Recreation, Arts & Parks

RAP Program Guidelines (DRAFT)


In 2018, 66% of Spanish Fork City voters approved a 1/10 of 1% (0.1%) increase in the local sales and use tax as a means of enhancing recreational, parks, and cultural arts facilities, amenities, and programs in Spanish Fork City. Funds are to be distributed in accordance with Utah Code Ann. §59-12-1401, et.seq., as amended, and in conformance with Spanish Fork City Ordinance (no. 22-18) and Spanish Fork Municipal Code (Title 3, Chapter 24).

Program Purpose:

The purpose of the RAP program is to support recreational, parks, and cultural arts facilities, amenities, and programs that enrich the overall quality of life for Spanish Fork City residents. The Recreation, Arts & Parks (RAP) Program is committed to enhancing city recreational and cultural facilities and providing fair and equitable access to RAP funding through grant opportunities.

1.0         Policy

1.1        Under the RAP Program, the Spanish Fork City Council shall, in a public hearing, annually evaluate the forecasted and/or actual sales and use tax revenues generated by the RAP tax for the Program Purpose to establish funds available for distribution through grant opportunities.

1.2        The Spanish Fork City Council will also work to increase public awareness of the value of the RAP Program.

2.0         Definitions

The following definitions shall be used when referenced hereinafter:

2.1         RAP – Recreation, Arts & Parks

2.2        Application Form – the document(s) specified by the RAP Program of Spanish Fork City for

use by organizations that request grant funds pursuant to this Policy, including any required attachments and supporting documents.

2.3         Compliance Report – record of how grant money was awarded, and how it was or will be spent.

2.4         Nonprofit – an organization or corporation that is certificated by the Internal Revenue

Service as an organization qualifying under § 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code.

2.5         In-Kind Match – utilizing RAP funding to satisfy the matching portion of federal and/or state


2.6         Cultural Organization – a private § 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization or institution having as its primary purpose the advancement and preservation of: (1) natural history; (2) art; (3) music; (4) theater; (5) dance; or (6) cultural arts, including literature, a motion picture, or storytelling; and an administrative unit. Cultural organization does not include any agency of the state; any political subdivision of the state; any educational institution whose annual revenues are directly derived from more than 50% from state funds; or any radio or television broadcasting network or station, cable communications system, newspaper, or magazine.

2.7         Qualifying Organization – a cultural organization that has 501 (c)(3) status and

maintains a strong presence within Spanish Fork City, or a municipal cultural and/or historical council.

2.8        Recreational facilities  publicly-owned or operated parks, playgrounds, golf courses, athletic fields, gymnasiums, swimming pools, trails and bicycle systems, or other facilities used for recreational purposes.

2.9        Cultural facilities  publicly-owned or operated museums, theaters, art centers, music halls, or other cultural or arts facilities.

3.0 General Guidelines

3.1         RAP tax revenue may only be used for capital development, ongoing

operations and programs of city-owned or operated recreational and cultural facilities, and for the ongoing operations of § 501 (c) (3)nonprofit cultural arts organizations. Pursuant to Utah State law, government-owned or operated facilities are the only facilities eligible for RAP funds.

3.2         Funding for this program comes from sales tax revenues that are collected by the State of

Utah and distributed to Spanish Fork City. Sales tax revenues can be volatile depending on

economic activity. These funds will be budgeted in accordance with the regular Spanish Fork City budgeting process and may be limited based on revenue projections. City Council may use unallocated or unexpended funds from one fiscal year in another fiscal year.

3.3         All organizations receiving RAP funding shall acknowledge the funding through signage,

markers, programs, etc. Specifics will be addressed in each grant recipients contract.

3.4        Grant recipients must use the funds before the end of the Spanish Fork City fiscal year in which the funds were disbursed. In other words, funds will be distributed in July and the deadline to expend those funds will be the following June 30.

4.0         RAP Program Committee Selection Process

4.1        Spanish Fork City Council shall organize a 9-member RAP Program Committee consisting of the following:

4.2        The at-large positions selected for this committee shall be appointed to serve three-year terms. However, the inaugural appointment of committee members will appoint two members for two-year terms and three members for three-year terms. This will ensure staggered rotation of appointments so everyone is not being replaced at the same time, thus providing necessary continuity to the committee.

4.3        In the selection of RAP Committee members, the City shall place, or cause to be placed, an advertisement on the city web page, social media, and through the Spanish Fork City Newsletter mailed with the utility bill, indicating the number of committee member positions available. The advertisement shall be advertised in August and allow Spanish Fork residents 30 days to apply to be committee members.

4.4        The Mayor and City Council shall review the applications and determine who should be considered as committee members. The Mayor shall appoint the name or names of potential committee members to the City Council in a formal City Council meeting for their vote. Subsequent replacement members will be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council in January.


5.0         RAP Funding Decision Process

5.1        The RAP Committee shall review all proposed projects and mini grants and provide the City Council with recommendations on projects, needs, suggested funding areas, recommended grants, needed facilities, etc. The City Council will consider the recommendations and make the final determination in distributing the RAP funds.

5.2        The RAP Committee will evaluate all grant applications for eligibility on a broad spectrum of recreational and cultural arts disciplines including visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, historic preservation, arts education, etc. The RAP Committee will submit their recommendation for the grants to the City Council for consideration.

5.3         During regularly-scheduled budget hearings (June of each year), the Spanish Fork City Council will make the final decision on how the RAP tax funds are allocated to city projects and grant applications.

5.5         Grant selection is competitive. The Spanish Fork City Council will make the final decision

and approval authority for all grant applications. In conformance with these policies and

guidelines, the City Council reserves the right to award all or portions of requested grants, or reject all or portions of any grants. Submittal of a grant application and/or award of grant is not a guarantee of future funding.

5.6         The fact that a project was previously qualified for funding does not guarantee that it will be qualified for subsequent funding unless so authorized in the original grant.

6.0         RAP Grant Application Process and Guidelines

6.1         Grants shall be made available in four categories:

6.2         The City will begin accepting grant applications on February 1 of each year. All applications

must be received by the RAP Program Committee by 5:00 pm on March 31. Grants will be awarded by the end of June of each year. Distribution of grant funding will not be made until after July 1 of each year.

6.3         Grant applicants must complete an application form and then submit the information to

the RAP Committee for completeness review. A sample form is attached, which may be

modified from time to time.

6.4        A submitted application form must be accurate and complete, with all supplemental

information included prior to the deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted. It is not

the responsibility of the RAP Committee to contact the applicants regarding information

missing from their application.

6.5         RAP funds are not an entitlement and the filing of an application for funds, no matter how

complete or comprehensive, is not a guarantee that any funds will be awarded. As such, it should be clearly understood that the award of RAP funds is in the nature of a competitive grant and is awarded on the basis of merit and availability of funds of which, from year to year, there is no guarantee. Grants are awarded as much as possible on objective factors.

6.7        Organizations that have received federal and/or state grant funds may receive matching funds from the RAP program at the discretion of the City Council.

6.8         Applicants may apply in one or more categories and they may apply in collaboration with

other qualifying entities.

6.9         One granting round shall be made available each year.

7.0         Recreational and Cultural Facilities Grant Requirements

7.1         Grants shall be made available for City-owned recreational and cultural facilities.

7.2         Qualifying facility expenses include capital development of recreational and cultural

facilities and the ongoing operating expenses of recreational facilities.

7.3         All funded facilities must be located in or constructed and maintained by Spanish Fork City

or within the boundaries of an inter-local agreement with Spanish Fork City.

7.4         Applying entities and organizations must provide for perpetual maintenance and be

responsible for operational and financial accountability for all facilities for which funding is requested.

8.0        Cultural Arts Major, Mid-Major and Mini Grant Requirements

8.1        As noted above, other ‘Cultural Arts Organizations’ may be eligible for funds. Qualifying

organizations must have, or commit to have, a significant presence, and manage or

present, in Spanish Fork City and must be a qualifying organization as defined in this policy.

8.2         Qualifying organizations requesting funds must be a nonprofit entity with 501(c)(3) status

at the time of the application deadline, or a municipal cultural and/or historical council.

8.3        Qualifying organizations must have as their primary purpose the advancement and

preservation of natural history, art, music, theater, dance, or cultural arts, including literature, a motion picture, as well as a preponderance of activities that are within their eligible disciplines, and not just have some element of cultural activities.

8.4        Grant amounts are as follows:

8.5         RAP funds should not be the sole or major source of funding received by applicant

organizations. Priority will be given to organizations that can solicit and receive matching funds. Priority will be given to organizations that can demonstrate a strong connection to the community, have a substantial track record, and show a stable history.

8.6        The portion of RAP funds designated for cultural arts is intended to support § 501 (c) (3) nonprofit cultural arts organizations rather than individuals.

8.7         RAP funds granted to cultural organizations may not be used for the following


9.0         RAP Compliance Report

9.1         Recipients of RAP funds will supply an annual RAP Compliance Report, on a form provided by the City, to the RAP Committee detailing how it expended or plans to expend the funds it received pursuant to these policies and procedures. The purpose of the Compliance Report is to account for grant funds distributed.

9.2        RAP Compliance Reports must be submitted to the RAP Committee by the second Tuesday in June.

9.3        Future RAP funding may be withheld due to inadequate, incomplete, late, or non-submitted Compliance Reports.

9.4        The RAP Committee will compile these reports and present them to the City Council during regularly-scheduled budget hearings.

10.0         Length of Term

10.1         The length of term for the RAP tax is 10 years. Collection of the RAP tax will begin on April 1, 2019.

10.2         At the conclusion of the 10 years, the City may propose to extend the RAP Tax for an additional 10 years by placing the issue on the ballot. If approved, it may be renewed at that time for an additional 10 years or as allowed by State Law.


Organization Name _____________________________________________________________________________

Grant Submitted By _____________________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number ______________________________________ Cell _______________________________________

Email Address__________________________________________________

Primary point of contact ________________________________________

Cell _______________________________ Email Address _______________________________________________

Is your organization a non-profit? ______________________

If yes, what is the non-profit designation?_______________

Federal Tax ID Number ___________________________ Date of incorporation _________________________

Grant Amount Requested: ______________________

What is your organization’s mission statement and/or primary focus?

Spanish Fork City will accept grant applications beginning February 1 and they are due on or before March 31, submitted electronically to: Any approved grants will be disbursed after July 1st of the grant year, and must be expended before the end of the fiscal year which is the following June 30.

The applicant hereby acknowledges that the submitted information is correct to the best of his or her knowledge.


SIGNATURE                                                                  DATE



Narrative Questions:

1.         Please categorize your organization’s primary discipline and activity type.

A.         How does your organization advance or preserve its artistic or cultural discipline

within Spanish Fork City?

2.         Describe how the requested RAP funds will be used.

3.         Describe how your organization is funded.

A.        List sources of funding and dollar amounts your organization has secured in the past

12 months.