Final Status of   PRSEC/R/2018/50191

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Anurag Bhatia

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President Secretariat

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Kindly provide the following information as per RTI act:

1. Which operator is providing internet services at President office

2. What is the speed of internet connectivity at Presidents office

3. Is IPv6 support on the internet connection used in Presidents office

4. How much is the expense of internet connection for Presidents office


Request document (if any)

document not provided


REQUEST DISPOSED OF as on 22/03/2018

Date of Action



Reply :- In response to your online RTI application dated 12.03.2018, it is to inform that:-

1.        National Informatics Centre meity is providing internet service at President Office.

2.        Presently the speed is 100 mbps.

3.        IPV6 supported by most devices. However, IPV4 addressing is used at present.

4.        NIC, being a Government Department provides connection on its own budget. The President Office does not incur any expenses towards this.