Suburban Acres Civic League


Minutes for General Meeting Held on: October 8, 2018

Prepared by:  Peter Beznoska


Meeting called to order by Louis Gabriel, President, at 6:30 PM, followed by Pledge of Allegiance.


Community Resource Officer Report: Given by Officer William Old, Norfolk PD


Member Karen Mayne read the letter the SACL Board sent to Norfolk PD Chief Boone recognizing  Officer Billy Old for his service to the SACL over the years.  Officer Old was presented a thank you card as well as a gift certificate to YourPie from the SACL.


Incidents to report/Discussion Items:


-3 vehicle larcenies occurred in the area recently with all incidents involving valuables left in vehicles in plain sight.  Officer Old reiterated to attendees of the importance of locking doors  and removing valuables in parked vehicles in the neighborhood.  There was video of one incident but details were hard to come by from just viewing the video.

-Officer Old retreated to the back of the room to take additional questions and comments to save time for Candidate Luria.




-Candidate for District 2 US Representative in the upcoming General Election, Elaine Luria spoke briefly to members about her qualifications for elected office and her platform priorities.  Ms. Luria ran the attendees through her military career and her career after retiring from the Navy.  Ms. Luria’s discussion of her agenda priorities included Healthcare, Social Security, Infrastructure and Education.  Ms. Luria fielded questions from attendees on government aid for education in the area, as well as questions about what to do about the deficit and the debt.  Ms. Luria was also asked about which committees she’d push to join if elected to the House, to which she responded that her military background would fit well on the Armed Services Committee and her background in physics would fit well with the Science & Technology Committee.


Committee Reports:


Membership: 5 new members


Neighborhood Watch: nothing to report.


Wards Corner Task Force: nothing to report


Nominations for 2019 Board of Directors –  Louie Gabriel announced the slate of Officers and Board Members for 2019 as put forth by the Nominating Committee (David Charboneau, Charles Leonard, Ben Potts):  President – Louis Gabriel; Vice President – Janette Woodruff; Secretary – Peter Beznoska; Treasurer – JoAnn Powell; Board Members – Peter Bastinelli, Richard Drumwright, John Mangus, Karen Mayne.  Other nominees will be accepted and the members will vote on the full slate at the December 10, 2018 meeting.




-The Members approved a motion to send a letter to the Mayor and City Council in support of a picnic shelter on the grounds of Suburban Park Elementary and Caton Park.  The motion passed unanimously.


-The minutes of the September meeting were approved unanimously by the members


-The Members unanimously approved a motion to send a letter, once approved by the Board, to the City announcing support for the plans for the Wards Corner study and suggesting the timeline be sped up from original planned timelines.  The motion passed unanimously.


Announcements/Discussion Items:


-Adopt-a-Spot scheduled for October 20 at 9 AM @ Suburban Park Elementary.


-The SACL will host a table at Suburban Park Elementary on General Election day on November 6.  Volunteers requested to staff the table to help drive signups and memberships for the SACL.


-Rachel Roberts and Richard Drumwright presented the initial results of the joint civic league committee to communicate with the city on the plans for Bike Lanes along Granby Street.  Ms. Roberts indicated that the committee met with the city last Thursday and the city responded with a letter outlining some key tenets of the city’s plan for Bike Lanes along the Granby Street corridor.  Key takeaways from the city’s letter included:

-Aimee Molihan, technology teacher at Suburban Park Elementary, presented her fundraiser on DonorsChoose for the purchase of a license to BrainPop, an educational software tool, for the Suburban Park Elementary school.

-Karen Mayne ran the members through the takeaways from the last Wards Corner Study Community Meeting that occurred on September 20.  Key points included the plans for more greenspace in the area with taller mixed-use buildings, as well as a possible hotel on the old Kroger property.  The plan will now be finalized into a written plan and will proceed through Planning Commission, City Council and public hearings.

-The November SACL general meeting is cancelled.  Next meeting will be the Holiday Party on December 10.

-Remember Honda of Norfolk for difficult to recycle items.

-Results of the Chili Cook-off:

Old Business: None


New Business None