Scholarly Projects

Feminist Rhetorical Pedagogy, 2017

This is the compilation of assignments given in my ENG 217: Writing Reflective Essays course that I taught at Arizona State University in the fall of 2015. I used this course as the foundation of my dissertation work, and I taught through a feminist rhetorical pedagogical lens.

Writing Project One: Critical Imagination

Writing Project Two: Social & Strategic Contemplation

Writing Project Three: Globalizing Point of View

Writing Project Four: Revision

Feminist Methodology & Yoga Flow, 2016

I created a presentation of a metaphor of feminist methodologies and how they operate in the larger debates in the philosophy of science in the 20th and 21st centuries. I decided on the metaphor of "embodied movement" represented with my yoga practice. I created a Google presentation linking foundational feminist methodological scholars and basic yoga poses. You can find that presentation HERE. I also recorded a video of the full yoga flow made up of the poses that I was discussing in the presentation. You can find the "Basic Yoga Flow" YouTube video HERE.

Internship, 2015

During the Fall 2015 semester, I will complete an internship with Dr. Elenore Long by creating materials and solidifying language to be used to disseminate information about a new English major with a concentration in Writing, Rhetorics, and Literacies for undergraduates at Arizona State University. Below are the individual updates about my work on this internship, as well as final products.

Internship Log: Initial Fall Meeting

Internship Log: Terminology

Internship Log: Second Meeting

Internship Log: Rhetoric List

Internship Log: Dingo Documents

Internship Log: Third Meeting 

Internship Log: Edward's Interview

Internship Log: Dr. Wheeler's Interview

Internship Log: Document Review & Possible Release Directions

Internship Log: Fourth Meeting

Internship Log: Student Interviews

Internship Log: Final Meeting

Internship Log: Rhetoric Newsletter Article

Rhetoric Buzzfeed List One

Rhetoric Buzzfeed List Two

Rhetoric Buzzfeed List Three (Draft)

Accents on English Article ASU News Article

Post-Internship Log:

SIG Buzzfeed List

Post-Internship Log

Multimodal Assessment Guide, 2014

This is a guide for teachers as well as a student handout that addresses ways to teach and assess multimodal work in the ASU Writing Programs ENG 101 and 102 classrooms. Though the handouts discuss the ways that multimodal work can be used within these specific classes, the overall attention to translating multimodal work to specific page number requirements could be used in many programs and facets. Please access the teacher's guide HERE and the student handout HERE.

Timeline Blog, 2014

This is a blog tracing the subject of rhetoric in the university system. I authored and published this blog in the spring of 2014 to be used as a resource for instructors and students at any level. Please access the blog, timeline and Works Cited HERE.

Initial Genre Assessment, 2013

An article interrogating the antecedent genre knowledge of engineering students entitled "Awareness Versus Production: Probing Students' Antecedent Genre Knowledge" (Artemeva and Fox, 2012) prompted Laurenn York and I to create an initial genre assessment to help better understand the antecedent genre knowledge of our ENG 101 students at Illinois State University and conduct a study based on the responses. We created an assessment that we used in the Spring 2013 (Preliminary Assessment) and then another assessment adaptation that we used in the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters (Genre Assessment). This assessment completed our study. The initial genre assessment did help us to better understand our students' prior knowledge, but to a greater extent it informed our students about the purpose and focus of the course. The Writing Program at ISU then adopted and adjusted our Genre Assessment to be used program wide in the ENG 101 courses. The "Genre Assessment Overview" outlines our suggested program wide implementation.

In the Fall 2014 semester, I shifted the focus of the texts included in the assessment and have used it (Secondary Genre Assessment) in my ENG 101 and ENG 102 classes at Arizona State University in that semester and following semesters. This assessment was not used as part of our study, but it has continued to do similar work in the classroom as the study that we conducted.

Preliminary Genre Assessment

Preliminary Genre Assessment Text Samples

Genre Assessment Overview

Genre Assessment

Genre Assessment Text Samples

Genre Assessment Uses & Outcomes

Secondary Genre Assessment

Secondary Genre Assessment Text Samples