Arjun Vishad Yoga (Arjuna's lamentation) – 26 to 46

In previous verse Krishna told Arjuna that you wanted to come between two armies so I bring you here, Pasyata Partha, O Arjuna See, Pasyatam Bhisma Drona Pramuktaha, so brought in front of Bhishma and Drona

So now we will see how Arjuna became bewildered and how Sri Krishna removed this, so Prataksha causes illusion and Shabda takes the person out of illusion.

Bg 1.26

tatrāpaśyat sthitān pārtha
n atha pitāmahān
ācāryān mātulān bhrātn
ān pautrān sakhīṁs tathā
śvaśurān suhdaś caiva
senayor ubhayor api

Word for word: 

tatra — there; apaśyat — he could see; sthitān — standing; pārtha — Arjuna; pitn — fathers; atha — also; pitāmahān — grandfathers; ācāryān — teachers; mātulān — maternal uncles; bhrātn — brothers; putrān — sons; pautrān — grandsons; sakhīn — friends; tathā — too; śvaśurān — fathers-in-law; suhda — well-wishers; ca — also; eva — certainly; senayo — of the armies; ubhayo — of both parties; api — including.


There Arjuna could see, within the midst of the armies of both parties, his fathers, grandfathers, teachers, maternal uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends, and also his fathers-in-law and well-wishers. 

Tatrāpaśyat, there he could see,

sthitān pārtha, they were situated, who were there? Several generation of relatives were there, pitn atha pitāmahān,

so normally in a family get together is a joyful occasion, in today’s world when both husband and wife are working, husband, wife and children coming together itself is a big thing. So for children, parents and grandparents coming together is a rare occasion, so even 3 generations coming together is rare occasion but here we have 5 generations coming together. So family get together is normally a joyous occasion but this is a very gravest occasion because family is getting together not for some celebration but it is for mutual destruction so what are these 5 generations pitn atha pitāmahān, so pitn are the people who are in father’s generation so for example Salya who is relative of Madhre who is his mother, step mother, mother of Nakul and Sahadev, there are several other people in father’s generation like Bhurishrava and several other people are there so that is another generation which is older, there is  Bhisma Pitamaha who is in grand father generation

ācāryān mātulān bhrātn
ācāryān refers to teachers, there are two teachers Kripa-Acharya and Drona-Acharya, Drona-Acharya is a permanent teacher.

Mātulān is maternal uncle which refers to Shakuni not directly maternal uncle,  

bhrātn, brothers, whole 100 Kauravas are there brothers.

putrān pautrān sakhīṁs tathā,

putrān refers to sons, Duryodhana’s sons were also in battle field like Arjuna’s son and by that time Duryodhana were old enough that his pautrān, grandsons were also there. On this side also we know that by the time of war Abhimanyu was married and Maharaj Parikshit was already in the womb of mother Utara, Maharaj Parikshit was born after the war but the point is that there were others in the generation of Abhimanyu who were married and old enough to get a children and these children were not small. putrān pautrān sakhīṁs tathā, and his friends  were there, who were friends Kritavarma was the friend for him, Asvatthama was also a friend. Asvatthama and Arjuna were together in the gurukool, and both of them were expert archer although some envy were there in Ashwatthama heart for Arjuna because Ashwatthama wanted to be best student of his father, but Arjuna has defeated him and exceled him, but still they were close friends while they were in Gurukul

śvaśurān suhdaś caiva, father-in-law and many others who were well wishers

so in this way senayor ubhayor api, all of them assembled over there,

Now these people are not only in opposite side they are on his side also like Drupada, actually when Arjuna came and saw he was not only seeing the opposite side he saw his side also when he saw both side in the middle primarily vision was Bhisma Drona Pramukta but he is looking all around and he saw all of them senayor ubhayor api.