Westby Area High School

206 West Avenue South

Westby, WI 54667


District Administrator

Mr. Steve Michaels


High School Principal

Mr. Robert Bothe


Athletic Director

Mr. Andy Hulst


School Counselor

Mrs. Christy Tainter


Dean Of Students

Mrs. Tammy Gilkes


Revision Date 6/26/19

Table of Contents

Welcome to the 2019 – 2020 school year        5

Principal - Westby Area High School        5

Mission Statement        5

Vision Statement        5

Collective Commitments        5

Goals        5

Westby Area High School Staff        6


2019 -- 2020 CALENDAR        7


Absence Policies and Procedure        9

Reference Appendix for more information        9

Section One: Excused Absences          9

Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians and Students:        9

Excessive Absences:        9

Section Two: Unexcused Absences        9

Truancy – Definition        9

Truancy – Consequences        9

Section Three: Other Attendance Rules        10

Closed and Open Campus        10

Age of Majority        10

Principal Accountability        10

Discipline Policies and Procedures        11

Section One: Rights, Responsibilities, and Expectations        11

Rights        11

Student Responsibilities        11

Promptness        12

The Student Senate        12

Section Two: PBIS        13

The Norsemen Way        13

Section Three: General Rules for Student Conduct        14

Philosophy        14

Closed and Open Campus        15

General Information        15

High School Office Services and Guidelines        15

Phone Usage and Messages        15

Student Fees & Student/Parent Information Packet        15

Driver Education        16

Work Permits        16

Norsemen Co-Curricular Passes        16

Guidance Services        16

Scheduling Change Policy        16

Grade Reporting Scale        17

Honor Roll (Board Policy 5430)        17

Class Rank (Board Policy 5430)        18

Emergency Procedures - School Closings        18

Fire Drills        18

Tornado Alarm        18

Other Alarms        18

Interviews By Law Enforcement Personnel (Board Policy #5771)        18

Lockers (Board Policy #5771)        18

Acceptable Use Policy – AUP (Board Policy 7540 and Rule 363.2)        19

Parking Privileges (Board Policy #5515 and Rule 455.4)        20

Snowmobiles and Motorcycles (Board Policy #5515 and Rule 455.4)        20

Skateboards, Scooters and Roller Blades        20

Fundraisers and Dances        20

Health Services        21

Medication: (Board Policy 5330 and Rule 443.3 and 453.4)        21

Temporary Handicapping Conditions        21

Insurance and Covered Injuries        21

Youth Options Program  (Board Policy 2271)        21

Course Options Program        21

Graduation Requirements        22

Early Graduation (Board Policy 5464 and Rule 345.71)        22

Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities        22

National Honor Society        23

Student of the Month        23

Library Media Center Behavior Expectations        24

General Information        24

Responsibilities        24

Consequences        24

Disclaimer        24

Bus Regulations        25

General Information        25

Bus Passes        25

Food Service        26

School Nutrition Programs        26

Computerized Food Service        26

Low Account Balance Notification        26

       Free and Reduced Lunch Information        27

Free and Reduced Price Meals        27

Offer vs. Serve Policy        27

District Policies        28

Teaching Strategies        28

Pupil Records        28

Access to Public Records        29

Complaint Procedure Regarding Federally Funded Programs        29

Public Notification of Nondiscrimination Policy        30

Sexual Harassment Policy        30

Student Surveys        31

APPENDIX        32

Appendix 1:  EXCUSED ABSENCES        32

Parental Right to Excuse        32

Definition of Excused Absences           32

Interventions for Excessive Absences        32

Tier 2:  For between 5 to 10 days of absence        32

Tier 3:  Upon reaching 10 days of absence        32

Release Privileges   (Board Rule 434.2)        33

Visitor Passes        33

After-School Activities        33

Appendix 2:  Unexcused Absences        33

Operations:        33

Noon Detentions:        33

Tardy System (used when the office keeps track) –DOES NOT reset all year        33

Single Period Truancy:          34

Truancy Step System – Resets at semester        34

Habitual Truancy – Definition and Consequences        34

Appendix 3: Discipline        34

Part One: Student Dress Code(Board Policy 5511)        35

Part Two:  Teacher-Assigned Detentions / Noon Detention        36

Part Three:  Administrative Detention        36

Part Four:  The Suspension System and Progressive Discipline        36

Part Five:  Expulsion        36

Part Six: Academic Dishonesty (Cheating / Plagiarism)        37

Part Seven:  Senior Misconduct and Graduation Dress Expectations        38

Part Eight: Hazing and Harassment        39

Part Eight, Section One:  Hazing (Wisconsin Statutes~948.51)        39

Part Eight, Section Two:  Harassment (Board Policy 5517)        39

Part Eight, Section Three:  Sexual Harassment (Board Policy 5517)        39

Part Nine:  Classification and Consequences of Student Misconduct        40

Part Nine, Section One:  Major Violations        40

Part Nine, Section Two:  Minor Violations:        40

Part Ten:  Removal of Student From Class        41

Part Eleven: Weapons Policy (Board Policy 5772)           44

Westby Area High School Handbook Agreement        45

Compassion ● Honesty ● Integrity
Responsibility ●
Pride        46

Welcome to the 2019 – 2020 school year

The 2019-2020 school year will continue to absorb new staff members and administrators embarking on their #westbyexperience with the guidance of those returning staff members deeply rooted in this building and community. Working together to grow as a community of learners, we need you to be present, positive, and active contributing members of our school. Hard work does not always guarantee success; however, thoughtful planning, being present in the moment, and establishing significant habits such as creativity, empathy, optimism, resilience, and self-control are instrumental in distinguishing a successful person. We will continue to offer the benefits of a small school by building lasting relationships while providing an array of learning opportunities. We will speak honestly and openly with each other. We will adapt and instill values of compassion, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and pride #likeanorse. We will promote excellence in academics, life skills, the arts, athletics, activities, and everything we participate in. We will promote learning beyond the classroom while collaborating with our community businesses in order to grow. We will make changes as needed. We will close academic gaps, raise achievements, and continue to learn from our mistakes. We will become a destination school district. GO NORSE!

What will you do for yourself, your school, your community? How will you take part in your own education?

Mr. Robert Bothe

Principal - Westby Area High School -- Always striving for our best. #likeanorse

Mission Statement

We are a community dedicated to high levels of academic learning and social-emotional growth for all.

Vision Statement

Community- Achievement- Growth: Always Striving for Our Best.

Collective Commitments


Westby Area High School Staff

Agriculture        Art        Business Education

Mrs. Erica Hoven        Mr.  Jeff Bye        Mrs. Erica Hoven

                        Mr. Ed Pedretti

                 Family & Consumer Science        Guidance        IT Department

Mrs. Jennie Marx        Mrs. Christy Tainter        Mr. Nathan King

English                Library        Mathematics

Mrs. Tammy Gilkes        Mrs. Rachel Fresia        Mrs. Kay Bluske

Mr.   Dave Nelson                                              Mr.  Keith Kenyon

Mrs. Laura Thomas                                                                        Mr.  Chris Yanske    

Ms. Monica Muraski                     

Music                Physical Ed/Health        Spanish           

Mr.  Josh Curtis         Mrs. Peg Dunnum        Mrs. Sarah Chiquito

Mr.  Kory Dahlen        Mr. Ken Halvorson                       

Mr.  Peter Engh              Mr. Rob Kirner


Science                Social Sciences        Technology Education

Mrs. Melinda Benzing        Mr.  Brian Huebner        Mr.  Ed Pedretti

Mrs. Heidi Hamilton        Mr.  Andy Hulst          Mr. Trenton Harger         

Mrs. Pamela Hansen        Mr.  Mark Luebke

Mrs. Erica Hoven  


Special Needs Education                Custodians/Maintenance

Mrs. Leslie Berg         Mrs. Bailey                  Norm Davis                 

Ms. Lynelle Hinkley         Mrs. Pat Baranczyk                           John Opsahl

Mr. Mitch Lewison         Mr. Greg Lewison  


Athletic Director        Secretarial                Director Special Needs/Pupil Services        

Mr. Andy Hulst        Mrs. Kris Erickson        Mr. Jason Windsor                                

                Mrs. Deb Easterday

Dean of Students        High School Principal        School Psychologist

               Mrs. Tammy Gilkes                      Mr. Robert Bothe                        Ms. Caitlin Reed


2019 - 2020 CALENDAR

August 8

August 12-23

August 14-15

August 20-21

August 26

August 26

August 27

August 28

August 28

September 2

September 3

September 10

September 13

September 17

September 20

October 4

October 18

October 31

November 1

November 15

Nov. 27-Dec. 1

December 2

December 20

Dec. 21-Jan. 1

January 2

January 4

January 10

January 17

January 20

February 14































Registration Day - 10:00 am - 1:00pm

3 Floating Work Days

New Staff 1:00-3:00 pm-14th and 9:00 am-12:00 Noon - 15th

New Staff 12:00 Noon-4:00 pm - 20th;, 9:00 am-12:00 Noon - 21st

Welcome Back/Work Day

Freshmen Orientation 12:00-3:00 pm

Staff Development (Inservice/Curriculum)

Teacher Work Day - 11:30 am-5:00 pm

District Wide Back-to-School Night 5:30-7:30 pm

Labor Day - No School

First Day of School (2 Hour Early Release)

Josten’s - class rings @ 2:35 pm, graduation measuring 2:55 pm

Fair Day - No School

Deadline for return of Josten’s orders

LifeTouch school photos

Homecoming vs. Richland Center 7:00 pm

LifeTouch retakes

End of Quarter 1

Staff Development (Work Day) - No School for Students

NHS Blood Drive 9:00 am-2:00 pm

Thanksgiving Break

School Resumes

Early Dismissal (2 Hours Early)

Winter Break

School Resumes

FIRST Robotics kickoff event

Early Dismissal (2 Hours Early)

End of Quarter 2

Staff Development (Work Day) - No School for Students

Early Dismissal (2 Hours Early)


2019 - 2020 CALENDAR

March 3

March 4

March 4-7

March 6

March 10

March 19

March 20

March 21

April 1-4

April 6-12

April 13

April 17-18

April 25

May 8

May 23

May 25

June 3




















Duluth Robotics Regional

Early Dismissal (2 Hours Early)

NHS Banquet

End of Quarter 3

Staff Development (Work Day) - No School for Students

District 7 Forensics @ UW-La Crosse

Seven Rivers Robotics Regional - La Crosse

Spring Break

School Resumes

State Forensic Speech Contest

Junior Prom

Early Dismissal (2 Hours Early)

Westby Area High School Graduation - 1:00 pm

Memorial Day - No School

Last Day of School -- Early Release


If snow days are to be made up, we will start with June 4th  .                                                                       Rev. 5/14/2019

Absence Policies and Procedure

Reference Appendix for more information

Section One: Excused Absences            

Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians and Students:


Failure to notify the office of the absence means the student will be deemed truant upon return to school                         (after due process).

Students are expected to attend all classes, study halls, assemblies and programs scheduled during the school day unless properly excused by the school attendance personnel.  

Failure to notify the office of the absence means the student will be deemed truant upon return to school                         (after due process).

Excessive Absences:

Each period will count as one-fourth of a day. One (1) or two (2) periods equal one-half-day of absence.  Three (3) or four (4) periods equal a full day of absence (including Z-Period/8th period). After the 5th and 10th day of absence in a semester; interventions will occur (see Appendix).

Section Two: Unexcused Absences         

Truancy – Definition

Under State Statute 118.16 and School Board Policy 5200, “truancy means any absence of part or all of one or more days from school during which the school attendance officer, principal or teacher has not been notified of the legal cause of such absence by the parent/guardian of the absent student, and also means intermittent attendance carried on for the purpose of defeating the intent” of the compulsory attendance law.  Any unexcused absence longer than a majority of a class period or instances when a student (who is assigned or scheduled to be in school) leaves school grounds without prior administrative approval are defined as truant acts by Westby Area High School.

Truancy – Consequences

1.  Acts of truancy (skips, tardies, unexcused absences, etc.) will be subject to the disciplinary code

  and possible legal action. (See Truancy – Step System)

2.  In all of these cases, students will not be allowed to make up any missed work, quizzes,

  assignments, tests - except for unit/chapter exams and those only on the day they return to school.  

  It is the responsibility of each student to obtain any assignments, notes, class materials, etc. from

  another student in that class.  No additional time will be allowed to prepare for, or hand in, any

  assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. *Administration and staff will discuss exceptions on a case by case basis.

Section Three: Other Attendance Rules

Closed and Open Campus

Any student leaving campus, other than lunch time, MUST have a valid pass PRIOR to leaving. These passes are written by the office personnel  before school. Students leaving campus during lunch are to return on time - there is no acceptable excuse for tardiness.  Open campus during lunch times will continue, however, this is a privilege not a right and may be revoked at anytime by administrative discretion. Additionally, any student may lose their open campus privileges for violating attendance or discipline rules. Failure to abide by the loss of open campus privileges is considered a truant act.


Breaks are a closed campus format. This means that students must stay on school grounds at all times during break.  Students must remain within line-of-sight of the high school building.


Freshmen and sophomores students have a “Closed” campus during lunch (meaning that they must stay on school grounds during the lunch period). Junior and senior students will have an “Open” campus for lunch. However, with this privilege comes much responsibility – wise choices are encouraged.

Age of Majority

Students who have reached their 18th birthday may contact the high school office for information regarding their newly found responsibilities as a recognized adult.  Students will receive a booklet that covers the legal ramifications of being 18, and then the 18 year old student must pass a test that covers the contents of the booklet and of the student handbook in order to excuse themselves. The student, then, is still bound by the same expectations as set forth in this handbook and by school board policies (see Excused Absences and Unexcused Absences on the preceding pages and in the Appendix).

Notes from the Office of the School Nurse (Attendance & Health

Your child should attend school each day he/she is well.  Every absence, even part of a school day, interferes with your child’s academic progress.  Each subject is taught in sequence, which builds understanding and correct habits of study.  In order to be ready for new steps in learning, your child must have mastered the previous steps and be sufficiently ready to engage in new concepts and materials.

For the protection of your child’s health and his/her classmates, please do not send your child if they are complaining of or have the following symptoms:

Your child should not return to school until they are 24 hours fever free without fever reducing medication.  They also cannot return to school until it has been 24 hours without vomiting or diarrhea.  

If a child is injured or becomes significantly ill at school, the parents will be notified.  If the parents are not available, then the person designated to be called in an emergency will be contacted.  Be sure to keep the school notified of any changes in telephone numbers, addresses, place of work, and emergency contacts. 

For information and questions regarding whether to keep your child home with specific illnesses, please contact the school nurse, Tiffany Jothen, at 634-0134.

Guidelines For When Parents Can Expect a Call

Principal Accountability

  1. The Principal/Dean of Students will report all attendance data to staff on a quarterly basis at SST meetings.
  2. The Principal/Dean of Students will generate a rolling report for staff review.

Discipline Policies and Procedures

Reference, also, Appendix for more information

As part of our collective commitments, WAHS staff believes:

  1. That we must instill the values of compassion, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and pride.
  2. That we must Promote Learning Beyond the Classroom.
  3. As part of this Learning Beyond the Classroom, our approaches to student dress and behaviors will simulate, to the extent possible, the expectations of a workplace.  
  4. Student dress, student access to technology, and student behaviors should serve an academic purpose.

Section One: Rights, Responsibilities, and Expectations


    *  Students and staff have the right to attend school/school activities and to be free from threats against their

   physical well-being and/or property - including freedom from harassment and intimidation.

    *  Students and staff  have the right to work, study, learn and teach in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Each

           also has freedom of expression, remembering the responsibilities attached to that freedom including

           appropriate social conduct in any school related context.

    *   Students have the right to a well-equipped, well-maintained, and clean environment.

    *   All students and staff have the right to be safe and secure.

    *   All students have the right to associate with students who are free from the use of alcohol, tobacco and other

           drugs and not be exposed to those wishing to promote, possess, buy, sell, exchange, give away or use

           such substances.

    *   All students have the right to attend school and school sponsored activities, assuming a proper level of


Student Responsibilities

     *  Each student shall be responsible for respecting the property and physical well-being of other students.

     *  Students have the responsibility of respecting the property and physical well-being of the school staff.

     *  Each student is responsible to respect and help maintain the appearance and cleanliness of district

buildings, equipment, and grounds.

     *  Students have the responsibility to conduct themselves in such a way that they are not a threat to the health

              and welfare of others.

     *  Each student has the responsibility to keep their body and mind in sound, healthy condition.

     *  Students have the responsibility to stay in designated areas when on grounds, and to vacate school

premises when pertinent activities have concluded (including the school day).


The student tardiness procedures only allow 5 tardy acts all quarter. After that, consequences must be served and are progressive.

Staff Modeling

Per the staff handbook, staff will be in their room and ready to work at 7:30 a.m.

Principal Accountability

  1. The Principal’s minimum baseline hours will run from 6 am to 4 pm, daily.
  2. The Principal will work beyond these hours as duties, projects, events/activities, meetings, and supervisions dictate.

The Student Senate


  1. The Student Senate shall be the sole representatives of the entirety of the WAHS student body.
  2. The Senate shall meet once per month, and more often, as the leaders shall determine.
  3. The Student Senate will meet quarterly with leaders of the WAHS Faculty.
  4. Any representation to the school board will be through the Student Senate.


  1. The Student Senate may bring items to the school board by requesting placement on a board agenda.
  2. The Student Senate shall oversee the Norse Token Economy, have the ability to suggest items for purchase in the school store, and have the ability to suggest purchase rates.
  3. The Student Senate may suggest changes to school rules that are consistent with the collective commitments, the vision, and the goals of the high school.

Staff Modeling

  1. Staff will direct students to bring solutions to the Student Senate.
  2. Staff will bring student concerns to staff meetings and ideas will be shared back to the Student Senate.

Principal Goal

  1. Throughout the year, the Principal will help create a functional Student Senate that can represent student concerns.

Section Two: PBIS

The Norsemen Way

These are behaviors that we expect to see in our students.

These behaviors will be taught to students and targeted for acknowledgement.


All Areas


Lunch Time


Arrival & Departure


School Events


Be where you say you are going to be

Be where you say you are going to be

Use your own lunch account

Be in approved locations

Demonstrate academic honesty

Arrive on time ready for the new school day

Follow District Technology Use policy

Report technology misuse to adults if necessary

Own your behaviors


Our time, your time

Walk and talk

Clean up after yourself

Arrive to class on time with all necessary materials

Consistently attend school

Bring Chromebook to school every day, fully charged

Keep cellphones in lockers or cars

Support fellow Norsemen unconditionally

Represent WAHS with pride


Demonstrate positive citizenship

Personal behavior and activity is related to academic success

Focus on preparing for the next class (locker, bathroom, etc.)

Use passes appropriately

Be patient and polite in line

Return to class when you hear the bell ring

Participate in class discussions and activities

Complete all assigned tasks

Enter the building through the high school lobby

Bring Chromebook to each class

Give 100% as a spectator


Follow our dress code policy

Norsemen apparel is highly encouraged

Keep locker area clean and neat

Use designated trash and recycling receptacles

Clean up food and trash in the surrounding area before leaving the cafeteria

Demonstrate academic honesty

Come to school ready to learn

Recognize the school online environment as a formal setting

Represent WAHS in a positive manner

Wearing school colors is highly encouraged


BE THE CHANGE: Stand up for peers experiencing harassment/ bullying and/or report to a staff member

Interact with empathy

Support and encourage others to adhere to the Norsemen Way

Be good role models for the younger students in the cafeteria

Encourage and appreciate peers’ contributions to class

Demonstrate respect in the community when en route to and from school

Be kind in all online interactions

Embody the Norsemen Way

Give unconditional support

Section Three: General Rules for Student Conduct


It is held that students are here to receive an education.  The following actions or items are prohibited because they interfere with that education and the atmosphere in which it occurs.

At Westby Area High School:

student theft as the student has exhibited in following this expectation.  This is a public building.  If you leave

valuables lying around in public areas (ex. beaches, cafeterias, park benches, locker rooms, roadways, etc…),

don’t expect them to be there when you return.

General Information

The rules and regulations in this handbook are designed to maintain institutional order.  The school district has the authority to address all issues that materially and substantially interfere with the district’s ability to maintain institutional order.

High School Office Services and Guidelines

Because the high school office is subjected to heavy traffic all day long, we recommend students take care of their office obligations in the morning before classes begin, during break, and during the lunch period only.

Phone Usage and Messages

Students may not use the telephones or extensions throughout the building unless it is for school business or in an emergency.  The office phone is available at the discretion of office personnel.  Messages will be posted in the office window during the day and read aloud in the morning after the Pledge of Allegiance. It is the responsibility of the student to check the window or their chromebooks. Students will be called to the office for phone calls during the regular school day only in an emergency. The high school office staff will not take phone messages from employers regarding working hours.

Student Fees & Student/Parent Information Packet

All students are required to pay their school fees and return their completed Student/Parent Information

Packet no later than September 8th, 2018 to the HS office.  Student Fees for the 2019-2020 school year

will be $40.00 for each 9-12th grade student. This will allow students into all athletic regular season events.

When paying with personal check, please have only student fee amounts on the check (lunch fees should be on a separate check).  

Any student who qualifies under the federal guidelines for free or reduced price meals may have their school fee waived. If the qualification for free or reduced meals is determined and the District receives the signed “Sharing Information with Other Programs” sheet, the district will prorate the fees at the following rate:

*If you qualify for free or reduced meals, this fee will have their school fees pro-rated according to the following schedule:

Qualifying Date                % of Covered Charge                   4K - 6 Grade            7 - 12               Timeline

Before start of school            100% of School Fee                     $    .00                $    .00                Before Sept.1,2019

First Quarter                          75%                                    $  8.75                 $10.00                 Ends October 31, 2019

Second Quarter                      50%                                   $17.50                 $20.00                   Ends January 17, 2020

Third Quarter                         25%                                   $26.50                 $30.00                    Ends March 19, 2020

Fourth Quarter                          0%                                   $35.00                      $40.00                       Ends June 3, 2020

Students that received free/reduced meals last year, must fill out a new application for this year by October 1, 2019 to continue receiving free or reduced meals.  After October 1st, the family is responsible for payments.

The district benefits through additional government educational monies with each approved application, and you can save money in the process.

Driver Education

Various local driving schools offer this course of study throughout the year.  Please watch our Skyward announcements for this information.

Work Permits

Work permits are no longer available in the high school office.  When requesting a work permit from Vernon County you must have the following items:

   1.  Birth certificate or a valid operator’s license or identification card issued by the

Wisconsin Department of Transportation as proof of minor’s age.  (Effective as of 05/24/00)  

    2.  Social Security card/number

    3.  Written request from employer

    4.  Written consent from parent

    5.  State mandated fee of $10.00 (Effected as of 01/01/2009)   

Norsemen Co-Curricular Passes

Season athletic passes for parents and other fans are available at home games and in the high school office.  Prices are: $75.00 for a single season pass or $105.00 for a couple pass (residing in the same household).  Single event admission tickets cost will be $4.00 for adults/$2.00 per non-Westby student. 


Guidance Services

The guidance counselor is available to help plan courses of study, discuss graduation requirements, evaluate college programs, make application for college entrance and/or financial aid, or to help individual students on a personal counseling basis.  All are welcome to stop in when the door is open.

Scheduling Change Policy

Schedule changes are coordinated through the high school counselor.  Once classes are scheduled, School Board Policy 5410 encourages students to take challenging courses and to be monitored and assisted as they do so. Care must be taken when originally scheduling classes.  Remember, when classes are dropped after 2 weeks into any semester or 1 week into any term in a block class, a grade of "W" will be recorded on the permanent record.  After 6 weeks, a grade of F will be recorded, and grade point averages and rank in class will be adversely affected.  Exceptions to this 6-week window may be applied by building administration if exceptional circumstances exist.

Grade Reporting Scale

  100 - 90    A

    89 - 80    B

    79 - 70    C

    69 - 60    D

    59 -   0    F

Honor Roll (Board Policy 5430)

Honor Roll is based on nine-week grades (not semester averages). The high school calculates its honor roll based on the District standard of 90 as a minimum numerical G.P.A. requirement.  Each quarter, the honor rolls will be posted across from the high school office.  Honor roll will be alphabetically reported in two parts:

  1.  "High Honors" students are those with a grade point average of at least 95.0

  2.  "Honors" students are those with a grade point average of at least 90 but less than 95.0

Class Rank (Board Policy 5430)

In high school, students progress from one grade to the next is based on the length of time they have been in high school attendance and the number of credits they have earned toward graduation. Students must be in at least their third semester of high school and have earned 6 credits to become a sophomore, be in at least their fifth semester of high school and have earned 12 credits to become a junior and be in at least their seventh semester of high school and have earned 18 credits to become a senior.

Class rank shall be determined at the end of the 1st semester of high school and every semester thereafter. Numeric semester grades in all classes shall be used in determining GPA and class rank. Ties shall receive equal placement or equal awards. All classes receiving a numeric grade are equally weighted and all are counted in the computation of class rank and on the official high school transcript.

Emergency Procedures - School Closings

Every year the district is faced with numerous situations where the interests of the students and/or community may be best served by closing school for a period of time. Such situations commonly result from weather emergencies, mechanical breakdowns where student safety is impacted, and, unfortunately, death within our educational community.  While it is the policy of our District to hold school whenever possible, any of these instances may be reason for a school closing to occur.  All decisions regarding school closings will be made through the district office with announcements broadcast on local radio stations: WVRQ; WKTY/WSPL; WQUY; WIZM/Z-93; WLXR/AM & FM; TV-8;  TV-19 and WBOG/WUSK. Closings are also listed on the Westby Area School District website and on the school’s Facebook page.


Fire Drills

Regular drills are required by law.  Prior warning will not normally be given.  The continuous sounding of the fire alarm is our signal to exit the building in a quick, orderly and quiet fashion.  Remember that all students are expected to remain outside the building until the signal for return to regular classes is given.  Students will evacuate to either the bus garage parking lot or the sidewalks along West Avenue or Highland.

Tornado Alarm

In the event of a tornado warning, a public address announcement will be given to that effect.  At that time, students will be directed to report to designated shelters. Students are to remain there until directed to return to class.

Other Alarms

From time to time, a false alarm occurs.  Even under those conditions, everyone is expected to leave the building until an all-clear signal is given.

Interviews By Law Enforcement Personnel (Board Policy #5771)

Law enforcement personnel may question a child at school per board policy.

Lockers (Board Policy #5771)


Students have the right to use school lockers, as assigned.


Students are responsible for the appearance and condition of their lockers.


All lockers are the property of the Westby Area School District and may be entered and searched by administrative personnel at their discretion, at any time, for any reason.

In addition:

    * lockers should not be jammed or left open - the school is not responsible for items lost or stolen from lockers.

    * no items are to be pasted, taped, or glued to the outside of student lockers;          

    * inside of lockers are to be free from any pictures, and/or references to alcohol, tobacco, sexual reference, controlled substance and/or other drugs.

    * lockers are not to be shared by students.

Acceptable Use Policy – AUP (Board Policy 7540 and Rule 363.2)

Outside of school, families bear responsibility for the same guidance of Internet use as they exercise with information sources such as television, telephones, radio, movies and other possibly offensive media. The purpose of District-provided Internet access is to facilitate communications in support of research and education. To remain eligible as user, students’ use must be in support of and consistent with the educational objectives of the Westby Area School District. Access is a privilege, not a right. Access entails responsibility.

Users should not expect that files stored on school-based computers will be private. Electronic messages and files stored on school-based computers may be treated like school lockers. Administrators and faculty may review files and messages to maintain system integrity and insure that users are acting responsibly.

The following uses of school-provided Internet access are not permitted:

Any violation of district policy and rules will result in loss of district-provided access to the Internet. When and where applicable, law enforcement agencies may be involved.


The Westby Area School District makes no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, for the Internet access it is providing. The district will not be responsible for any damages users suffer, including, but not limited to, loss of data resulting from delays or interruptions in service. The district will not be responsible for the accuracy, nature, or quality of

information gathered through district-provided Internet access. The district will not be responsible for personal property used to access district computers or networks or for district-provided Internet access.The district will not be responsible for unauthorized financial obligations resulting from district-provided access to the Internet. Parents of students in the Westby Area School District shall be provided with the following information.


Families should be aware that some material accessible via the Internet may contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or potentially offensive to some people. In addition, it is possible to purchase certain goods and services via the Internet which could result in unwanted financial obligations for which a student’s parent or guardian would be liable.

Should the District institute technical methods or systems to regulate students’ Internet access, those methods could not guarantee compliance with the district’s acceptable use policy.  That notwithstanding, the district believes that the benefits to students of access to the Internet exceed any disadvantages.

Misuse of Chromebooks will result in limits placed on the student’s account for 4 ½ weeks.

Account limits may be placed without warning

OUR TIME:  Cell phones may not be in the classroom.  During class, student cell phones must be stored in their lockers.

YOUR TIME:  Cell phones may be used for personal use during passing time, lunch, or break and study hall.


Any other use will result in the cell phone being seized and placed in the office safe.  Cell Phones will be returned to the student at the end of the school day. Violations will be assigned progressive discipline consequences.

iPad and Chromebook Use:  There is a separate handbook for the students issued an iPad or Chromebook.  

                [See Student Handbooks page on WASD website.]


Parking Privileges (Board Policy #5515 and Rule 455.4)

Anyone who wishes to park a motorized vehicle on school grounds during the school day must obtain prior permission from school administration.  Anyone wishing to park on school grounds must supply a description of their vehicle, including a license plate. Students will be assigned to spaces and must park in that space for the remainder of the school year. Sign-up takes place in the High School Office.  

Vehicles parked in the school parking lot are on school grounds and may be searched with consent of the student or (consistent with New Jersey v. T.L.O.) when school officials have reasonable suspicion to conduct a search.

Any vehicle improperly parked on school grounds (using more than one parking stall, on grassy areas, on sidewalk areas, or in any other non-designated area, etc…) will be subject to penalty.  A district citation may be written with a processing fee of $25.00 per incident.  Parking privileges may be revoked for parking or moving violations.  Alternative penalties may be applied as appropriate.

All numbered parking stalls in the lower High School parking lot, next to the sidewalk, are designated for staff and substitute teachers.  Parking in the District lot is reserved for staff and visitors - no student parking is allowed unless assigned.

Snowmobiles and Motorcycles (Board Policy #5515 and Rule 455.4)

Policies and regulations relating to student automobile use are applicable to motorcycle, motor bike, and mini-bike use as well.  Motor vehicles that are not licensable for highway travel, i.e., snowmobiles, cannot be used as means of student transportation and/or parked on District property.

Skateboards, Scooters and Roller Blades

The use of skateboards, scooters, skate shoes, and roller blades are prohibited on school grounds at all times.

Fundraisers and Dances

Both must be arranged through class advisors. Students are NOT authorized to sign any contracts. Such student authorization, if done anyway, is automatically void and will not be honored by the school or any school organization.


Health Services


Students have the right to contact parents/doctor (through the office) when they become ill during the school day Responsibility:

Students have the responsibility to use proper check-out procedures before leaving the building.


Students are expected to check out with the school nurse and/or office personnel prior to leaving the building.

Medication: (Board Policy 5330 and Rule 443.3 and 453.4)


Students have the right to use prescription medication and over the counter medication on school grounds.


Students are responsible for proper check-in and use of that medication in the High School Office. No medications should be located in school lockers without the consent of the school nurse.


Students MUST check in all prescription medication with the school nurse and/or appointed designee and follow conditions of Board Policy.  Use of prescription medication in a non-prescribed manner is a violation of Board Policy and is subject to penalty up to, and possibly including, expulsion from school.   

Temporary Handicapping Conditions

Students who have temporary handicapping conditions such as a broken bone, strain, or are recovering from surgery should notify the principal to request special accommodations.

Insurance and Covered Injuries

The Westby Area School District provides student accident insurance which provides accident coverage for all students in the District.  This insurance is secondary coverage and subject to the terms and limitations of the policy.  Coverage is for medical and dental expenses incurred within 52 weeks from the date of the original accident.  Treatment must begin within 60 days from the date of the accident by a legally licensed medical or dental practitioner (not a member of the insured’s immediate family).  The Business Office can be contacted with questions on insurance and coverage.

Youth Options Program  (Board Policy 2271)

Eligible juniors and seniors may participate in the Youth Options Program.  This program allows students to

enroll in courses at colleges and/or technical schools at District  expense.  Courses must be essentially

different than those offered at Westby Area Schools to qualify for consideration.  See the Guidance Counselor

or principal  for details.  Registration for courses must occur by October 1. 2019 for spring courses and by

March 1, 2020 for fall courses.

Course Options Program

The Course Options Program is a parent and student driven method that allows students to take classes at

non-profit organizations, other school districts, technical colleges, or universities.  The costs of this program are covered by the school district.  Interested parents and students should visit the DPI website for program details.  This program may or may not be cut by the legislature for the 2019-2020 school year.  WAHS will honor any commitments made in good faith.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation from Westby Area High School requires that each student earn 26 credits approved by the Board of Education and high school administration.  Specific credit requirements are as follows:  4 English Credits, 3 Science or Science Equivalent Credits, .5 Health Credits, 3 Math (and 6 semesters of Math) Credits, 3.5 Social Studies Credits, 1.5 Physical Education (3 different PE classes), .5 Personal Finance Credits, and 10 elective credits.  Additionally, all students must meet the standard for the state mandated Civics Test.

Guidance and administrative staff carefully examine student records to insure that all necessary courses are scheduled in each student’s yearly program.  However, the ultimate responsibility for making sure all requirements for graduation are met in a timely fashion remains with each student.  Parents and students are encouraged to contact guidance personnel regarding progress toward graduation.

Prior to the start of a student’s senior year, and again at the conclusion of the first semester, academic records will be reviewed. If a problem affecting graduation exists, the student and their parents will be notified.

Should the High School Graduation Test be required by state statute at any point, Policy #5460 and 5464 must be followed in its entirety.

Seniors are reminded that all responsibilities must be met before you will be allowed to participate in Commencement Ceremonies.  They include payment of all dues, fees, fines, return of all school property and successful completion of all disciplinary expectations and graduation requirements.  Violation of school rules will be cause for administration, at their discretion, to exclude students from Commencement Ceremonies (Board Policy 5460 and Rule 345.72).  [See also page 20]

Early Graduation (Board Policy 5464 and Rule 345.71)

Current Board Policy encourages students to remain in high school for a full four years.  However, it is possible to graduate earlier.  See Mr. Bothe for further details one year prior to anticipated early graduation date.

Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities

Westby Area High School offers many athletic and co-curricular opportunities. Participation in athletics and in co-curricular programs is a privilege (not a right) that complements the academic programs. Attendance at school events is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked for disciplinary or attendance reasons including lack of attendance or truant acts.

New to 2019:

1. Defining Co-Curricular Activity Groups - These groups will be broken down into 2 categories with everything falling under either curricular (part of a class for a grade) or co-curricular (not part of your grade). The co-curricular portion will be subject to this code/athletic code. NHS officers will fall under the co-curricular portion of this.

2. Honesty Clause - Students will be made aware of the honesty clause at the beginning of any investigation and will have a 1 time chance to inform administration of any information they may have. After this opportunity is past, they will not be granted any reduced suspension.

3. Code of Conduct Section 1 Violations - Section (8) Any drug paraphernalia.

Section (9) Any vaping or juuling products including any vaping or juuling paraphernalia and/or nicotine related products.  Part C. Hearsay/Rumors - Westby Area HS will do it's due diligence to follow up on allegations they received via word of mouth reports. However, concrete evidence (clear video, pictures, social media posts, or self admittance) are needed in order to suspend someone for a violation. Simple word of mouth reports accusing someone of a violation is not enough to warrant a suspension, even in the case of several people confirming a story.

4. Penalties for Code of Conduct Section 1 - First offense will be a suspension from the next 2 co-curricular events (not just athletic) - Honesty clause can be invoked to reduce this. Students must remain in good standing for the remainder of their co-curricular season(s). See Section 5 on Finishing the Season.  Second offense will be 10 consecutive events - Honesty clause can be invoked to reduce this.  Add Section C. Look Back Period

The look back period will be 1 calendar year from the date of any incident that has been reported. Example: If a student is found out to have been drinking within 1 calendar year, then that student may be subject to suspension from events if this is found to be true. If a student was found to have been drinking 3 years ago then no investigation or suspension will be invoked.

5. Section 3 Penalties for Violations of Conduct Unbecoming an Athlete -Felony Charges: According to WIAA policy, students that are charged with or convicted of a felony are ineligible for all participation until the student has satisfied all of the requirements ordered by the court in declaring a sentence served, including probation, community service and any other court orders.

6. Responsibilities of Students, Section E, Attendance - Students without a pre-excused absence are to miss no more than the first 2 blocks of the day in order to be eligible to compete/practice that day. This is an approximate time of 11:15 am.

7. Academic Eligibility, Fall Sports Ineligibility Period -  If the student successfully completes his/her corresponding summer school courses (if offered), then their period of ineligibility will be reduced to 7 consecutive calendar days beginning with the date of their first scheduled competition.

National Honor Society

Membership in this chapter shall be based upon scholarship with due consideration given to leadership, character, and service.

Membership of this chapter shall be known as active and graduate.  The graduate members have no vote.  Active members become graduate members upon graduation from Westby Area High School.

To be eligible for election to membership into this chapter, the candidate must:

    * have been in attendance at this school at least for a period equivalent to one semester;

    * have attained a Senior, Junior or 2nd Semester Sophomore class standing;       

    * have completed the National Honor Society Candidate Application form, on time, indicating leadership,

        character, and service, and earned at least the required cumulative grade point average of 95.0.

Candidate Application Forms and related membership information will be reviewed by the faculty council, resulting in a list of candidates recommended for induction as members in the Society.


Any member who falls below the academic standards as set forth above, which were the basis for election, or below a 94, shall be promptly warned in writing.  If at the conclusion of the next semester, the member fails to meet the academic standards used as the basis for election to the Society, the member case shall be passed upon by the executive committee.  A  National Honor Society member must maintain the standards for membership in order to retain membership.  A member will be allowed only one warning period.  Once a member is dismissed, the member is never again eligible for membership in the National Honor Society.

A member or candidate for membership who violates a major school regulation(s), accumulates a total of at least 17 disciplinary/attendance points in any semester, as specified in the student handbook, or civil laws where it seriously questions their character and/or leadership qualities, shall have their membership in the National Honor Society considered by the faculty council.  The council’s decision is final.  When a member is dismissed, he/she must be notified in writing and their emblem and membership card returned to the principal.

An active member of the National Honor Society who transfers from this school, upon request, will be given a letter indicating the status of their membership and signed by the principal.

An active member of the National Honor Society who transfers to this school will automatically be accepted from membership in this chapter provided they meet the minimum requirements of this chapter.

Student of the Month

Nominations for “Student of the Month”, by staff, will take place at the end of each month during the school year.  Students can be nominated based on their Academics or Norse Pride.

Library Media Center Behavior Expectations

General Information

A library is not a classroom nor is it a gymnasium. Like classrooms and gyms, the library media center has its own standards of behavior.



When a student is asked to leave the library for an infraction of the rules, the librarian/study hall monitor may restrict the student’s access during study hall for 3 weeks. If a student needs materials from the library during a suspension, the student may come to the library before or after school.


The librarian/study hall monitor reserves the right to change these rules at any time.

Bus Regulations

General Information

In view of the fact that a school bus is an extension of the classroom, the District shall require students to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behavior, and:

      1.  Remain seated when the bus is in motion.

      2.  Keep head, hands, arms, feet and legs inside the bus.

      3.  Refrain from scuffling, using profanity, and littering.

      4.  Treat the bus, an item of public property, with care and respect.

      5.  Board the bus on time.

      6.  Follow recommended procedure when crossing the roadway.

      7.  Inform driver or bus garage, if possible, when rider must be absent.

      8.  Ride the bus to and from co-curricular events except for the following:

* A student may return home from an event or contest with his/her parent(s) upon prior request

made in writing by the parent(s) to the coach or advisor in charge.

* Requests for other exceptions (i.e. students riding with a non-parent adult who is out of high

        school) must be made in writing by the parent(s) to the coach or advisor prior to departure to

        the event.


* Any driver transporting a student must be an adult, out of high school.

* Any student driver must have school and parental permission prior to departure for the

 event.  The student driver cannot transport any other student(s) unless they are siblings.

      9.  Refrain from the use of alcohol or controlled substances, or the use of tobacco in any form.

    10.  Sit in a designated seat if the driver has made such an assignment.

    11.  You must get on and off the bus at your designated stop unless the driver has been given a

       “Bus Pass” that was obtained from the high school office prior to boarding the bus.  The high school office must have a signed note from parent/guardian to issue a bus pass.  

When students choose to violate any of the above listed rules, the bus driver will file a report with the district transportation supervisor.  From that point on parents and district personnel will work with the student(s) to resolve needed matters.  If necessary, students may be assigned a seat on the bus, temporarily suspended from bus riding privileges or, if the student refuses to comply with district expectations, have their bus privilege completely removed.

Bus Passes

If you need to ride a different bus or are going home with another student, a bus pass must be obtained from the high school office.  A written permission note from parent/guardian stating the date, which bus the student is to ride and where the drop off point will be needed.  The original pass will be given to the student to give to the bus driver and the copy with parent/guardian note attached will be given to the transportation supervisor.

Food Service

School Nutrition Programs

The Westby Area School District operates state and federally funded School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.

These programs are approved and regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  Menus are planned in accordance with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and are published weekly in The Times and monthly on school websites.

Computerized Food Service

The District operates an automated meal account program.  Accounts are set up for each district family.     

A positive meal account balance is required with all purchases being paid for in advance.  All meals and purchases are deducted from the family account.  A photo ID badge and barcode is assigned to each student in the family to use for purchasing meals and items.  Extra items, such as milk, second entrees, snacks, etc. are available for purchase.  If parents do not want to allow extra purchases they should discuss this with their children.  A comment may be placed on the computer noting the restriction, but food service staff is not responsible for monitoring your child’s purchases.

Payments on the family meal account may be made at school prior to the start of the school day in the child’s school office, the cafeteria or during normal business hours at the District Business Office.  Payments may also be mailed to:

                                    Westby Area School District

                                    Attn: Business Office

                                     206 West Ave. South

                                        Westby, WI 54667

Parents are encouraged to send a check, rather than cash, with their child’s name noted on the check.

Breakfast, lunch and milk prices are established by the School Board annually and published prior to the start of the school year.  

Full Paid Breakfast         Full-Paid Lunch                        Milk

5-12     $1.85                 5-12      $2.90                         Adult    $0.35

Adult     $2.35                 Adult     $3.55

Reduced Breakfast        Reduced Lunch

PK-12     $0.30                 PK-12 - $0.40

Low Account Balance Notification

Every student may check their meal account balance each time they pass through the meal line.  A phone call reminder is made when your account falls at negative $5.00 or below.

Free and Reduced Lunch Information

Free and Reduced Price Meals

Applications for free and reduced price meals were distributed on our two August Registration Nights and in your student's first day folder if you did not attend those days.  If your family did not receive an application, forms are in the High School Office or the District Office.  Parents are encouraged to complete the application and return it to the Business Office as soon as possible.  If your family’s financial status or number of dependents changes during the year, you can submit a new application.  All information on the form is kept confidential.

Families currently receiving free or reduced price meal benefits must submit a NEW application by

October 1st in order to continue to receive free or reduced price meals for the current school year.  If a new application is not received by October 1st, 2019,  you will be charged and responsible for the full price of meal purchases.

Students must select at least 3 meal components for breakfast and lunch to receive the free or reduced price meal. Students will be charged full price for second meals, entrees, and milk/juice purchases at the established prices.

Offer vs. Serve Policy

The Westby Area School District implements the Offer vs. Serve policy at all grade levels in the district.  This policy permits students to decline food they do not intend to eat.  Students are offered a full portion of the required meal components (meat/meat alternate, bread/grain, milk, fruit and vegetable).  Students may decline one or two of the five components offered for lunch and one of the four components offered for breakfast.  Choices are offered to encourage selection and consumption of all meal components.  

District Policies

Teaching Strategies

One of the many teaching strategies used in the Westby Area School District is team teaching.   As a result, some classes may be team taught by classroom teachers, possibly including exceptional educational staff.

Pupil Records

The Westby Area Schools maintain student records in the interest of the student to assist in providing appropriate educational experiences.  Two classes of records are maintained: behavior records and progress records.  Progress records mean those pupil records which include the pupil’s grades, statement of the courses the pupil has taken, the pupil’s attendance record, immunization records and records of the pupil’s co-curricular activities.  Behavioral records means those pupil records which include psychological test(s), personality evaluations, records of conversations, any written statement relating specifically to an individual pupil’s behavior, tests relating to achievement or measurement of ability, the pupil’s physical health records other than his/her immunization records, police AOD records, and any other pupil records which are not progress records.  Student’s records are confidential.  Personally identifiable information from student records may not be released to any party without the written consent of parent or adult student, except as otherwise provided by state and Federal law.

The school district may disclose directory data to any person/organization upon request.  Directory data may include those pupil records which include the pupil’s name, address, telephone listing, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, photographs, degrees and awards received and the name of the school previously attended by the student.  A parent, guardian or adult student may request that all or any part of the directory data not be released without prior consent of the parent guardian, guardian ad litem or adult student.  If you wish to exercise your option to keep any or all directory data confidential, please notify the office of the School District Administrator within 14 days of the official start of the school year.   Address a written request indicating the type or directory data to be kept confidential to:


Westby Area School District

Attn: Pupil Record Services

206 West Avenue South

Westby, Wisconsin 54667

A parent or adult student will be shown and provided copies of the student’s records upon request.  Records are kept at the following locations:

PreK-4    Coon Valley Elementary    Mike Berg                300 Lien Street,                        Coon Valley

5-8          Westby Area Middle          Mike Weninger         206 West Avenue South,         Westby

PreK-4    Westby Elementary           Bruce Peterson        122 Nelson Street,                   Westby

9-12        Westby Area High             Robert Bothe            206 West Avenue South,         Westby

No longer enrolled                            Robert Bothe            206 West Avenue South,         Westby

Requests to view, obtain copies, and/or release records should be addressed to those named above.  Progress records are maintained permanently.  Behavior records are destroyed one year after graduation or last date of attendance unless permission is granted for maintenance by the parent or adult student.  Personally identifiable information no longer needed will be destroyed upon request of the student.

Parents or adult students may request that information contained in education records which is inaccurate or misleading or violates the privacy or other rights of the student or parents be amended.  If the district refuses to amend the records, the parent or adult student is entitled to a hearing regarding the request to amend the education records.  A copy of the school district’s student records policy may be obtained by writing the District Administrator.

Parents and adult students have the right to file complaints concerning alleged violations of their rights with regard to education records under Section 438 of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act with the U.S. Department of Education.  Written complaints should be addressed to: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Office (FERPA Office), U.S. Department of Education, 330 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C.  20201.

Access to Public Records

The Westby Area School District Board of Education has designated the District Administrator as the legal custodian of the public records and property of the Westby Area School District.

The Public may obtain information and access to records, make requests for records, or obtain copies of records in the custody of the Westby Area School District at the following place and times:

        Place:            Westby Area School District Office

                               206 West Avenue South

                              Westby, Wisconsin 54667

        Times:            7:30 A.M.  to 4:00 P.M.    Monday through Friday

The Westby Area School District is authorized by law and may impose a fee on the requestor which does not exceed the actual, necessary and direct cost of reproduction and transcription of the record, unless a fee is otherwise specifically established by law.  A list of such fees is available at the Westby Area School District Office.

Complaint Procedure Regarding Federally Funded Programs

Any organization or individual who believes that the Westby Area School District is in violation of a Federal statute or regulation that applies to a federally funded program may file a written, signed complaint with the State.  The complaint must include a statement that the State or local district has violated a requirement of a Federal statute or regulation and the facts on which the statement is based.

A decision on the complaint will be made within 60 days after the State received the complaint.  If necessary, an independent on-site investigation will be conducted to resolve the complaint.  Complaints meeting the requirements enumerated above may be addressed to:

Carolyn Stanford Taylor, State Superintendent

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

125 South Webster  P.O. Box 7841

Madison, Wisconsin 53707

Public Notification of Nondiscrimination Policy

It is the policy of the Westby Area School District to comply with all federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination against anyone in a protected class in its curricular, extracurricular, pupil services or recreational or other programs and its employment practices. This includes not discriminating against, or denying the benefits of, a person on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, color, creed, political affiliation, citizenship, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability or handicap, or any other reason prohibited by state or federal law.

The Westby Area School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, color, creed, political affiliation, citizenship, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability or handicap, or any other reason prohibited by state or federal law, in admission to its programs, services, or activities, in access to them, in treatment of individuals, or in any aspect of their operations. The Westby Area School District Career and Technical Education department does not discriminate in enrollment or access to any of the programs available including Agriculture, Business Education, Technology Education, and Family and Consumer Education. The lack of English language skills shall not be a barrier to admission or participation in the district’s activities and programs. The Westby Area School District also does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices.  

The District encourages informal resolution of complaints, however a formal complaint procedure is available. If any person believes that the District has discriminated against any individual on the basis listed above, he/she may file a complaint. The procedure for filing a complaint is outlined in Board Rule 411 for students or Board Rule 511 for applicants or employees.

This notice is provided as required by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (race, color, national origin), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (disability), Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (sex), the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Questions or complaints should be forwarded to the designated compliance coordinator: Charles Norton, District Administrator, Westby Area School District, 206 West Avenue South, Westby, WI 54667, (608) 634-0101.

Sexual Harassment Policy

All students must be allowed to study in an environment free from sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment refers to behavior which is not welcome, is personally offensive, which may debilitate self concept and which therefore interferes with learning.

In fulfilling the Board’s obligation to maintain a positive and productive educational environment, the Westby Area School District will attempt to halt any harassment of which they become aware.  Any person who believes he or she has been sexually harassed may file an oral or written complaint with the District Administrator or his/her designee.  A complaint form is available upon request.  Please contact any school office for a copy.

Student Surveys

In January 2002, the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) was amended by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 2001 (also known as the No Child Left Behind Act).  The amendment added an additional category (religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or student's parent) to the existing categories that impact student surveys and made minor changes to the existing seven categories.  If a survey contains one or more of the identified categories, schools and contractors must protect student privacy and give parents the right to inspect the survey.  The eight categories are:

    1.  Political affiliations or beliefs of the student or the student's parent

    2.  Mental and psychological problems of the student or the student's family

    3.  Sex behavior or attitudes

    4.  Illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior

    5.  Critical appraisals of other individuals with whom respondents have close family relationships

    6.  Legally recognized privileged or analogous relationships, such as those of lawyers, physicians, and


    7.  Religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or student's parent

    8.  Income (other than that required by law to determine eligibility for participation in a program or for

        receiving financial assistance under such program).

Any questions concerning these policies should be directed to: 

                Westby Area School District

        Attn: District Administrator

                206 West Avenue South

                Westby, Wisconsin 54667



Parental Right to Excuse

State Statute 118.15  3 (c) allows parents to excuse a minor child for any reason for up to 10 days in a school year. However, the law requires the excuse to be presented in writing and in advance of the absence. The statute does not give this authority to 18-year-olds who write their own passes. On a case-by-case basis parents may be allowed to excuse an adult student for any reason.

Definition of Excused Absences   

According to Wisconsin Statute 118.6(2) school personnel are authorized to determine if absences are excused or truant. Even so, the District strives to include parents/guardians in the process of establishing responsible student attendance patterns. The following reasons may be considered excused absences, assuming proper procedures have been met:

    a.     illness/medical appointments,           

    b.     quarantine by public health officer,       

    c.     death in the immediate family,   

    d.     family emergencies during class time,

    e.     suspensions from/in school,  

    f.      religious holidays,

    g.     approved school activities basis, and or

    h.     other reasons on a case-by-case basis.

All other absences are considered instances of truancy. (See Section 2).     

Interventions for Excessive Absences

        Tier 2:  For between 5 to 10 days of absence

  1. A conference between the student and the office personnel.
  2. After 5 days of absence a notice be sent home of a concern about the number of absences.
  3. After 5 days of absence a meeting with the dean/principal to reteach/teach attendance rules
  4. The student may be required, upon arrival in the morning, to Check and Connect with a specified staff member

        Tier 3:  Upon reaching 10 days of absence

  1. Notice will be sent home requiring a doctor’s note for any further absence
  2. Require a principal’s conference among the student, the student’s teachers, and the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s)
  3. Any doctor issuing student excuses in this circumstance must have access to student attendance data so the doctor may make an informed decision.  Thus, the parent must sign the release of information document in order for the excuse to be considered an excused absence.
  4. May be restricted from attending after school activities including but not limited to extracurriculars.
  5. May be restricted from attending field trips.

Data on attendance will be shared through the SST process. Additions or modifications to this plan may be made by the principal throughout the year, with notification to the Superintendent, the board, parents and students occurring as they are made.

For students who reach the age of majority, their privileges to excuse themselves, will be revoked once they reach a total of 10 days of excused absences.

Norse Release Privileges   (Board Rule 434.2)

Second Semester Juniors and all Seniors,on schedule for graduation, with a solid disciplinary record are eligible for release from school privileges. They may be released from a single class hour (1st/2nd or 9th/10th blocks).  Students may apply through the office of the principal/dean and will need to provide proof of a job or activity at home requiring their presence. This is a privilege, not a right. Failure to meet attendance requirements, behavioral expectations or academic standards may result in revocation of these privileges. Norse Release may also occur during Common Norse Time.

Visitor Passes

Visitor Passes will NOT BE ALLOWED unless pre-approved by building administration. Exceptions will be made for an extraordinary circumstance.

After-School Activities

All students, through their good behavior and their good attendance, may earn the privilege of attending our after-school events. To earn this privilege, students must have attended school through the end of the day of the contest while also attending no less than half the instructional day. Exceptions for pre-excused absences (appointments, bereavement) may be applied.

Appendix 2:  Unexcused Absences


Auto-generated list for tardies:

1) To students each time they get one

2) To office personnel, student, and parent after they reach 5

3) To office personnel, student, and parent after they reach 10 for truancy referral.

4) There will be no breaks during class without teacher supervision.

5) The EXPECTATION is that students are in their assigned room, without exception.

Noon Detentions:

1) Held in location assigned by Dean of Students/Principal.

2) Students must report within four minutes and will be released by the office personnel.

3) NO CELL PHONES, NO HEADPHONES. No electronic devices will be allowed, except for work approved by the                 teacher/office personnel.

4) If you miss, your detention time will be doubled. If you fail to show up after that, you will receive a ½ day in school                 suspension.

5) You MUST serve your detention that day it is assigned or agreed upon with Dean/Principal.  

Tardy System (used when the office keeps track)  -- RESETS AT THE QUARTER

Tardy students must report to class.  If they have a pass, they may be excused.  The system works as follows.

    Offenses 1 through 5………..Warnings-auto generated email.

    Offenses 6 through 10……...Noon Detentions or 20 Minute detentions before/after school (parental contact).

    Offenses 11 on up …………..Parental contact and possible referral for truancy.

Single Period Truancy:  

Students who are truant for a single period, but who remain on school property, will receive a one-half-day in-school suspension for the first offense.  Subsequent offenses will result in placement on the Truancy Step System.

Truancy Step System – Resets at semester

1st Offense – One-Day In-School Suspension, parental contact, and loss of parking privileges

2nd Offense – One-Day In-School Suspension, Truancy Referral (possible Teen Court), parental contact

3rd Offense – In-School Suspension/Out-of-School Suspension, Truancy Referral, parental contact,

4th Offense – Same as 3rd Offense

5th Offense – Three-Day  In-School Suspension/Out-of-School Suspension, 

Referral for Habitual Truancy, and a parental conference,

Subsequent Offenses –

    Student – up to Five-Day In-School/Out-of-School Suspension, 

Referral for Habitual Truancy, and a parental conference

    Parent – Possible Referral to law enforcement authorities for contributing to the truancy of a child.

Habitual Truancy – Definition and Consequences

Habitual truancy occurs when a student is truant for part or all of five or more days in a semester.  State Statutes 118.15 and 118.16 include the following provisions:

    1.  The parent/guardian will be notified by registered or certified mail of this status, and a meeting will be

 expected to occur.

     2.  Any parent/guardian who fails to cause their child to attend school regularly may face penalties under

        state law.

             a.  First offense penalties include fines up to $500 and imprisonment up to 30 days.

             b.  Second offense penalties include fines up to $1000 and imprisonment up to 90 days.

             c.  Other penalties include community service or counseling at the person’s expense.

d.  Any parent/guardian who can show that the habitual truancy is the result of child

        disobedience shall have any action dismissed, and the child shall be referred to the

court assigned under ch. 48.

Appendix 3: Discipline

Important Note:

Discipline is not done TO someone, but FOR someone. Therefore, each teacher has developed his/her own carefully thought out plan for classroom discipline designed to help students develop responsible behavior and personal discipline. Students are responsible for meeting teacher expectations. When, and if, students choose to violate teacher, school and/or legal rules and regulations, incidents may be brought to the attention of the Principal/Dean. At that time, appropriate resources will be brought to bear as needed, including parents, police, human services personnel and/or other specialists including representatives from the county. Students who, in the view of administration, meet applicable legal guidelines may be taken to the Board of Education for consideration for expulsion.

Part One: Student Dress Code

(Board Policy 5511)


The goal of this dress code is to provide and maintain a learning environment in which personal dress does not distract students from the learning process.

Policy:  Items of clothing must not:

Other Conditions:

Actions To Be Taken

First Offense - Student will be notified of the violation and asked to correct their violation.

Second Offense - Student will remove, replace or cover prohibited items.

Third Offense - Student will remove, replace or cover prohibited items and parents will be notified.

Fourth Offense - Student will remove, replace, or cover prohibited items and parents will be required to meet with office personnel and student.

Fifth Offense and beyond - Additional consequences may include detention, in-school suspension, out of school suspension and/ or expulsion.

Part Two:  Teacher-Assigned Detentions / Noon         Detention

Students who are tardy or commit minor violations may be required to serve a Noon Detention.  Noon Detention consists of sitting at an assigned seat in the lunchroom/or designated area for the entirety of the lunch period. Teachers must make written referral to the office when using Noon Detention.  Parents will be informed as these are assigned.  Teachers will call the parent of any child who the teacher has assigned to noon detention more than once for classroom misconduct. The Principal/Dean will contact parents for misbehaviors outside the classroom that result in noon detention. In attempt to better shape behaviors, teachers may require a student to serve a lunch period with them.

Part Three:  Administrative Detention

Students may be assigned by the principal or designee to Administrative Detention.  Administrative detention occurs after the school day. Students may ride the late bus home, but may not be on school grounds when unsupervised. Parents will be given sufficient notice so as to make transportation arrangements.

Part Four:  The Suspension System and Progressive Discipline

Westby Area High School’s disciplinary plan is based upon student responsibility for their behavioral choices and consequences of those choices.  Students will be placed on the system after their 5th Noon Detention in a semester or if the offense warrants a stiffer consequence.  Students will be placed on the step that is appropriate for the violation. The principal maintains the authority to implement an alternative discipline system on a case-by-case basis.

                      In-School Suspensions                      Out-of-School Suspensions                    Expulsion

                Step        Step        Step              Step        Step        Step         Step              Step

                #1            #2           #3                  #4           #5            #6             #7                        #8                             

                ½ Day     1 Day            2-5 Days       1 Day     2 Days     3 Days      5 Days                Recommend Expulsion


Other Interventions             

Part Five:  Expulsion

Expulsion may occur for the following:

    Repeated refusal or neglect to obey school rules                        expulsion hearing   

    Bomb threats                                      expulsion hearing

    Violation of drug policy                                         expulsion hearing

    Weapons on grounds                                          expulsion hearing       

    Acts endangering property, health, or safety of others          expulsion hearing   

    Acts violating Applicable State Laws                                     expulsion hearing

    Acts that disrupt the ability of school authorities

        to maintain order or an educational atmosphere               expulsion hearing

Part Six: Academic Dishonesty (Cheating / Plagiarism)

1. Teachers will clearly spell out what constitutes cheating in all areas where the definition is not clear (e.g.: \        plagiarism, homework, group work, etc.).  Each department will be responsible for defining acceptable

        work habits and communicating that information to students. For example, the Social Studies

        Department will         provide students and parents with detailed requirements for research assignments

        including the definition of plagiarism.

2. Tests are designed to evaluate a student’s knowledge of a particular subject area. To be fair to all students, it

 is necessary that the integrity of a testing period be maintained. Therefore, in testing situations, the

following will constitute cheating:

- Looking at another student’s paper

- Copying information from another student, using unauthorized aids, or using cheat sheets

- Any talking during a test or quiz (assessment)

- Having a copy of the assessment prior to the administration of either

- Giving or receiving any information among students taking the assessment

- Any other method used to circumvent the integrity of the assessment

3. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty when a student presents work done (in part or in whole) by

        someone else as if it were his or her own.  Examples of plagiarism include but are not limited to the


            -  Copying from or giving information to another student;

                        -  Submitting a take home exam or paper written, in whole or part, by another person;

            -  Directly quoting or using paraphrased material without acknowledging the source;

                         -  Preparing an exam or essay to be submitted by another student, and;

                         -  Downloading, buying or selling papers or assignments and submitting them as one's own work.

Student(s) will receive a zero for that assignment and a “no make up rule”  will be allowed by each teacher to use at their own discretion. Detentions, points and suspensions may be applied as appropriate.  Typically, internet material must be cited within the text and in a bibliography to ensure that credit is given to the author/source.

4. A student caught cheating will receive a “0” for the assignment in question. Both providing and receiving

        information constitute cheating. In cases where cheating is suspected, but not documented, the teacher

        will discuss the matter with the student(s).

5. All documented offenses will be reported by the teacher to Administration, and Guidance Counselor. A letter

        documenting the academic dishonesty, written by the faculty member who reported it, will be placed in

the office for the dean and principal. The parents will be notified by the teacher. A copy of the letter will also be

        given to the office for the discipline file.

6. Students and parents will have an opportunity to discuss all matters related to cheating with the teacher, officer                         personnel, and the Guidance Counselor or other designee.

Part Seven:  Senior Misconduct and Graduation Dress Expectations

Violation of school rules will be cause for administration, at their discretion, to exclude students from Commencement Ceremonies (Board Policy 5460 and Rule 345.72).  

Any senior who, after the spring meeting with the principal, commits a truant act, commits a major violation, or receives a one-day (or longer) suspension may be withheld from graduation.

Any senior, who during the last two weeks prior to graduation, commits a truant act, commits a major violation, or receives a one-day (or longer) suspension WILL be withheld from graduation.  Administration WILL meet with seniors on/before the Friday before the last two weeks of school to review expectations including the mandatory graduation practice.


Seniors will adhere to the following guidelines for dress at graduation:

1.  No flip flops. High heels are suggested to be worn at practice to prove safety.

2.  Dresses or long pants are required to be worn.

3.  A collared shirt, blouse or dress is required to be worn.

4.  All clothing must comply with the school dress code.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in removal from the graduation exercise.

The principal or designee will make the final decision on attire.

Senior Prank

    1.  There is no accepted senior prank.

    2.  Participation in a senior prank may result in the following:  police referral, restitution, prohibition

    from attending school events for up to one year.

    3.  Participation in a senior prank will result in automatic suspension from co-curricular participation.

Part Eight: Hazing and Harassment


All students and staff have the right to be free from harassment and hazing while at school or at any school sponsored event.  Whenever possible and appropriate, prior to any formal harassment proceedings, attempts shall be made to handle any issues informally (with an emphasis on educating students of appropriate behaviors).

Part Eight, Section One:  Hazing (Wisconsin Statutes~948.51)

No person may intentionally or recklessly engage in acts that endanger the physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of initiation or admission into or affiliation with any organization operating in connection with a school, college, or university.  Under those circumstances, prohibited acts may include any brutality of a physical nature (such as whipping, beating, or branding); forced consumption of any food, liquor, drug, or other substance; and forced confinement or any other forced activity that endangers the physical health or safety of the student.

Part Eight, Section Two:  Harassment (Board Policy 5517)

* Harassment is verbal or physical conduct that has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working or learning environment, or interferes with the individual’s work or learning performance; it may consist of a single act, or a course of conduct.  Harassment may include, but is not limited to conduct relating to an individual’s membership in protected class, age, sex, race, creed, national origin, color, marital status, pregnancy, etc.

Part Eight, Section Three:  Sexual Harassment (Board Policy 5517)

* Sexual harassment means unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome physical contact of a sexual nature or unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.


*  Students will refrain from physical and verbal abuse, including harassment and/or intimidation directed at other students and will also refrain from any damage to, or theft of, a fellow student’s property.

* Any student believing he/she may have been subject to any type of harassment is asked to consider Board Policy 5517 and may file an oral or a written complaint with the complaint manager in his/her building.  The complaint manager is to file a complaint form and take action in accordance with Board Policy 5517.  A complaint form may be obtained at the High School Office.  

*  Students will refrain from: disobedience, disrespect, threats or attacks directed at members of the school staff; and, damage to or theft of property belonging to school staff members.

Part Nine:  Classification and Consequences of Student Misconduct                                

All violations of school policy are subject to disciplinary procedures.  Such violations are grouped into

two categories - Major and Minor, and defined below:

Part Nine, Section One:  Major Violations

Possession of any weapon; threatening statements or actions or actually endangering the health, safety and/or well-being of others; use, possession, manufacture, purchase, sale, delivery, exchange, or giving away of alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances and/or other drugs/drug paraphernalia (including prescription medication as explained in Board Policy 5330 and Rule 443.3) on school grounds and/or events sponsored and/or supervised by school staff; destroying, defacing and/or lessening the value of school property; theft; consistent violation of school rules or, any other action deemed to be MAJOR school administration.

Consequences of Major Violations

All MAJOR violations are punishable by suspension (and possible recommendation for expulsion) from school and school activities, are accumulative in each student’s disciplinary record, requires parental notification and/or involvement and referral to appropriate agencies, i.e. police, human services, school specialists, etc. at the discretion of school administration.  As needed, restitution will be required.  

(Parents/Guardians have the right to appeal suspensions to the District Administrator and/or designee according to Wisconsin State Statute 120.13) (See Also:  Suspension System listed below).  The privilege of attending school events may also be suspended.

Students committing a MAJOR violation of school rules resulting in an out-of-school suspension are also suspended from all school activities (including practices) that naturally occur during that time. Upon their return to school, students will also be suspended from AT LEAST the next co-curricular contest, competition activity, and/or performance. The number of events missed may vary with the nature of the violation. This determination will be made by school administration.

Upon receipt of an in-school suspension, students shall be ineligible for the next contest, competition, activity, and/or performance. The ineligibility may equal that of an out-of-school suspension if administration deems the offense to be major.

Part Nine, Section Two:  Minor Violations:

Situations include (but are not limited to) individual student skipping of class(es); tardiness; failure to follow class/school/bus rules; disrespect for others; etc.

Please refer to the Appendix following this handbook for more information on classes of major and minor offenses.

Consequences of Minor Violations

MINOR violations will be accumulative in each student’s class and/or disciplinary record. Repeated violations may be treated as MAJOR and, ultimately, may result in placement on the Suspension System and/or considered cause for expulsion by the Board of Education. At Administrative discretion a detention system, including Saturday School, may be implemented. The privilege of attending school events may also be suspended.

Part Ten:  Removal of Student From Class

1.  Students may be removed from any of their classes by any certified teacher, teacher designee, or by building                 administration. The student will immediately report to the office and fill out a removal form.

2.  Any student who has been removed from a class two times will have their status reviewed by the building

Principal, Dean of Students, and teacher where a parent/student conference will be held.  After 4 removals, the                 student may be permanently removed from class by the building principal and a grade of “F” entered, or the                 principal and teacher may institute conditions under which the student may remain in the class.

3.  Any student who is no longer capable of passing a class may be permanently removed by administration.


1. Physical assault on any member of the school community.

2. Possession of weapons, including knives, clubs, slingshots or other articles deemed dangerous or possession of

 explosives including fireworks.

3. Acts of arson (i.e. setting something on fire), use of weapons (including knives, clubs, slingshots or other articles

        that may be deemed dangerous), use of explosives (including fireworks).

4. Possession of illegal substances/drugs or alcoholic beverages, weapons, or other contraband. [See: section on

        DRUG, ALCOHOL & TOBACCO following the Code of Conduct].

5. Use, sale or distribution of illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages, weapons, fireworks, or other contraband.

 [See: section on DRUG, ALCOHOL & TOBACCO following the Code of Conduct].

6. Fighting.

7. Threats of violence directed toward any member of the school community.

8. Bomb threats or fire alarms. Note: Bomb threats are a violation of school policy and the law and will be handled

              accordingly. It should also be noted that any time lost that comes as a result of such behavior will be made up.

9. Obtaining money, material goods or favors by threat of any form.

10. Endangering the safety and welfare of another member of this school community.

11. Any behavior which could be perceived as intending to punish or “pay back” another member of this school


12. Acts of vandalism that cause substantial damage

13. Gross insubordination (defined as defying any staff member or violating school rules in a repeated or abusive

        manner) toward any staff member.

14.  Other acts deemed to be major by administration or acts defined as expellable under state law.


Minimum:  Three (3) to five (5) days of Suspension (Out-of-School) from all classes and school activities. A hearing

        may be scheduled before the School Board resulting in further discipline up to and including expulsion.


1. Smoking (including vaping) or chewing in school or on school grounds or at school events. Being in possession of                 tobacco products (which includes chewing tobacco, snuff, juuls, etc), and lighters or matches on school grounds.

2. Non-compliance/Insubordination toward administrative personnel acting legitimately in their official capacity.

3. Insubordination toward any staff member

4. Use of obscene, offensive, abusive, mean-spirited, or profane language or gestures directed at any member of

        this school community or to a visitor to the same.

5. Theft of school or personal property or receiving such stolen items.

6. Malicious destruction of or damage to school or personal property to include vandalism, graffiti and tampering

        with surveillance equipment.

7. Leaving campus without prior administrative authorization.

8. Lying or making a false allegation or charge against another member of this community or failing to identify one’s

        self upon request by a staff member.

9. Forgery, knowledge and willful use of a forged document, and tampering with school records to include the

        signing of one’s name to a pass intended for another.

10. Inciting unsafe, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior.

11. Harassment, bullying or hazing

12. Chronic and documented violations of Group D (1-8)


Minimum:  One (1) to three (3) days Suspension (In-School or Out-of-School) from all classes and school activities.

        The Administration reserves the right to assign students to In-School Suspension or Out-of-School

        Suspension either exclusively or in combination as is deemed appropriate.

Any acts of harassment, bullying, or hazing are considered serious violations. Consequences for these violations,

        however, may vary from those explicitly defined above and will be ruled upon on a case-by-case basis,

        perhaps resulting in a violation under Group A.

Additional Action: Consequences as noted under Group A.


1. Leaving the building without prior administrative authorization or being in, or around an automobile during school

        hours without authorization from the administration. (Permission to be in the parking lot may only be

        granted by Administration).

2. Being in an unauthorized area.

3. Willfully making a mess in commons/cafeteria, or any other area within the school building or the grounds.

4. Dress Code violations. [See Section outlining Board Policy]

5. Possession of prohibited items.

6. Selling or trading items at school.

7. Failure to follow a staff member directive

8. Allowing students to enter through areas not approved for building entry


Minimum:  Administrative warning, detention, or assignment to In-School Suspension.

Additional action:  Consequences noted under Group B above.

For Possession of Prohibited Items: item(s) will be confiscated and returned to parent/legal guardian; items left in

        administrative storage at the end of the year will be disposed of.


1. Disruptive behavior.

2. Defiant, non compliant, insubordinate, uncooperative behavior.

3. Rude or disrespectful behavior.

4. General use of inappropriate language.

5. Nuisance behavior which is not harmful to peers or others (i.e. horseplay, making noises, being a nuisance, etc.).

6. Tardiness to class.

7. Academic dishonesty (plagiarism/cheating) [See also:  Academic Dishonesty]


Continuum of classroom management strategies, teacher assigned detentions, communications with home,

        teacher-student conferences, teacher-parent conferences, and guidance interventions;

Further consequences may result from administrative review of individual or chronic cases.

For all violations:  Group A through Group D

On a case-by-case basis, the Administration may also seek restitution of any damage, involvement of law enforcement and local fire department as is appropriate.

Part Eleven: Weapons Policy (Board Policy 5772)   

The Board of Education prohibits students from possessing, storing, making, or using a weapon in any setting that is under the control and supervision of the District for the purpose of school activities approved and authorized by the District including, but not limited to, property leased, owned, or contracted for by the District, a school-sponsored event, or in a District vehicle, to the extent permitted by law without the permission of the District Administrator.

The term "weapon" means any object which, in the manner in which it is used, is intended to be used, or is represented, is capable of inflicting serious bodily harm or property damage, as well as endangering the health and safety of persons.

Weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms (including, but not limited to, firearms as defined in 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3)), guns of any type whatsoever, including air and gas-powered guns (whether loaded or unloaded), knives, (subject to the exceptions below) razors, with unguarded blades, clubs, electric weapons, metallic knuckles, martial arts weapons, ammunition, and explosives.

The District Administrator will refer any student who violates this policy to the student’s parents or guardians and may also make a referral to the criminal justice or juvenile delinquency system. The student may also be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.

Policy exceptions include:

  1. weapons under the control of law enforcement personnel while on duty, or qualified former law enforcement officers, off duty law enforcement officers, or out-of-state law enforcement officers;

  1. items pre-approved by the District Administrator, as part of a class or individual presentation under adult supervision, including, but not limited to Hunters' Education courses, if used for the purpose and in the manner approved (working firearms, except those protected at all times by a cable or trigger lock, and live ammunition will never be approved);

  1. theatrical props used in appropriate settings; and

  1. a knife lawfully used for food consumption or preparation, or a knife used for a lawful purpose within the scope of the student’s class work.

Any student who has reason to believe that a person has or will violate this policy shall report to the District Administrator or the supervisor of the activity immediately. The report should include as much detail as possible concerning the person(s) involved, the weapon, the location of the person(s), and how this information was obtained.

No student is to confront the person possessing the weapon, but a staff member has the option of confronting the person if the staff member believes the risk of injury to self or others is minimal or if immediate action is necessary to prevent injury to any person.

This policy will be published annually in all District student and staff handbooks. Publication is not a precondition to enforcement of this policy.

Cross Ref.:  Policy #5610 - Suspension / Expulsion

120.13(1), Wis. Stats.   18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3)   18 U.S.C. 922   20 U.S.C. 7151     943.13, Wis. Stats   .948.605, Wis. Stats.

Westby Area High School Handbook Agreement

I have had an Inservice on the contents of the Westby Area High School Student Handbook and understand that a copy of this handbook is on the Westby Area School District Website in which I and my parent/guardian(s) can access at anytime.

Parents and Students will sign in Skyward during Annual Student Registration

compassion ● honesty ● integrity
responsibility ● Pride