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There are two parts to this assignment:  Ants Angle and Window Light Portrait


Assignment:  You are going to take your photos from the perspective of an Ant.  You should be sitting on the ground or have your camera on the ground when you make the exposure.  Your main subject should be clearly identifiable.  Make a story out of you image.

Demonstrate:  Your exposures need to demonstrate a clear understanding of Foreground, Middleground, and Background.   Your main subject should be in the foreground or middle ground of each frame you take.    

Final Images:  You will turn in a proof sheet of at least 20 images and turn in 5 final images from those.

Keep your setting on AV and adjust your Aperture to control the depth of field.  The higher the number (f16, f22) the greater the depth of field and the more clarity your image will have throughout the print.  The lower the number (f 3.5, f4, f5.6) the shallower/smaller the depth of field bringing more emphasis on the subject.  In AV mode, your shutter speed will set automatically. Make sure your ISO is set to AUTO.


•Keep your compositions simple and uncluttered.

•Sit or lie down on the ground for this assignment, look at different perspectives creating an interesting composition(s) to lead your viewer towards your main subject.

•Make sure your main subject is clearly defined.  

•Use a combination of compositional techniques to create interest in your image.

•••••Photography is all about the light.  Pay particular attention to the lighting of your subject and where the shadows are.

Window Light Portrait (Part 2)

You will be taking a portrait illuminated with window light.  You will turn in three final photos.

Tips: • Fill the frame and don’t be afraid to photograph vertically. result for window light portraitImage result for window light portraitImage result for window light portrait