The Three Little People

In the great dark forest on the 5th November 1955 lived three little people and their mother.  They lived in a big house but they were running out of money so their mother said, “ Can you guys go and find a job and make some money for the house mortgage please? I will give you some money so you guys can live off the streets and ask for some money too.”  So the three little people were given $25 each and they went out to the city to find a job.  

The little one, John, was the first to find a job and he worked as an accountant and he got $45 a day.  They were all paid on Sunday and he got $315 a week. The one in the middle, Johnny, was a scaffolding worker and he got $52 a day or $364 a week and the big one, Johnson, was a worker in a lollie shop and he only got $20 a day or he got $140 a week. They worked for 8 years until 1963.

By the 5th November 1963, they had raised about $23,954 and their mother was so proud of them. Each year they would do a great big feast for themselves with Mcdonald's, KFC and lots of fizzy drink.  They stayed up until 3:00am in the morning and they would get up at 12:00pm in the afternoon. They would be late for work but they told the bosses that they had a party on the 5th of November every year, so they had a day off on the 6th of November. But Johnson had to go to work because his boss wanted to talk to him about something and when Johnson went into the shop he saw a jar of mayo and it talked to him and he said “Hi the boss is waiting for and you haven’t met me yet.  My name is the jar of mayo and I am the manager of this place and I work non-stop until the boss tells me to go home.” then Johnson said “But how do you get home?”  The jar of mayo said “I have legs and arms so I can get home.”  Johnson said, “Ok” and then the boss came out with his weekly money and it was $140.  Then the boss said, “You haven’t done enough work for me to earn that much money, so I will do a deal, you give me all the money that you have from your brothers and you, and that's all you have to do since you haven’t done enough work, and I will promote you to manager.  The jar of mayo, you are now head manager if Johnson gives the money.

“So what do you say Johnson?”  Johnson said, “NO! Not from all the work we have done for the past 8 years.  We have worked very hard for it.” Then the boss said, “Well so be it.”  The boss clicked his fingers and the jar of mayo pressed the button to the trap door that Johnson was standing on, and Johnson fell down into a dungeon. He was trapped in a cage, luckily he had his phone on him.  So he quickly phoned his brothers and said, “Quick get all the money that you have and get all my money too because my boss said that I haven’t worked a lot so he said that I must give him all the money from you and from me too. That's all you have to do since I haven’t worked a lot but I have been working for 17 hours, and also call the police secretly with no one knowing.”

The next morning at 10:00am the brothers had all the money that they had and they had about $24,954 and they were about to enter the shop. A man came out and it was the boss, and then he said, “Are you Johnson’s brothers?” and they both nodded and then Johnny said, “Yeah, where is our brother?” and then the boss said, “Just give me the money first and I will give you your brother.” So then John said, “Are you sure that you will give our brother back?” and then the boss said, “I promise that I will give you your brother back so just give me the money please.”

So they gave the money and then the boss said, “How dumb  you two are, you thought that I will give you your brother for all this money.” Then they both got angry, really angry and they went inside the lollie shop to find their brother.  They didn’t notice that the boss and the jar of mayo were with their brother Johnson in the dungeon. So then the jar of mayo and the boss hid behind the corner and then when John and Johnny went down the stairs and the boss and the jar of mayo tried to jump on them. But they didn’t get a lock on them, and then it was time to fight.  

So it was the boss and the jar of mayo VS John and Johnny and this was like a “pokebattle” but with people. So it was John and Johnny's turn and they only did half the damage to the jar of mayo and the boss and then it was their turn and they did critical damage to John.  Then it was time to finish them off, so then they knocked them out and then they got the key from the boss and they set their brother free from the cage.  They also managed to get their money back. Then the Police came and they arrested the jar of mayo and the boss. They lived happily ever after.