Over the past few years, on multiple occasions, we have heard from some of our own RHS parents about situations whereby other RHS parents displayed woefully inappropriate behavior. This has included but not been limited to berating our own players and coaches, berating the officials, and inappropriate comments directed toward the opposing school’s players, coaches and fans. These comments have included at times bigoted comments that are inappropriate in any setting, much less a high school sporting event, much less at a school that espouses to be Christian in its beliefs.

These types of incidents are not relegated to just Roncalli and our fans, but our scope of influence is limited; therefore, our comments are directed primarily toward Roncalli fans.

It is the school’s expectation, as well as the IHSAA’s expectation, that those who attend our school’s athletic contests will show respect for themselves and others at all times. This is best done by enthusiastically cheering for your team and not against the other team.

All athletic contests by their very nature are going to include player miscues, tough coaching decisions and questionable officiating calls. Regardless, the focus must always remain on allowing the competition to be a healthy, positive experience for the contestants and fans, no matter the outcome of the game. No one, despite having paid their admission fee, has the right to display poor sportsmanship and/or interfere with the experience of other fans.

Inappropriate comments by students, parents or fans (before, during or after the game) are unacceptable and could subject that person to be removed from the stadium for the remainder of the contest and/or future contests.

As adults, we have a clear obligation to be healthy, positive role models for our young people. When we fall short in this area, our entire community suffers.

As is the case with most situations of this nature, the inappropriate behavior is often displayed by a small minority of fans. However, that small minority is putting a real damper on the experience for many other fans. We can do better. We must do better! Let’s embrace the spirit of high school athletics and allow them to be what they were designed to be - family centered, Christ-centered opportunities for young people to create lifelong memories while gaining life prep experiences!