Induction Candidate:

Steve Thornton

      Mentor Teacher:

Jessica Salazar


  Individualized Learning Plan

The goal of the ILP is to show teacher growth as evidenced by student achievement.

School Site: Madera High School

Teaching Assignment: Freshman English

Candidate Position

Type of Credential

__XYear 1 of Induction

___Year 2 of Induction


X Single Subject

__ Multiple Subject

__ Educational Specialist

Year 1

CSTP Element

Professional Growth Goals 

Pathway to Meeting Goals 

Describe your plan for meeting your growth goals. (Include specific activities that will help you achieve your goals.)

Measureable Outcomes

 (update in Nov and March)

CSTP 1: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning.

Element: 1.5 Promoting critical thinking through inquiry, problem solving, and reflection.

Goal 1: My goal is to improve my ability to prompt students to ask critical questions and consider diverse perspectives about subject matter.

I will attended Acme Seminar on “Student Portfolios” October 15, 2016. This seminar promises to provide strategies, techniques, and samples for teachers to create student writing portfolios. I want my students to see their growth over time in their own writing skills.

I will observe Jane Smith teaching “The Most Dangerous Game” using small group discussion and analysis. September 20, 2016. Mrs. Smith is an expert at teaching Critical Thinking. She mentioned that she has several years of student samples I will be able to copy. She also has developed several graphic organizers and I anticipate seeing how she uses them during this observation.

I will attend MUSD Kagan Training. November 10, 2016  Kagan Structures are research-based instructional strategies that have a track record of improving academic achievement and social outcomes. In particular, I want to better understand total physical response, cooperative learning, and the development of more engaging lesson plans.

I will search the Internet for a Critical Thinking Rubric by Sept. 30, 2016. It is vital I find an outstanding, easy to use rubric on Critical Thinking. I am anticipating using the rubric for every writing assignment throughout the year.

I will Invite my mentor to model “Critical Thinking in Small
Groups” in my classroom October 10, 2016. I have never used cooperative learning groups before. I anticipate seeing how they are structured and employed in her classroom. I intend to take back several ideas that can be incorporated into my class.

Students will be able to write a critical analysis essay on the conflicts found in the plot of a short story. 85% of my students will improve two columns from the critical thinking rubric on the summative writing assessment.

Students will be able to discuss and orally analyze conflict in the text and demonstrate knowledge through random calling 85% of the time.

CSTP 2: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments For Student Learning.

Element:2.5 Developing, communicating, and maintaining high standards for individual and group behavior

Goal 2:

I will develop a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of student behavior, including development of individual needs, and utilize that knowledge in support of positive classroom conduct.

I plan to attend all of the  Fred Jones “Tools for Teaching” starting Sept. 26, 2016. Fred Jones is a UCLA Psychologist and professor. His system, “Tools for Teaching” states that he will explain the underlying motivation of students and how best to exploit his system to create motivated students.

I will attend Kagan Strategies seminar Nov. 10, 2016.  Kagan Structures are research-based instructional strategies that have a track record of improving academic achievement and social outcomes. I anticipate using Kagan strategies to gain a better insight into the needs of my students.

I will review my Master Teacher’s policies, rules, and routines by Oct. 15, 2016. My master teacher at Le Grand High School had some wonderful strategies and techniques that created a safe and well managed classroom. I believe some of what I saw will work well with my students.

Students will be able to contextualize the curriculum to their own personal lives and include significant references in their personal culture through critical analysis of text. 85% of my students will score a 3 or better on the 4 point Critical Thinking Rubric.

100% of my students will master the classroom routines by the third week in school.

Students will be able to utilize Kagan strategies to improve positive classroom conduct with student outcome on summative assessments improving by 35% from the fall pre-assessment to the spring post-assessment.

Year 2

CSTP Element

Professional Growth Goals 

Pathway to Meeting goals Describe your plan for meeting your growth goals. (Include specific activities that will help you achieve your goals.)

Measureable Outcomes

 (update in Nov and March)

CSTP 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter For Student Learning.


Goal 1

CSTP 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students.


Goal 2

CSTP 5: Assessing Students For Learning.


Goal 3

Summary of Updates to ILP

What changes did you make to your goals and/or measurable outcomes?

Why did you make these changes?

Year 1

November: I decided to challenge my students to improve two columns on the Critical Thinking Rubric instead of one column. Ongoing formative assessments has indicated my students are grasping the concepts faster than I originally anticipated. Consistent references to the Rubric through each lesson has firmly established the classroom expectations with all writing assignments. 

At week four, students were still struggling with classroom routines. I continued to reteach and positively reinforce our classroom routines. By week six, I achieved 100% compliance with our routines and class disruptions were largely eliminated as the bell rang, during transitions, and right before the class dismissal bell.

March: I added Fred Jones, “Prefered Activity Time” and made it a competition between my five classes. The students really responded to the this strategy and students began to take personal responsibility for class time. We were able to work more efficiently through the curriculum and I was able to add enhancement activities to my lesson plans including a debate during lunch between my five classes. The students really seemed to enjoy the debate and I found it easy to connect it back to critical thinking in our ongoing writing assignments.

Year 2