#192 - Into the Nexus: “Bound by Life”

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The Lifebinder is now live in game. We already gave our initial impressions at BlizzCon. But now that we’ve really had a chance to dig in, what are our thoughts?

Alexstrasza Release:

Match Ups:

So where does she belong? Piercing double tank with a Dive team (to avoid her weakness)


Other Changes

Talent Tier Advantage Callouts

Li Li Rework

Too many changes to go point by point.

Falls 2.3% to 47.7%


Dev Comments: Li Li is one of our oldest Heroes and has remained relatively unchanged since her debut in 2014. With this rework, we wanted to preserve her relative mechanical simplicity, but give her other ways to show mastery of game knowledge. Additionally, we wanted to expand upon her fantasy of being the enthusiastic sidekick who’s not afraid to put herself in danger to save her allies. With the new cooldown reduction mechanic on her trait, Li Li players are encouraged to dart in and out of skirmishes, taking just enough damage to keep her trait up. The longer she can keep her trait up, the more ability casts she gets, pushing her into a powerful sustain support role. With this mechanic she can also bully enemies that lack sustained damage; slowly forcing them out of lanes or off objectives. However, she’s fairly vulnerable to crowd control since she relies so heavily on frequent spell casts to survive. One well timed stun or silence can shut down an overly reckless Li Li. We’re aware that her Blinding Wind damage build was popular and that many players preferred her in that role, but we felt it was inappropriate for Li Li to put out the numbers she did while still providing decent support for her team. In general, we’re nudging our supports away from being as effective as Assassins or Specialists in terms of damage and wave clear potential.


Upcoming MMR Changes w/ BlizzTravis

LocalGhost on reddit posted a desire for an MMR Q&A and Travis more or less dropped one right then and there in the comments.

How to get Personal points:

Speed Over Accuracy:


Ranked Mode:




Would love to discuss why this happens and what a more long term sustainable program might look like.

Roster change period according to HGC





Bakery out


Blumbi & Darkmok out

SportBilly & eThernal in (left Diamond Skin)


BadBenny out


GranPkt & Poilk out

Diamond Skin

Lost SportBilly & eThernal to Liquid and Cris left


Yoda and Lutano in


Prismaticism is a free agent. Glaurung out.

Daneski and Kure in


Michael Udall retires

Spacestation Gaming

TigerJK & TalkingTrees out (free agents)


HongCono & h82 out


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Let's Talk Volskaya

Spurred by Ghostbear’s email

Volskaya,  I haven't been able to come up with a solid strategy for the map.  If possible a deep dive would be appreciated.

My thoughts:

Capture the point, use the Triglav Protector for team fights, then just use it for enabling siege with a one person man until another team fight breaks out.

Capture Turrets and Support Camps for sustain and additional damage for point capture.


Who should we look at getting to draft or ban?  Map size indicates Global presence, but objective looks like point control.  Then there is the question of Sylvanas value.

How should we use the protector?  It isn't as much of a siege vehicle, should it just break walls and team fight.  Is there value in capturing it, but never using it and just pushing on the map?

HGC isn't playing on Volskaya, so there is limited professional information about it.

Map has come under fire for being objective ignorable and split push winning quickly.

Protector needs to be rotated out of.

Dehaka - 41%




Li Ming - 45% and below

You could control the point:

Zuljin - 57%

Nazeebo - 54

Rexxar - 54

People are going to group, just blow them up




Or Split push



Just remember, they want to get on the point. Be careful about driving dive week heroes.



Hey ITN, I just barely got done watching the HGC and was wondering, what do I take away from this, I can't help but feel that a lot of it was stuff I can't do at home in an uncoordinated solo league. How do I separate the team coordination and the individual skill that I should try to replicated at home, big fan of the show, thank you in advance.


I love the podcast and really appreciate all you've done for the HOTS community over the years. Lately in heroes league I feel like I never get to draft a hero that I want to play. It seems like anytime I decide to draft a ranged assassin (e.g. Valla) Our team comp ends up with something like a malfurion and 2 other ranged assassins, or it has lacks a real tank and just gets bruisers. This is especially frustrating because when I am first pick it still feels like if I don't tank or support I get forced into a terrible team comp by my teammates. What do?


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