. This will be the most important part of the mission, and if he lied to me again, then I will have nothing else that I can do except to leave this system, for the Elites can handle this in worse case scenario.  Neoum continued to fly forward with sight concern. When he started to enter the atmosphere of the world, he could see the pollution already developing from the mere presence of the corporation, and it hurt him to see all the dying life that was in need of assistance from this catastrophe. He could only continue for now, with the hope that he can come back at some point to fix the mistakes that occurred there.

He wasn’t able to fly for another few seconds for the fact that there were fighters that the corporation created that would be able to do immense damage at Neoum head on. He kept his distance on the ground with ease for the fact he wa to swift for the motion sensors that they had in place. By the time he found the base of operation of the corporation, he was able to realize that they would be the ones that were going to be in his way of the goal, for he had already explored the rest of the world. He feared what was to come next, he never expected to get to this point to confront the leaders of the corporation. He knew this could go very poorly, thus taking every precaution before getting near the entrance. He was able to find the perfect location to setup his entry. Now, how am I going to get to them without causing more attention than needed. I guess the easiest way to get there would be just to phase through everything, but that’s a lot of ground to cover, and not even know where exactly I’m going to with the phasing would get out of hand. He was able to determine, through watching the facility for the past few hours, he was able to find a pause in activity. He continued to analyze the schedules of the output-input  of the supplies from the facility to find that he could potentially enter the front entrance with enough speed would prevent his capture.

After another four hours, he was able to speed through the entrance without a trace of his presence. He continued to search for the previous ruler of the Desparentos, as the area became harder to traverse with the continual onslaught of guards in the general area. Neoum knew that the mission would be hard to accomplish without any conflict with the guards, but if he tried to start up any confrontation, he would be confronted with the entire staff, giving the figure heads the chance they need to escape. The entrance to their office seemed a bit plain for the controlling officials for the corporation, but he figured that it was built in a rush just to have a meeting room when needed. He knew that he could try handling the whole situation right then, but the black hole was the more pressing concern. The search for Bob’s father took longer than expected as the lower the levels of the facility, the more heavily guarded the floor would be. At one point the Neoum almost stumbled upon a floor covered with guards with tachyium levels of at least eight. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with that much of a hassle.

After traveling about fifty floors of impossibly difficult sneaking and phasing, Neoum had finally reached the last floor. I really hope he’s on this floor. It would be a shame if I would have to start from scratch with this rescue operation. Then again, I would not even have the time to do so if that were the case. It took Neoum a good eight hours to get to the current position he was at. If the old leader wasn’t there, then Neoum would be able to phase out of the building quickly enough, but would still have to go through the whole process again to double check that Bob’s father was in fact not at the location, in which case Neoum would speed off the planet to then check every other world near the local star. He was able to tell the patrolling guards were heading up to the next floor, and unlike most of the other floors Neoum had to track through, this floor was kinda empty, with only a handful of guards. Neoum considered that if he tried to take out these guards, it would still be a bit of an indicator if any other guards came back down to see the guards piled up on the ground after what he would do to them. He decided that the best choice would be to just phase in the room they were guarding to see if the leader was in there or not, and as long as he could keep up with the phasing , he could see in the room long enough to register what he would look at. The only problem is that he would need to get right next to the door without notice, and with the guards surrounding the room, it wouldn’t be easy. The room was rather dark at least, so if he could just concentrate, he would be able to become dense, thus darkening the color of his tachyium exterior to the point of cloaking his figure. He would not be able to go as quickly in that state, but it would be all he could do in effort of the mission.

Neoum was able to darken himself to the room’s darkness perfectly, but then he could he the guards talking about a message they received. “I heard from up top that there’s an intruder in the facility, but likely just a hopeful rumor. I doubt that even if there was, even if it was the Lord of Tachyon himself, he wouldn't be looking to come down here, nor be able to even get this far unless the rumor wasn’t one.” “Well considering I was up and down those flight of stairs for the past three hour, I wouldn’t agree with that one boss, but I would hope for something to happen down here.” “I for one wouldn’t, then we would have to work, and possibly, if it were the Lord of Tachyon, be completely destroyed. I also wouldn’t want it for the fact the the communicators aren’t working since those rebel troops on the bridge shut off the connection. It would take way too long for any support to come and help us. I for one wouldn’t want such a beating with insurance for the opposer to escape.” “Calm down, all we need to worry about is the old man behind the door.” “true, but what if their right about the intruder, do you think they are after the geyser behind us?” “I doubt it, they already have a leader one of them on the bridge, and this one’s only use is to be a history book without any gaps. I think they are more likely after the big bosses.” “I wish I could know who the ‘big bosses’ are? I haven’t seen one look of them anywhere here, and I’ve been working for them for the past three years. At the very least I would expect to see them on the holiday cards, but not one message from them other than the agenda that everyone gets.” “To be fair, they have to write up the agenda for every employee of their multi-trillion man company, the fact that they put the effort to make it is quite the impressive feet.” “You’re impressed by the simplest things. For all we know, they most likely have someone else make the agenda while they get to play with the productive cycles of the company  all day, and have vacations when ever they want and probably all the time, and we are simply the slaves that do the real work. But it’s all for the movement to get rid of the Tachyean regime.” “You really need to stop complaining, one of these days, we’re all going to regret what we’re doing to the Tachyeans, especially with them having a new lord of Tachyon. What’s his name again, Neo-gun or something?” “Well, they did make the mistake of destroying that entire system. I can’t be around a people that literally explode when they get very sick.” {I think it’s something like that by the way.} “Oh thanks man. Wait, who said that?” Neoum made himself present to the guards. He then swiftly dropped each of the guards so that he would know that he has the time to get into the room. As he started to open the hatch, the alarms started up, and Neoum felt that he could have prevented that by just phasing through the wall, but it was too late to change what has happened.

 Neoum then approached Mark, as he remembered the name. Mark started to rise from his seat. “My my, it is the mighty ruler of my existence, the guide of hope through the universe, what honor do I have to be in your presences?” {I have heard that you have had the privileged to experience the occurrence of a black hole, As said by your son, you would be able to give me information as to how it functions.} Mark started to lower his head, as if he had seen a old friend that has past eons ago. “I figured that my mind would no longer be needed by any Tachyean, especially the lord of them. I’m surprised to live to the day a new ruler has been established. I figured that the Order wouldn’t be able to find such a leader for another million years. For you to even live from the events that your father had to experience near his final resting place. My apologies if you don’t want to hear this, but as my life to is approaching its final breath, I would like to share that breath with someone who can properly spread my final thoughts.” {It’s fine, the guards may arrive soon, but I will be able to give you your time, so now if you could continue wise one.} “Thank you my Lord, I see you might just be able to fix the unfortunate wounds that you father has caused. I hope you can bring the universe back together, and protect us from the endless void that encases us. As for the situation at hand with the black hole, I’m afraid that while I have observed the event, I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to prevent its spread. The ultimate counter attack darkness can do in reaction to the power of the mighty light. Consumes all that light can grasp, event the parts of light that are giving it form are devoured by its immense pull. I must say its speed is quite fast in comparison to that of the light’s but I would imagine that you could escape it if you were to be within the range, but not much else could match it. I apologize greatly, but that is the best I can do. Except to comment that once in the black hole, it will pressurize the entire mass into itself. It will continue until it consumes all of light, the only way the first once stopped ws by the fact that there wasn’t anything left to consume, thus collapsed into itself. I suggest to just evacuate the system as soon as you can until it gets within the hassard zone, then abandon the system.”

Neoum could hear the guards coming to the door. Neoum began to generate the shield around them. He didn’t think of why this man would have the answers he was looking for, Jelnorelus informed him that he would have the experience to help him, and with the knowledge he might be able to think of some way to fix the issue, but now he really couldn’t think of how he could help against the black hole. Neoum felt his chances of saving the system dwindle. “My lord, I want to help you, but I have no way of doing so for the black hole problem, but I could help you with the current situation concerning the corporation’s goals. I’ve overheard that they haven’t left the facility as of yet, meaning that you should try to take advantage of the situation, and intersect them before they escape. I would if I were you, to at least show that something was achieved by coming here. I wish you the best of luck my Lord, and you should just leave me here. They will have to handle my escape before they realised that you were even here. Make flight my lord, may you live long and receive what you rightfully deserve.” {thank you for your wisdom, I hope that one day we may see one another again.} “I hope otherwise, unless it’s at least a dozen millenia from now. Now go before you’re discovered.”

Neoum started his departure through the walls of the cell. Noticing that as soon as he left the floor and started to descend to the top floors, that the guards entered the room, with mark unleashing a mighty shockwave from his back that sent the guards flying. Neoum was half way up to the surface when he was able to see the guards escorting a group of individuals toward the landing pad that wasn’t up to the surface yet. Neoum made haste over to the launch area, to then discover the guards with level ten weapons, Neoum generated his most powerful shield and staff to combat them. He then phased through the wall nearest to the group to strike down three of the twenty guards with one attack, to then quickly tap each of the others into the wall to then send out the energy from the Tachyium reserves that he placed onto each of the other guards, knocking them unconscious, leaving the group that were being guarded.

{Hello gentlemen, I am Neoum, the Lord of Tachyon, and who are the lot of you, may I ask?} “Well Lord of Tachyon, we are the executives that run the company here, and you are the one that we heard entered our facility. I am quite impressed by the fact that you were able to pass through our best guards with such ease and to leave then alive nd us untouched, how polite. Also who was the one that didn’t think the lord of Tachyon couldn’t do so?” One of the men in the back of the group rose his hand. “You’re covering the next lunch, got it.” He nodded his head in agreeance. “Thanks, now where were we, right, you have captured us, and now we must surrender to you correct?” {I hope it doesn’t have to be like that actually. All I want is your word that you will cease the creation of tachyium weapons, and try not to over through the Order of Tachyon please.} “Simple request, I like the straight forwardness of your approach, but you must understand as to why we’re doing what it is that we’re doing, don’t you?” { I understand that we weren’t there when the universe needed us most, I can understand that you don’t want to feel like the government isn’t helping you, I am working as hard as I can to help fix the system we had setup before my father left us. IU also understand that you wouldn't want to for how everything happened regarding the way my father died, but for him to be the only one that had the disease will mean that most likely not many others will experience the same fate, and if they do get the sickness, we’ll handle that and take the heart back to them so that the result wouldn’t happen twice. I’m sorry for the mistakes that were made, but what I want to do is help restore the peace that we once had. So if you could, please stop this before it gets out of hand.} “Well, I’d say that sounds great, you gave us a bargain we can’t refuse, if only the primary stockholder was with us.” {Primary stockholder?} Yes, the primary stockholder runs the entire operation, and we can’t make a decision without him. If only you could be so lucky, but in about a few moments, the backup security will be here, so I hope we can all chat again sometime, until then.”

The group continued to their shuttle, then Neoum caught up with them. {Where is the primary stockholder?} “Void if I knew that, I would be dead.” {How much of the majority does the primary stockholder have?} “I guess I can tell you that they have about sixty percent, so even if we are all in agreeance with you, if he isn’t, then it’s a no go, okay Neoum. We have to get going, but if you can find that man, we would all like to have a chat with him. He’s the one that wanted to attack the Order, not us. If we knew this was going to happen, I know I wouldn’t have joined this, but the revenue is so high that it would be considered suicide to give it up. I just hope you can prevent this from becoming a full scale war, or else good people are gonna die for the wrong reasons.” They boarded their shuttle and left a few moments after. Neoum felt a bit defeated, but at least with the elites coming, the situation should be able to handle itself rather well. Now I need to get to the black hole, and try to figure out a way to make the most of this catastrophe so that minimal casualties are had. Neoum flew off in hope of better outcomes.


        Franden had just arrived about two days before Neoum got to the location, and had already been escorting the civilians out of the area, and was about half way done with the procedures. Neoum was glad that at least things were on schedule. {Good job at holding down the fort, or in this case the disaster until my arrival. I’m greatly indebted to you.} {Thank you my lord, I really hoped you’d be proud of all the progress. I overheard the operation over at the twelfth district was a bust. Sorry about the disappointment.} {That’s fine, you couldn’t do anything about it so don’t beat yourself up about it, and remember that you don’t need to call me that.} {Oh right, well, the people seem very disappointed, but they are almost two thirds away from being onto the bridge, and many of them are heading over to the galactic bridge now, hopefully they are able to make more room for them all.} {Well, thank you again, and where’s the elite for this district?} {Oh, she’s currently helping on board the solar bridge, making sure that the receiving process is working efficient as feasibly able.} {Good, now let’s continue, I’ll help on the next planet, once your finished here, meet me at the edge of the hassard zone. I have been trying to think of a way to wipe away the black hole before it hits this system, but it seems to be a bit of a challenge with such little information I received. We’ll brainstorm more once everyone is safely out of the range.}

        After about half a day, with Neoum and franden working on the evacuation, the process was about ninety five percent done, and Neoum decided that he would head over to the bigger issue at hand being the black hole. Neoum started to think of the major problems with finding the solution. Primarily, the problem was that the only way it would stop is by not having anything else to consume into its mass. Neoum didn’t have the means to in any way take the system and move it out of harm's way, except to demolecularize the entire system and drag each of the fundamental elements out of range while being in his own being. For that Neoum would have to be the size of a planet to even attempt to move it, and still be fast even to do so.  What a funny thought, to be the size of a planet, I could attempt to walk up to the black hole and force it into itself faster so it would be able to continue. That would be cool, but sadly that’s not really within my power to do so, and how slow would I become if I could somehow do that. Would I even be able to go any stage of pro-spd? I really wished I had an idea. He said that I can go faster than it, and that it smashes all mass within itself, but the question is how fast is that mass smashed? Can I possibly restore what was first sucked into the black hole, maybe undo the entirety of the black hole?

Franden started to approach the Lord at pretty slow speeds. Neoum assumed that he was just a bit exhausted by the work the two had to do just earlier. {I see you a bit out of shape, aren’t you?} {I guess you could say that. How long have you been waiting… sir?} {I’ve been here only a couple of hours, but not to worry. I’ve hadn’t figured out anything yet except that I wish I could be really big. Also I’ve been thinking, if there is a way to fix this and prevent the black hole from spreading, if I could somehow undo the effect completely. I want it to be like it never happened, so that the old system that we didn’t see and this system can be restored, so that the people of these systems can have their homes back. Do you have anything that might be a way to help with the black hole?} Franden started to think a bit of what he wanted to say, but just wasn’t able to properly display the idea the way he hoped. {I really don’t know how to handle this sir. I wish I could think of a good solution. But it seems that the best solution would be to give it up now. I do think though that maybe we can see how fast it gets rid of the mass by checking with some random objects. At least it would help us understand just how much time we have to think about this before it gets out of hand.} {Sounds good, and good job with the restraint, I can tell that you’ve been thinking about it, also it seemed that you had something in mind earlier. Just tell me, maybe it will be the answer to all of this. I would very much appreciate it as your friend.} Franden’s face was pretty plain looking face for a Tachyean in this time, but his expression shifted rather quickly by that idea from Neoum. He thought about it for a while, and then decided that for the fate of the system, he would answer. { I think the best way of approaching this is maybe if you went in to see if there is a way to retrieve any of the previous existing masses.}

A pause occurred between the two, Neoum looking into Franden’s eyes with determination and seriousness. They continued in that position for about ten minutes, with the black hole’s force creeping closer to the two. {Sorry if that wasn’t what you wanted to hear my Lord, but that is the only way to see if any of this is worth pursuing. If the masses that enter the black hole crumble up in moments, then it wouldn’t be worth it to attempt to undo what happened to it, and they we could think of an option that at least stops the advancement of the black hole. If there is a way to save the lost objects, then i would encourage to take as much with you as you can as fast as you can.  Possibly doing that will cause it to slow down the black hole and allow it to collapse into itself faster and maybe do it the way you were thinking of stopping the thing. I just want to help, and that’s my best idea.} {If you’re sure of this, then I will try what I can. I want you to be one hundred percent certain that this plan can be done, for I sense a lot of doubt in you. Tell me you’re sure of this.} {I know.}  Franden tried to stranden his figure, stopped his quivering, and looked Neoum in the eyes. {I’m sure that this will be the best way to handle this, my friend.}

{I think you’re right, the idea sounds like it can work. Let me get ready, you need to help me by being the one that makes the transfer, and bring the mass to a safe distance. I have high hopes you can do this. Just be confident, like you were just now. Things will work out.} Neoum wasn’t going to try to tell Franden that this idea wasn’t a scary possibility to blow up in their face, but compared to just moving further away from the problem, it was the best they could really do. Neoum knew this would be the closest to his actually end than any other challenge he has faced since Jelnorelus trying to kill him all that time ago. He has grown since, but wanted to really do something that would truly help the universe before his time would run out, and stopping this black hole before him. I’ve made it this far without any major defeat, let’s see how this one ends up?  Neoum had made sure to clear out any of his excess mass on him before he made his descent toward the unmeasurable pull of the black hole.

{I’m going in. Franden, it’s very important that you’re empty okay. Be prepared to make the transfer, then start dumping as fast as you can. You got all that?} {Yes Neoum, I will make sure the goals achieved, you just get out there and save the universe.} {Thank buddy, I hope you don’t get hurt by any of this. I wouldn’t forgive myself otherwise.} {Just get out there, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to do it.} {You’re right, just remember to be prepared.} With that, Neoum flew off dead center towards the black hole.

Okay, don’t get too close to the edges, that will cause instant tears at my Tachyium, and don’t go to far back for that will apply a drastic increase of pressure with such little amounts of room. Maybe there might be some life in there to save.  Maybe someone could live in there if possible, just long enough for myself to somehow save them. I really hope that will never be the case though, for more likely than not, most beings that will be in there will be crushed in moments of entering by the pressure that’s applied on their bodies.  I really wish this works. I don’t want to fail more people than I’ve already have. Wendel could have been saved, the representative from the ball, and most importantly Jelnory, for she has to deal with the mistake of my arrival being so late. I can’t let this mission fail, or else we’ll all fail.

Neoum could feel the suction on his shielding increasing rapidly, almost making him lose course of his objective. The black hole was hard to fine, as the black hole itself isn’t visible by most beings. Tachyeans could detect the pressure for the overall energy black holes generate, but to actually see it was the problem. He could kinda see the flux that it was giving off, so he knew where to enter, but beyond that point would be difficult to actually judge. He knew that there was a point that would probably not allow even him to escape from, so he would just have to work from the outer layers to get the most effective results.

Neoum finally was entering the black hole, and something felt off, as if he was there before. He started to get some flashbacks from his father’s time, the second time of actually seeing something from his father’s pass. He could tell, after the first time experiencing his body when fighting Jelnorelus, that he was under some stress. Neoum didn’t think that his father, from what he heard of him, could feel any emotions except happiness, yet he only knew him for exactly the opposite. He was in a room, assuming that this was taking place in the system the black hole was in, for he could see the star in the background at an unusual size.

“My lord, you need to focus on the assignment from the fourth galaxy. They expect more from you, but yet you only seem to let them down.” He was sitting, talking with a Hantoryorian that was standing at the door. He knew this would be around the time before he lost his life. {I understand that I am needed, but I want to make sure that I’ve found the answer to this darn supernova that’s just waiting for me to leave to commence. I want to help these people, this is their home.} My father was under a lot of stress about the same problem. He couldn’t find the answer in time, I hope this isn’t why I’m watching this, to learn that I can’t help his. {Do you think there’s anyway of fixing this, friend?} “Not many my lord, I would say the best way of doing this would be to simply evacuate the people. It’s the best you can do for them.” {Are you sure?} If it wasn’t, then I wouldn’t recommend it, you know that right my Lord?” {Of course, but this is something that I need to stop, the lives of many depend on this to stop. I don’t want to let them down, not after all the wrongs that been up to.} What is he talking about, I guess he might just be not at the level he was before his passing, considering the fact of his illness.  “What are you talking about, you’ve been doing the best you can. Don’t let the others tell you otherwise. I know it’s tough now, but you are the greatest person to ever live. I believe in you sir, and that’s what matter, the believe that everyone that truly cares about you have.” {I guess that helps me at least. You know what, maybe the evacuation would be for the best. Thank you Franden, you’ve really helped me think.}

Neoum awoke from the flashback to notice that he was about to reach the point of no return, or at least he thought it was too much for him to handle. He started to fly straight out of that part of the black hole as he didn’t see anything that could be pulled out.  How could that name be Franden, I know that it could be just a coincidence, but I think it wouldn’t have been apart of the flashback if that detail wasn’t important. He must know something about this. Neoum starts the process of absorbing the mass around him, taking into his skin as much as he could fit. He was shocked to see that it was actually working properly. He could feel the Tachyium working to talk the energy from the collective mass, to actually uncover the elements that were making it up. Through the process, it was absorbing the molecular to then separate it then send it back out of the skin in its base form in space, so it wouldn’t react to anything. The problem was he had it stored in him, thus increasing his overall mass, making it more difficult to move, but still was at least able to go beyond prospd 1, which was all that mattered. As tachyium controls the physical state of any matter it interacts with, Neoum thought it might just be possible to get enough tachyium to manipulate the entire black hole to then circulate the energy throughout the Tachyium, and then release the excess mass into an area of space far enough not to be caught in it again. Then he realized that the problem is that only Tachyeans could do the job, not just Tachyium by itself, because of the fact that it would be consumed into the black hole. The other thing would  be the fact if the other Tachyean could handle that raw power of the black hole, or be able to escape the black hole if they needed to. The amount of risk was rather large, but maybe it would be the best thing to do to prevent this from spreading.

Neoum had just finished loading himself to a safe amount to get out of the black hole. He went to the location that he was talking with Franden, to see him waiting at the proper location. {My lord, I’m ready!} {Good, I was concerned that I might get here to be in trouble…} Then Neoum noticed the blaster that Franden had at hand. “I think it’s time you see your end, my lord.” He then fired point blank at Neoum, sending him flying back into the abyss of the black hole.

He was severely injured by the blast, and had to release the reserves of mass that he had in him. Franden continued to shoot at him as he emptied his load, luckily Neoum was more prepared, thus was able to dodge then just in time. He was finished unloading, then started flying directly at franden, sword ready and shield restored. {Why are you doing this? You don’t need to kill me. I’ve been nothing but nice to you, yet you still did it!} “Well yes, at first I thought you would be hard to defeat, but then I was able to tell you kind heart wouldn’t allow you to try doubting my allegiance, thus it became easy. I did though feel bad during this whole exchange, but you did encourage me to get over it, so I thank you for that.” They continued to battle as Franden pulled out his sword. As they fought, Neoum thought that Franden wasn’t going very fast. {You aren’t a Tachyean, are you?} “What, of course I am. I just want you dead is all.” {Then why are talking, and also you knew my father to, correct?} “Okay Mr.detective, yes, I’m not Tachyean.” {And?} “I also knew your father,but how do you know that?” Neoum then knocked him downward. He let go of his weapons, then Neoum grabbed him, pressing up against an asteroid. Neoum used his Tachyium to keep the asteroid still. {, being a lord of Tachyon can receive memories from the previous Lords of Tachyon. Thus I saw that my father was talking to the real you in this… that other galaxy.} Neoum interpreted to him as he pointed to the black hole. “Okay, what are you going to do to me then huh, kill me, arrest me, I’m still in the form of a Tachyean, so that would only make you look bad.” {I think that you need to be educated in the idea that I can simply do this.} Neoum then generated some Tachyium, then tossed it on Franden, and it then disabled his cloaking device in about a second. ‘Oh, I see what you did there, but did you see this coming?” {What…} Then the asteroid that they were on collapsed into rubble.

They both were being sucked into the black hole. Then neoum remembered that Franden wasn’t a Tachyean, thus he wouldn’t be able to get out of the black hole. He zoomed into the abyss to find him about to get to the point of no return. Neoum was able to catch him, only for Franden to start attacking him as he tried to get him out. {You need to stop this. I can’t let you do this to yourself.} {I’ll do what I want, you aren’t my leader. My how goal in life is to kill you, but you just make things so difficult. I can’t return to my boss like this! Now… let... me ...go!} He they blasted Neoum with the last round of the blaster, thus Neoum dropping him into the abyss.



{I can’t believe it. I thought it would be more difficult than this, but the elites seem to be able to handle themselves.} A week has passed, and neoum was now with Jelnorelus, observing the black hole being controlled by the elites. About a hundred elites were on the mission of dealing with the black hole. {I’m sorry I didn’t say anything about Franden. I wasn’t sure it was him until after you talked with him at first. If I knew he would try to do that to you, I would have ended him sooner.} {Don’t say that, I made the mistake of trust him.} {No, you are supposed to trust people, even if they try to lie to you, you should never need to worry about it. I on the other hand should have been honest with the situation. I figured something was up with those guys when I heard them arguing over the transmission. They’re almost as bad as I am… almost.}


They continued to chat over the events that happened with the mission. {I know that you couldn’t just get up and leave back then with my father, but how did you know about Franden when they most likely were outside of your area.?} {Neoum, I don’t want you to think that I’m weird, but you know me enough to know how much I cared for your father, and I was about to become an elder by the time of his demise, meaning that I was quite the important person to be helpful to. So I might have used my privilege to get some “spies” to watch how your father was doing. Of course he also still kept in contact with me, so I knew that Franden was around, but then I met him. I knew that he wasn’t a good person, and I think…} Jelnorelus went silent.

{You thought what?} She kept quiet. {Can you tell me what it was that you were about to say. I don’t want to feel left out of important details.} She started to tear up. {What’s wrong? Jelnory, please tell me.} {I ca… can’t. I’m sor… sorry Neoum, but I simply can’t.} Jelnorelus flew off after that. Neoum was left all alone.

He continued to watch the progress on the black hole. I can’t believe that she isn’t telling me about what she thinks of the situation of Franden and my Father. I don’t want her to feel that she has to continue with the burden of what she is hiding, but I need to understand if there’s something that I don’t know about my father. Maybe one day she’ll tell me. I know that going after her about it will only make it harder to fix, but maybe she’ll tell me when the time is right. Only time will tell. With that, Neoum decided to go home.


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