Our School

Glebe Collegiate Institute, located in the beautiful Glebe neighbourhood, has developed a rich tradition over its ninety-year history. In accordance with our motto, “In alta tende”, our students “strive for the heights” and have acquired national and international recognition. The challenging academic and extra-curricular programs are impressive in both range and quality. Our successful sports teams, outstanding music program and the French Immersion Gifted Program are hallmarks of the Glebe tradition. Glebe is the only Immersion Centre offering the Gifted French Immersion Program in central Ottawa. It is a school where multicultural students find a safe, stimulating environment and where an atmosphere of mutual respect for all cultures of Canada is cultivated. Emphasis is placed on academic excellence, personal integrity, and respect for all individuals.

Our Students

Our student body of over 1450 reflects a wide mix of ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. 59 languages other than English are spoken by our students, many of whom are international students coming from countries around the world. Internationally, Glebe’s strong reputation makes it attractive to many students who choose to study in Canada. Glebe provides a variety of curricular and extra-curricular experiences to encourage social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth for students. Our active Student Council focuses on issues relevant to the improvement of governance and student life in the school and in the community. There is an exceptionally high level of student involvement and commitment to community and global outreach initiatives including human rights, environmental stewardship, and international aid as well as local and international charities.

Our Staff

Glebe’s highly qualified and enthusiastic teaching staff of over 100 teachers includes a mix of new and experienced teachers. As members of a strong Professional Learning Community, staff nurtures our students’ potential and love of learning. Many teachers speak several languages or have earned citations for excellence. Staff members are accessible through various methods of communication such as email, telephone, and personal interviews. Our support staff consists of friendly and helpful people in the main office, Educational Assistants, and American Sign Language Interpreters.

Our Community

Glebe draws students primarily from the local vicinity for its English program and from larger areas from larger areas for the French Immersion, English as a Second Language, and French Immersion Gifted programs. Parents play an important role in shaping Glebe’s vision for its students and support student and staff initiatives. Parents are welcome to volunteer in a variety of ways. Our School Council is an advisory body representing all parts of the community. Meetings are scheduled on the second Monday of most months at 7:00 p.m. The school Council also organizes a website, newsletters, formal and informal meetings, workshops, discussions and speakers on topics of concern to parents throughout the school year, and two staff appreciation events. Glebe Collegiate Institute is deeply embedded into the community with partnerships with local businesses, churches, senior citizens homes, and the two local universities.

Mission Statement

Glebites – In alta tende “Strive for the Heights” by celebrating human diversity in a culture of mutual respect and by seeking to improve the world through leadership, integrity, compassion and commitment to learning.

Programs and Services

Academic Programs

Classroom Organization

Glebe Collegiate is a large, composite secondary school operating on a semester basis. The school day consists of four seventy-five minute periods with an hour lunch period. Extra-curricular credits in choir, band and Outdoor Education can be earned outside the regular school hours. Classes range from traditional structured format to open concept and collaborative modes. Glebe Collegiate is a grade 9 – 12 community program school as well as a Gifted French Immersion Centre. Gifted French Immersion and English as a Second Language are delivered as program packages. Our school also engages students in the Cabinet Making Focus program that leads students into apprenticeship programs at Colleges or employment in industry. The successful integration of our monthly after school Credit Intervention has helped to increase our success rates for both junior and senior students.

Special Education and ESL Programs

We have a Gifted Immersion program package with congregated classes in English, Social Sciences and Science. Special Education Resource Teachers provide remedial help, monitoring and educational support. We also have an English as a Second Language program package with congregated classes in English, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Science, French and Art. Glebe values its Developmental Disabilities class, which is very much a part of our school community. Multicultural liaison personnel are available to translate most languages to strengthen bonds between home and school. In addition, a list of tutors is available for extra support.

Clubs and Activities

A wide variety of 35 intramural and interscholastic sports are offered. We had been named “Sports School of the Year” four times over the last 6 years. Annually the Glebe Robotics Club competes successfully in the First Canadian Robotics Competition and places in the forefront of competition. We have numerous clubs including camera, chess, ping-pong, Key Club, Amnesty International, anime, sky, debating, international friendship, junior achievement, OSAID, rowing, and many others. Our environmental club actively works to preserve our environment and have won a prestigious award recognizing their work and contributions to the school and community. Our percussion group, Offbeat, a stomp-like group, has received national and international recognition. The Music Department both enriches and shares the excellence of its program in North America and Europe. Glebe is vibrant with activity from early morning practices to late evening games and presentations, whether dramatic, athletic, artistic or social. Glebe is an exciting school that celebrates persity and offers something for every interest. One of our students was one of 4 recipients out of 1000 that won the Award for Excellence for his broom performance in Boston, Mass. at the Heritage Festival. In addition, Glebe’s music ambassadors in Boston won the Festival’s Spirit Award for outstanding teamwork, positive attitude, respect of peers and other festival contestants, volunteers and adjudicators.

Safe Schools Initiatives

Facilities and Resources

Achievement and SIP


The Robotics Team has a long 19 year history, 9 of those years we competed in Canada First, capturing two firsts, three seconds, and three thirds. For the past 10 years the team has been competing in the FIRST Canadian Regional, in Mississauga, one of 37 US FIRST Regionals. During this short time the team has placed anywhere from 72nd out of 80 teams, having to rebuild the robot due to damage in shipping, to qualifying for the semifinals and one year winning the fastest robot award. These competitions allow the students to gain hands‐on experience in science and technology while working alongside industry professionals. Since 2009, we have added the VEX robotics competitions to our busy schedule. We have been very successful in these competitions, placing second in 2010 and 2011, which qualified us for the VEX World Championships. In 2011, we went to Orlando, Florida for the Worlds with five hundred teams from around the world. At this event we did very well, narrowly missing the playoffs. We are proud that one of our graduates is currently designing and testing Mars rover robots while completing his doctorate in engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Each year a number of our graduating students continue on in engineering programs. One of our students placed first in the American Association of Physics Teachers (all of North America), first in the Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest with a perfect score, first in the Canadian Association of Physics Teachers Contest and 6th place in the World at the Physics Olympiad with a gold medal.

Interscholastic Sports

Glebe has an outstanding tradition in interscholastic sports. With 35 sports to participate in, Glebe offers the largest variety of sports in the Ottawa Carleton region. In 2006‐2007, 2007‐2008, 2010‐2011 and 2011‐2012, Glebe was ranked as the top high school for sports by the local paper. In 2008‐2011, City Championships have been won by the Junior and Senior Boys and Senior Girls Volleyball teams; Track & Field Boys, Girls and Grand Aggregate; Cross‐Country Running Boys, Girls and Grand Aggregate; and Girls Rugby. Our Senior Boys’ Volleyball team won the Provincial Championship in 2006. In 2012, our Junior Girls Cross Country Running team won the Provincial Championships and our Girls team won the Overall Title. In Nordic Skiing, Glebe skiers won bronze at the Provincial Championships in Junior and Senior Combined. Rowing is a unique sport we are proud to offer at Glebe and once again our athletes won several medals. Glebe also competes in swimming, water polo and girls field hockey, amongst many others

The Arts

The arts are an integral component of Glebe life. The drama productions called "Mainstage" and "Backstage" ‐ a series of one‐act plays ‐ are a yearly phenomenon. In 2012, Glebe’s “Cappies” Throughout the year, Glebe displays student artwork in our main office and halls. In late spring, artwork of the senior Art graduating classes is highlighted. Glebe is well represented at Music Festivals across Canada. Over the past years our Senior, Chamber and Concert Choirs won first place and Junior Band received silver and gold certificates. Our unique ‘Offbeat’ percussion group took gold five consecutive years in Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and New York, where they also received the adjudicators’ award for highest mark. In April 2009, our choir, band and Offbeat performed in Italy and raised over $1,000 for Aquilla earthquake victims. They’ve also performed in Austria, Calgary, England, Boston, Chicago and this coming April 2012 will be traveling to Germany. The department puts on two music nights, in fall and late spring featuring all our choirs, bands, offbeat and our guitar students. Glebe’s Drama students participated in the Ottawa Citizen’s “Cappies” contest and received 5 nominations, one of which was for Best Play, and 1 Cappie for best Supporting Female Actress. Glebe also has a strong tradition in the language arts. In past two years students wrote the French Language Advanced Placement exam and obtained the highest mark of 5. Glebe students have participated in the Concours de Français, sponsored by Carleton and Ottawa Universities, receiving first, second, fifth and seventh place finishes as individuals, and as a team our students won first place for the category Immersion. Glebe also participated in the Concours d’Art oratoire sponsored by the Canadian Parents for French. Our students are currently participating in the Student Achievement Award in French sponsored by the Ontario Teacher Federation (OSSTF) at the Provincial level. Glebe’s Improv Team has received two top ten finishes at Nationals, including a Bronze medal, in recent years.

School Improvement Plans and Initiatives

In the EQAO grade 9 assessments, Glebe students do well. Glebe's results are at or above the provincial and OCDSB averages for levels 3 and 4 in both the academic and applied levels. The Mathematics department continues to improve our support plan with an after‐school program to ensure that our grade 9 students are prepared for the EQAO assessment. The students' standing in this assessment is included in the summative results for the course. Our English 4U and 4C district‐wide exam results for the 2011‐2012 school years were aligned with the OCDSB average. The Ontario Secondary School Literacy test, which is a mandatory test that all students must pass before they receive a graduation diploma, is written annually. The percentage of eligible students passing in the spring of 2011 exceeded the provincial average. Cross curricular literacy strategies are part of all courses at Glebe. Teaching students the necessary how to be critical readers and writers will provide them with the literacy skills assessed on the OSSLT. The School’s Smart Goal #1 is that “students will apply critical thinking to solve problems and make decisions as measured by the indicators of progress”. Staff PD is focusing on infusing critical thinking throughout the curriculum, as well as meaningful feedback, student discourse, and differentiation to improve student learning. The development of Word Walls is one strategy that is applied school‐wide to develop literacy skills. Glebe’s new “Take 20” initiative supports literacy across the curriculum along with “accountable talk”. This school‐wide program occurs once a week. Glebe is participating in a Ministry Initiative named “Student Success School Support Initiative”. Teachers work together on high‐yield strategies to improve student achievement through targeted subjects and levels.

Leadership Recognition


As representatives of the student population, our School Leadership Team provides input for our school‐wide events and fundraising for the community; for example, over the past 2 years, the school has raised $32,000 to support CHEO, the children’s hospital. In 2011, we raised $10,000 for the Terry Fox Run, as well as raising funds to purchase over 108 goats for developing countries. In 2012 our Terry Fox total was over $9,000. Our students also showed leadership in sports, where they won several city and provincial championships. In addition to informal recognition on a regular basis, we also acknowledge their contributions in our classrooms, school announcements, school website, newsletters, assemblies, local newspapers, our Principal’s Report to School Council, the Glebe Quarterly and end‐of‐ year awards ceremonies. As well, we recognize student leadership by incorporating their suggestions into our planning. Awards Night is held once a year to recognize and honour the numerous students’ academic achievements. FSL Students in the OCDSB are encouraged to be tested for the DELF (Diplôme des études de langue française), an internationally‐recognized and issued by the French National Education Ministry. This four‐part test (oral and written comprehension, written production, as well as oral interaction and monologue) determines at which of six levels a student can use their French language skills in authentic situations. DELF is a powerful motivational tool for students wishing to study, travel or work in Francophone communities, and can often exempt students from entry‐level French proficiency exams. As part of Glebe’s FSL Program Review, the methodology used in DELF training is being integrated into curriculum delivery.


Our staff members have a wealth of professional qualifications including Bachelor, Master and Ph. D. degrees in Arts, English, Law, Fine Arts, Physical Education and Sciences, as well as additional qualifications in Special Education, English as a Second Language, Music, Visual Arts, Technology, Guidance, and Computers in Education. They have actively participated in numerous Board‐wide professional development activities in literacy and numeracy, technology, Assessment & Evaluation and we recognize their initiative by providing and supporting opportunities for further professional growth. Two of our Social Science teachers were chosen from a range of teachers from across Canada to participate in a program on Parliament Hill for a week of Parliamentary proceedings. Another teacher was selected to tour Canadian battlefields in Europe and to participate in a series of seminars regarding Canada's role in the world wars. An economics teacher was selected to testify to the Senate regarding the future of the Canadian penny. A music teacher was chosen to be a member of Canada’s Foot Guard and has traveled representing the school. We also recognize staff leadership via personal interactions with one another, letters of thanks, school announcements, school newsletters, assemblies, performance appraisals, and our Principal’s Report to school council and the local community newspaper. Three of our science teachers and our SST teacher won 2nd place at the Discovery Channel’s Iron Science Competition National Final two years in a row. Five of our English and ESL teachers have worked at the District, Provincial, and International levels on Assessment and Evaluation and EQAO Teachers are integrating technology as learning and teaching tool in course at all levels/grades. One of our English teachers won the Capital Educators Award for 2012; a science teacher was shortlisted for this award as well. Two of our history teachers were chosen among all the history teachers in Canada to participate in the Teachers’ Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy. Several of our teachers are published authors, actors and professional musicians. One of our teachers won the 2011 Ontario History and Social Science Teachers' Association Award and both our Head of Arts and Drama Teacher have been awarded the OCDSB “Arts Recognition Award”. A Guidance Counsellor won the University of Ottawa Guidance Counsellor Appreciation Award for 2012‐2013.


Last year, our volunteers contributed hundreds of hours of support for the benefit of students in our school. Our active TWIGS groups contribute greatly to environmental issues in the school and its community and were recognized for their work in winning the Jenny Award, the highest honour given by the OCDSB to a school. The School Council honours all Staff members twice a year with a holiday luncheon and a spring strawberry social. We thank our invaluable partners, our parents, guardians and volunteers on an on‐going basis, and look for opportunities to acknowledge them in newsletters and at a volunteer appreciation event. Parents are welcome and invited to participate in all school events.


We recognize our vast number of community partners through our school announcements, school newsletters, school website, Principal’s Report to School Council, and thank you cards. We also invite them to events, awards ceremonies, and graduation. We believe in strong community partnerships, working closely with the Glebe Community Association, our Co‐operative Education employers, our feeder schools, and other social agencies to provide a safe, caring, supportive school community focused on student learning. Glebe plays an integral part in our community and is proud of its 90 year history of academic excellence and social responsibility.