Tsadik Prize Competition 2018

“Enable your vision”

Call for projects

Your want to start a new project and need funding? This call for projects is for you!


Thanks to a partnership with the Tsadik Foundation, euforia is offering funding opportunities to projects created during / after euforia events in Switzerland and abroad.

Competition is not really the right word, as the aim of this initiative is not to choose the best project, rather to provide some funding to several projects in order to allow them to advance.

The jury will allocate the funding available (2 000 €) according to the needs of the different projects and the expected effect this funding will have on each project. The ultimate goal is to allow as many projects as possible to advance.

In fact, the Tsadik competition goes beyond purely financial support. Taking part in the competition will allow you to develop key competences in different areas, including fundraising and pitching of your project to potential partners. Moreover, each applicant will receive detailed feedback on their project.

We advise you not to enter this competition with a competitive mindset, rather with one of solidarity. Try to estimate your financial needs in as much a realistic way as possible, as by setting your funding expectations too high you may end up leaving another great project without any funding. Please keep in mind that the aim of the Tsadik Prize Competition is not to finance your project in its entirety, rather to provide the funding necessary for it to get started. It is up to you to look elsewhere for further funding.


In order to apply, you are kindly requested to send a dossier as well as a video message. Your dossier should contain:

Your dossier should be written in English – you will not be assessed on language. Your video-message should be a 3-minute pitch of the project – you can go wild on your creativity here. Your pitch can be in German, French or English.

Selection criteria

The jury is composed of 3 people, including euforia volunteers and staff, and will allocate the funding these criteria:

Formal criteria:

Substantial criteria: