Building an E-Portfolio While Learning to Become a Respiratory Therapist

Proposal Outline

Instructor turnover, limited available hours, and assessing are all factors to consider when integrating E-portfolios. The purpose of my plan to integrate E-portfolios into the Respiratory Care Program is to help have a learning platform to reflect back on, build a resume, and use after graduation to help reflect on information they need to study for their boards. This outline is the first step leading to e-portfolio implementation into my program. With the addition of free resources available to my students I think this will allow them to reflect back on their learning in an authentic way.

This proposal involves multiple phases, at this moment I cannot predict the best time for implementation. The students will have a choice and voice when creating their portfolios.

Stage 1:(Anticipated completion 12/15/18)

  1. Which e-portfolio site is best to use?

      A.        Survey Teachers

  1. Ask different teachers that are currently using e-portfolios in the classroom that are best effective for their students
  2. Use feedback via videos or blogs for support

              B.        Case Study Review

    i.      Research successful experiences that have been implemented by high


    ii.        Look for faults in others implementation and find a way to fix the problem

              C.  Survey present students to see if the e-portfolios would be effective in our


                D.  Is the e-portfolio only acceptable for clinical use or course work?

              E.  How do we grade the e-portfolio?

              F.   Do we allow them to work on the e-portfolio in clinical or only at home?

Stage 2: (Anticipated completion 6/1/19)-was 3/1/19

     2.        Will health careers be willing to implement e-portfolios to all disciplines?

  1. Will students take ownership of their learning?
  2. Will other instructors incorporate this project into their clinical work?
  3. Will the free websites be capable to keep up with my students learning or will they need to purchase the upgrade profile?

Stage 3: (Anticipated completion 8/23/19)

     3.        How to get started?

  1. (2nd year 4th semester should be the first to be integrated.)
  2. Work on building portfolio in the orientation period of clinical

Stage 4:(Anticipated completion 12/15/19)

     4.        Make changes and improve the plan

      A.        Review with my clinical instructors with feedback from them and the students at             the beginning of the school year

      B.  How do we make it easier to use

      C.  What changes need to be made

Stage 5: (Anticipated completion 5/15/20)

     5.        Present my findings to the Program Director

  1. Transition all students in the program (remaining students 1st year 2nd semester)
  2. Show benefits of E-portfolio
  3. Explain why I want to incorporate them into the program
  4. Give an estimated time of when to implement them
  5. Show how they can use these post graduation