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Fruition Sciences, a vineyard information company, is seeking vineyard technicians for the 2019 vintage. We are looking for technicians in the Napa/Sonoma area.

The Company

Fruition Sciences is a precision agriculture/online software company which provides the most advanced vineyard-monitoring tools in the industry. Our system and protocols are designed to help winemakers link their fruit maturation with vineyard practices, in order to grow the best fruit quality. Fruit maturation is strongly dependent on climate, irrigation, canopy, soil, nutrients, etc.because of this we offer an expertise on data collection, connecting vineyard data, and visual observations.

To learn more about what we do, check us out online at

The Job

Our Vineyard Technicians assist us with the collection of vineyard data. We provide many different services throughout the season at many different vineyards. You will be constantly learning and developing new skills. Each day will be spent visiting a number of clients and performing various tasks. Everyday will be different, depending on which project you are working on.

This is a challenging (both mentally and physically) but rewarding internship. It gives you the chance to see the wine industry from a less-common perspective, from the precision agriculture/technology driven side of the industry.

This is a vineyard internship, so you will be outside; rain or shine. Physical fitness is a factor of this job; we work with equipment in the field so you will be required to carry heavy materials in the vineyard (up and down hills). Because what we do is so unique, you will need to learn a lot of information in a short period of time and follow specific instructions very carefully with little supervision. Expectations for this internship are extremely high.

We are constantly growing so there is potential for this internship to turn into full-time employment.

For those that are more interested in the viticulture/winemaking side of the industry; this internship provides a great opportunity to get your foot-in-the-door with wine brands (including high-end, luxury wine brands). Our intern alumni have gone on to do many great things at many different companies around the world. If you do well for us we can provide you with recommendations to top wineries globally.

Key qualities to be successful in this position: honesty, strong attention to detail, and the aptitude to adapt to changing schedules/tasks/etc. with little notice.

Approximate 3 month internship (April-late June/early July). This will be perfect if you are looking to start a harvest position in late summer/fall. In this role, you will begin the season helping us install Sap Flow equipment, around May you will transition from being focused on Sap Flow to focusing on vineyard sampling tasks. $15/hour, typically 40 hours/week, there may be some overtime.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Other Details

To Apply

Please send resume, cover letter, and responses to the following questions to

  1. In a few words, please explain your professional and/or educational path and how/why you chose this path.
  2. Would you rather work in a team or individually? Why? Please bring examples from your personal experience to illustrate your answer.
  3. What is your greatest success at a personal or professional level?
  4.  Can you provide an example of a time that you have succeeded in a job or project that was unlike anything you had ever done before?
  5. Would you rather be guided by your management or be autonomous?
  6. What is most appealing about this internship for you?
  7.  Please share any other information (particular skills, personal values, past experiences) that could bring some extra value to your candidacy.
  8. Lastly, please let us know your availability: start date, end date (if applicable), any conflicts with schedule (i.e. school classes), and any planned vacations.

Thank you for your interest in Fruition Sciences! We look forward to hearing from you!