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Press Release--Ida Mae Clinic
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Press Release

Uzazi Village Presents: Ida Mae Patterson Center for Maternal & Infant Wellness

Prenatal care by Black Women for Black Women

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Kansas City, MO--Uzazi Village, a nonprofit organization dedicated to decreasing maternal and infant health inequity among Black and Brown communities, is bringing a new prenatal concept to the Kansas City Metropolitan area. The Ida Mae Patterson Center for Maternal & Infant Wellness (Ida Mae Clinic) will open its doors on Friday, August 16, 2021 to expectant mothers and birthing people to experience a new model of prenatal care. This innovation is brought to you by Uzazi Village in partnership with local midwives trusted within the community.

The Ida Mae Clinic is founded on the tenets of the Village Circle Model™. This new care model is Black Liberatory Community-Embedded Group Prenatal Care, designed to support, protect and provide community-based clinical care to African-American childbearing persons, families, and others. Pregnant patients will receive care in supportive cohorts of their peers that focus on perinatal education, informed consent, community nurturance and support, all in a culturally validating environment. The purpose of this care model is to eliminate the damaging consequences of racism in prenatal care currently demonstrated within standard medical models of care. The model focuses on clinical excellence, client autonomy, and group determination all in an environment of cultural validation and celebration.

The Ida Mae Clinic, found in the rear of Uzazi Village’s headquarters, has been architecturally designed to accommodate The Village Circle™ model of care. Prenatal patients, also called Care Participants, will move through five Care Circles throughout a visit to ensure all their needs are met. Care will include a multidisciplinary staff of midwives, doulas, physicians, chiropractors, herbalists, parent educators, and others.

Prenatal services and doula care will be offered free of charge to patients enrolled in Medicaid.

Interested clients can contact Uzazi Village for more information about how to enroll in the Ida Mae Clinic. Email clinic staff at or call 816-599-3622.