S18: GC-SWG + GC-E2E + SPV: GC Systematics

Chair / Contact

Lado Samushia (colkhis à gmail.com), Marco Scodeggio (marcos à lambrate.inaf.it)


This is a joint session led by GC-SWG, with participation from GC-E2E and SPV, and will focus on observational systematic effects in GC data analysis. We will discuss major observational systematics for GC analysis by reviewing ongoing work, identifying near term priorities and required simulations. The goal of this session is to finalize a list of projects/papers on observational systematics and to develop a plan for the next year. (See https://euclid.roe.ac.uk/projects/gcswg/wiki/Observational_Systematics for basic information on the relevant work-package)

Room and Time

Room: GS. Time: 13:45 - 15:15, Thursday June 14th.



Introduction to the WP

Lado & Marco


Correlation function - Estimators

Federico Marulli


Power Spectrum - Estimators

Jun Koda


Foreground effects

Pierluigi Monaco


E2E simulations

Ben Granett


General Discussion

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