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Thanks, everyone for the help filling coach roles. Schedules for the rest of October are complete and will be loaded soon.

Jay Buffett Oct 28 Learn to Goaltend. I will send out a signup for anyone interested.

We still need a head coach for the HURRICANES

Upcoming Ice Times Info for 2016 players who are new to U9. And a refresher for the rest of ya ;) You will notice on your schedule there are practice ice times and game days. Your FMMHA jerseys are for game days only.

If anyone is interested in some light reading on game day rules you can click the link

what jersey do you wear?

Home Team is BLUE

Away Team is WHITE

Practice jerseys are to be worn on practice days. These jerseys will be returned to minor hockey so please take care of them! (do not take them to the MOB games and get them signed) Don't lose them.

Goalies will be rotated through the players. No team will have a set goalie. Every player who is interested will be in rotation for goalie.

For teams who have development partner sessions this month (EAGLES, FALCONS, COUGARS) the ice time will be shared but the partner will only be for your side of the ice. Coaches are expected on ice for these sessions with the Development partners. And lastly Coach meetings will be set up within the week to start getting the season rolling!!