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Hogan CV
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Gabrielle Grace Hogan | (314)-825-2528 |


The University of Texas at Austin, Austin TX                                            August 2019 - May 2022

Master’s of Fine Arts: Creative Writing, Poetry Concentration

Bradley University, Peoria IL                                                            August 2015 - May 2019

Bachelor’s of Science: English, Creative Writing Concentration




Love Me With the Fierce Horse of Your Heart, Ursus Americanus 2023.

Soft Obliteration, Ghost City Press 2020.

Sentimental Violence: Some Poems About Tonya Harding, Ghost City Press 2020.

                Part of the 2020 Summer Micro-Chap Series


        You Flower / You Feast: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose Inspired by Harry Styles, 2020.

        Founder, editor, and contributor


“921 N Cooper,” Grist, May 2024.

“Thrush,” Swamp Ape Review, February 2024.

“The Body Keeps Score But Man Am I Bad At Math,” Missouri Review, January 2024.

“Devotion,” Frontier Poetry, July 2023.

“If You Have A Minute to Spare, Tell Me Everything You Know,” The Los Angeles Review, June 2023.

“Charleston Poem,” North American Review, April 2023.

“How Do We Name This,” TriQuarterly, January 2023.

“Anything to Help You Sleep,” Press Pause Press, April 2022.

“Hauntology,” Salt Hill, March 2022.

“Dyke in the Field,” “The Present Tense,” “Shifting From One Foot to the Other,” “While I Was

Away,” & “Would You Notice If I Left You,” Always Crashing, March 2022.

“My Heart is Trying to Get to Your Heart, But She is Lacking the Limbs,” Cream City Review,

December 2021.

“Time in the Love Of,” Poetry Northwest, December 2021.

“Love Me With the Fierce Horse of Your Heart,” The Account, December 2021.

        Nominated for Best of the Net 2022

“Love Poem With Piss In It,” Lammergeier, September 2021.

        Nominated for Best of the Net anthology

“Cows,” CutBank, September 2021.

“Lone Star,” “Love Poem For the Ex-Girlfriend Who Took Me to the Field Museum in Chicago,”

& “Let Me Write Poems Where No One Ever Leaves,” Lesbians Are Miracles, August


“Self-Portrait as Blah Blah Blah, Etc.,” Maudlin House, July 2021.

“Side Affectation,” The Hellebore, June 2021.

“I Knew You Were A Good Animal” & “The Light Appears, It Disappears, It Passes,” Afternoon

Visitor, June 2021.

“They Call St. Louis the River City, But Once Someone Called It the Lion of the Valley,”

DIAGRAM, May 2021.

“There's This One Episode of Glee, Where the Gay Guy—the Straight-Gay One, Not the

Gay-Gay One—Sings Katy Perry, & I Later Think I Like Boys When Who I Really Like

is the Show's Blonde Cheerleader,” The Neon Hollywood Cowboy Plays the Hits, May


“Girls’ Night at the Saturnine Aquarium,” Flypaper Lit, April 2021.

“Take Me in Your Tender Arms, Roll Me in the Dirt,” Glass: A Journal of Poetry, April 2021.

“We Should Rob Banks Together,” HAD, March 2021.

        Nominated for Best of the Net anthology

“There’s An Angel at the End,” Peach Mag, February 2021.

        Nominated for Best of the Net anthology

“Where Will You Go Now?,” “Choice Paralysis,” & “Contrapposto,” The Boiler, February 2021.

“Chiaroscuro,” DEAR, February 2021.

“On Seeing My Favorite Instagram Lesbian Couple Has Broken Up, I Begin to Question Love &

Thereafter Unravel,” Redivider, January 2021.

Runner-up of the 2021 Beacon Street Prize for Poetry

“Bitter Pastoral,” Vagabond City Lit, December 2020.

Blue Is the Warmest Colour Can Kiss My Ass,” Landfill, October 2020.

“The Hedges Are Burning / No, They Are Just On Fire,” Foglifter, September 2020.

“[REDACTED] as Harry Styles album, with Line from Elizabeth Bishop,” You Flower / You

Feast anthology, September 2020.


“We’ve Gotta Get to the Bottom of it All,” “Exploding Whale,” & “[REDACTED] as Harry

Styles album, with Line from Elizabeth Bishop,” mutiny!, August 2020.

Nominated for Best of the Net anthology

“Postcard,” Nashville Review, August 2020.

“Acanthamoeba Keratitis,” Homology Lit, August 2020.

“As Night Draws Its Sad Face Across the Window,” Kissing Dynamite, July 2020.

“ornithology” & “i’m reading about disease on the train,” Grub Street, June 2020.

“Grief Hot Dog,” Passages North, May 2020.

        Nominated for the Best of the Net anthology

“omniscience as mirror,” Best Buds! Collective, December 2019.

“poem where the poet lies through her teeth,” My Loves: A Digital Queer Anthology from Ghost

City Press, December 2019.

“dyke,” WMN Zine, December 2019.

“when i watched an old movie & realized everyone in it must be dead now—,” Sonora Review,

November 2019.

“poem formerly known as an apology” & “a door unhinges faster than a bullet flies,” Arcturus,

June 2019.

“shame is a screen door swinging violently shut,” The Penn Review, January 2019.

                Winner of the Undergraduate Scholarship

“poem to be read as a eulogy,” Lavender Review, December 2018.

                Nominated for Pushcart Prize

“poem to be read without anyone else in the room,” Ghost City Review, November 2018.

“ode to the dog we put down,” “rinds,” “querelle, 1982—andy warhol,” & “sonnet for tonya

harding & american negligence,” SOFTBLOW, October 2018.

“on a picture of my mother, circa 1989,” glitterMOB, July 2018.

“sonnet for harry styles & masculine postmortem,” LEVELER, June 2018.

“viaticum,” Spiral Orb, December 2017.

“in a perfect world, all the towns in illinois would be called ‘blood,’” Petrichor, October 2017.

“pools,” Academy of American Poets, May 2017.

                Winner of the Stein Academy of American Poets Prize

“after he tells you you’re nothing, say,” The Diverse Arts Project Journal, 2017.

“portrait of the madonna in school cafeteria,” MISTRESS, July 2017.

“he probably still has nightmares about you & i can’t say i don’t either” & “& all the cathedrals

have locked doors,” Crab Fat Magazine, September 2016.


“What Is A Girlypop Masc?,” Autostraddle, May 2024.

“What Drag Has Taught Me,” Autostraddle, May 2024.

“Which Queer Poet Should You Read Based On Your Favorite The Tortured Poets Department Track,” 

Autostraddle, April 2024.

“Texas’ DIY Parties Are Creating Spaces for Lesbians From Scratch,” Autostraddle, April 2024.

“We Loved boygenius Because of How They Loved Each Other,” Autostraddle, February 2024.

“I Saw MUNA and boygenius and All I Got Was a Surge of Queer Joy,” Autostraddle, October 2023.

Bottoms Characters Ranked by Whether or Not They’d Be Bottoms,” Autostraddle, September 2023.

“Representation Matters but I Didn’t Expect Bottoms To Take It So Far for Me,” Autostraddle,

September 2023.


        Sarah Matthes, Full Stop, April 2021.

Matt Mitchell, Full Stop, April 2021.


Workshops and Residencies

        Waitlist                Kenyon Review Writers Online Workshop, Poetry, 2024

Fellow                I-Park Foundation General Residency, June 2024

Declined offer

Waitlist                Kenyon Review Writers Workshop, Poetry, 2024

Finalist                Anderson Center Artist Residency Program, 2024

Waitlist                VCCA Residency, Winter 2024

Fellow                Ragdale Foundation Residency, Session 4, May 2023

Waitlist                Crosstown Arts Residency, 2023

Waitlist                I-Park Foundation General Residency, 2022

Grants and Scholarships

Recipient        James A. Michener Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin, 2022

Recipient        Bat City Review Editorial Board Scholarship, University of Texas at Austin, 2021

Recipient        Crawley-Garwood Research Grant, University of Texas at Austin, 2019

Recipient        The Penn Review’s Undergraduate Scholarship, University of Pennsylvania, 2019

Recipient        Bonnie Gordon Scholarship, Bradley University, 2019

Recipient        LGBT Scholarship, Bradley University, 2018

Recipient         Jim Ballowe Creative Writing Scholarship, Bradley University, 2017

Awards and Recognition

Nominee        Best of the Net, “Love Poem With Piss In It,” 2022

Nominee        Best of the Net, "Love Me With the Fierce Horse Of Your Heart," 2022

Semifinalist        Great River Review's Pink Poetry Prize, 2022

Finalist                Host Publications Chapbook Prize, 2022

Longlist                Foundlings Press’ Ralph Angel Poetry Prize, “Self-Portrait of the Poet High

on Halloween,” 2021

Nominee        Best of the Net, “We Should Rob Banks Together,” 2021

Nominee        Best of the Net, “There’s An Angel at the End,” 2021

Runner-up        Redivider’s Beacon Street Prize for Poetry, “On Seeing My Favorite

Instagram Lesbian Couple Has Broken Up, I Begin

to Question Love & Thereafter Unravel,” 2021

Nominee        Best of the Net, “Grief Hot Dog,” 2020

Nominee        Best of the Net, “sonnet for tonya harding,” 2020

Nominee        Pushcart Prize, “poem to be read as a eulogy,” 2017

Winner                Stein Academy of American Poets Prize, Bradley University, “Pools,” 2017

Winner                Chester Sipple Poetry Award, Bradley University, 2017


Autostraddle, Team Writer                                                        March 2024 - Present

Macmillan Learning, Custom Media Editor                                   May 2022 - March 2024

Bat City Review, Poetry Editor                                                       June 2020 - May 2021

You Flower / You Feast: A Harry Styles Anthology, Founder/Editor                         Jan 2020 - Aug 2020

Bat City Review, Associate Editor                                                          Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

Winter Tangerine, Project Intern (Poetry)                                                 Jan 2019 - May 2019

Broadside, Poetry Editor, Bradley University                                       Aug 2017 - May 2019

Broadside, Poetry Reader, Bradley University                                        Oct 2015 - May 2017


Judge for the 36th Annual Lambda Literary Award in Lesbian Memoir/Biography

                Lambda Literary, 2024

Reader for the 2024 Alice James Award

        Alice James Books, 2023

Reader for the 2021 Idaho Prize in Poetry, judged by Ilya Kaminsky

                Lost Horse Press, 2021

Digital Publishing Intern

        Center for Book Arts, Feb 2021 - Aug 2021

Social Media Assistant

        Interfaces Reading Series, Jan 2020 - March 2020

Teaching Assistant/Assistant Instructor

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, Aug 2019 - Dec 2021

Poetry Reader

        BOAAT Press, Nov 2018 - May 2020

Archivist in the Digital Humanities

        APCO International, Illinois Chapter, Oct 2016 - May 2019


24 Apr 2024 - VIRS: Death & Taxes

                community garden, Austin TX

6 Apr 2024 - Adrienne Novy’s The Art In This Exhibit Is Fragile & We Ask That You Do Not Touch It Release


6 Aug 2023 - Pastiche House: Poetry & Pottery with Don Brimberry

                Epoch Coffee, Austin TX

10 Apr 2023 - Sadie Dupuis’ Cry Perfume Release

                Bookwoman, Austin TX

26 Mar 2023 - Love Me With the Fierce Horse of Your Heart Chapbook Release and Reading

                Shipe Park, Austin TX

10 Feb 2023 - Red Light Lit’s From the He(art)

                Native Hostel, Austin TX

9 Sept 2022 - Tomorrow’s Party

                Literary Cleveland, Cleveland OH

29 Apr 2022 - Red Light Lit’s Rituals of the Recklessly Tender

Almost Real Things HQ, Austin TX

5 Mar 2022 - Maryan Nagy Captan Sixteen Rabbits Chapbook Launch


15 Dec 2021 - That’s So Me: Self-Ish Mix Virtual Launch Reading Presented by Peach Mag 


15 Nov 2021 - GET LIT Presented by Nomadic Press,


28 Oct 2021 - Bat City Review Presents: A Haunted Reading

Cheer Up Charlie’s, Austin TX

29 Sept 2021 - Poetry on the Pond

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin TX

11 Nov 2020 - No RSVP Episode 2


19 April 2020 - BRNHS presents: This Series Is (Not) On Netflix


26 March 2020 - Rob Colgate So Dark the Gap Chapbook Launch

Malvern Books, Austin TX

                Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic

29 Jan 2020 - Aural Literature,

Austin Public Library (Terrazas Branch), Austin TX


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