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Summer Smith


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Course Description

        Biology is a course in which students explore a variety of life science topics including biochemistry, cytology, genetics, evolution and a general survey of the kingdoms. Students participate in laboratory experiences designed to enhance their understanding of the subject matter and improve their experimentation skills. Together with exploring the methods of science, students discuss current science issues including bioethical topics.

Unit Topical Outline

  1. Matter and Energy Transformations in Ecosystems
  2. Interdependent Relationships
  3. Human Activity and Climate
  4. Human Activity and Biodiversity
  5. Cell Specialization and Homeostasis
  6. DNA and Inheritance
  7. Natural Selection
  8. Evolution

Course Expectations and Assessments

Primary Assessments/Tests: approximately 3 per marking period.

Secondary Assessments/Quizzes: Weekly or Bi-Weekly.

Support grades for class and lab work, including scientific notebook entries.

Additional Primary Assessments

1st Marking Period: Photosynthesis Lab Report

2nd Marking Period: Disturbance Project

3rd Marking Period: Invasive Species Project

4th Marking Period: Natural Selection Data Analysis

Course Policies 

        Success in Biology requires focus and participation in class, thoughtful completion of classwork, and consistent organization of work in the Biology Interactive Notebook (BIN). Homework will be assigned frequently in order to encourage daily review of course concepts. Assessment retakes will only be permitted if all assignments since the previous assessment have been completed. A running log of homework, classwork, and assignments can be found on the Google Classroom Stream. Assignments and corresponding grades can be viewed in Power School.

Recommended Materials 


        Students needing additional assistance with course work may request after-school tutoring from Ms.Smith via email or Remind or in person. Students are encouraged to plan ahead and check with Ms.Smith to ensure there is a mutually agreeable date for tutoring before the next upcoming assessment. Students are expected to have attempted all homework and classwork before requesting tutoring so that the focus of assistance is on strengthening understandings, not making up work.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences