NPTEL Industry Associate – Mutual Benefits

Existing advantages

  1. Videos and text can be accessed for free from
  2. Copy all NPTEL videos, approximately 12 TB, to your hard drive for free

Benefits of becoming an Industry Associate

  1. No fee to become an Industry Associate.
  2. Know your potential fresh hires.
  1. Get to know the students starting from the 1st year of graduation, throughout their academics, before they are absorbed into the company.
  2. Direct these students, at every level, to take up relevant courses according to your domain requirement.
  1. Single portal to access the potential hires.
  1. 1600+ college partners across India.
  2. Students with in-depth technical knowledge.
  3. Top performers in any chosen technical domain.
  1. Cross-skill and up-skill the existing workforce.
  1. Freshers may complete the required NPTEL courses as an entry criterion.
  2. Courses for skill and knowledge enhancement.
  3. Few of our trending courses

  1. Track your employee performance.
  1. Nominate an SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) from your company.
  2. The SPOC will have a separate login in our portal.
  3. The SPOC can monitor the employee performance in NPTEL courses.

How could you help us?

  1. Sponsor NPTEL's initiatives through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  2. Co-offer/Co-partner courses with NPTEL.

What next?

  1. Sign an MoU.
  2. Nominate an SPOC.
  3. Become an Industry Associate.