Infrastructure & Public Safety

Stephanie Muccini Burke has made public safety a priority during her first term as Mayor and has proven her commitment by taking concrete steps to make the City a safer place to live. One important example is the Complete Streets initiative. Complete Streets will reduce the risk that members of our community face every day when driving, biking or walking around the City. In addition to displaying Mayor Burke’s dedication to public safety, the $400,000 Complete Streets grant that Mayor Burke secured from the state to fund several high-priority street improvements demonstrates her ability to get things done in a smart way that doesn’t weigh down the City’s own budget. In addition to making our streets safer, Stephanie has initiated the process to construct a new police headquarters, invested in new breathing and turnout gear for firefighters as well as a new fleet of police cruisers. By ensuring that these fundamental parts of our City are able to run smoothly and are fully supported, Stephanie has made her commitment to public safety clear in her first term. Finally, Mayor Burke hired the City’s first recovery coach to combat the opioid epidemic—a move that our City desperately needs right now to support and protect those struggling with addiction. We need to keep Medford moving in the right direction which is why we are supporting Mayor Burke in November.


William Grassia, Medford Police Patrolman, Retired March 1, 2008

Frank Femino, Medford Police Patrolman, Retired December 31, 2011