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New Student Online Enrollment
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Darien 61 New Student Online Enrollment

1. Request an account to complete the New Student Online Enrollment process using the link below.

2. You will receive an email notification once your enrollment application has been submitted.

3. If your enrollment application has been accepted, you will then have to provide paper copies of the following information in order to prove residency:

Category 1: At Least One (1)

Real Estate Tax Bill (Most Recent)

Signed and Dated Lease (current year) with the date the current lease ends.

Closing Statement for Purchase of My Residence

Mortgage statement/Loan statement

Military Housing Letter

        AND Category 2: At Least Two (2)

Current IL Driver’s License/IL State ID

Gas/Electric/Water/Phone/Cable Bill (Only one needed)

Voter Registration Card

Home Owner/Renter Insurance Policy

Public Assistance Document

4. Once your application is submitted, and accepted, you will be contacted to provide additional information.

If you have any questions about the New Student Online Enrollment process, please contact the Darien 61 district office at 630-968-7505