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What is "God"? - John & 1 John
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What is God? - John & I John                                                                        

What is “God”?

By Lance Howard

John 4:24a THV Version

The Universal One ("God") is Breath, Wind, Spirit- Divine Inspiration, Pure Energy, and Pure Mind (Sacred Intelligence). All living, breathing things (all of Life) exist in and are inspired by The One-Breathing. This is Sacred Unity- Unity in Diversity, “God”.

Typical Translation

“God is Spirit...” - John 4:24a (KJV)


This Being we have called “God” is The Animating Power(s) that gives expression to our being, our existence, and our experience. The Being or Existence or Reality, “God”, is The Source of the very life we breathe. The Artist breathes life into his or her art work and, in a synergistic way, places something of His-Her Self into the art- therefore creating a small resemblance or expression of themselves.

John 1:1 THV Version

1) In the Beginning-ness, the time and space before time and space begins, in the peaceful, yet, expectant wait before movement begins, in the space where nothing but The Intelligent Awareness always is, always was, and always will be; the place from where it All blooms- a timeless season or point of Pure Potential, a pivotal axis of readiness and creativity where everything begins a purposeful journey for better and for worse; The point from which all motion began, a magical- sacred, extravagantly creative moment outside of time, when and where The Sacred One, The Being of beings, Self of selves, The Diverse Singularity held space, time, and energy.

At the Start of It All is where the Wisdom of The One, the continual Creative Word and Sound, the Message and Conversation that has always moved as The Constant Flow. This Intelligent Expression existed with and as The One. It is the fully formed "I AM"- Sacred Sense- Consciousness existing behind and within the All in all.

~ or ~

1) At the Start of All This, at The Birthpoint, was the Seed and the Womb, The Logos- The Formula of all formulas and Formulator, The Thought of all thoughts and Thinker, The Concept behind all concepts and The Conceiver. The Logos- The Program of all programs and The Programmer, The Functional Organization and Reason for Everything. The Logos- The Sacred Message and The Messenger, The Narrative behind all narratives and The Narrator, The Complete Projection and Projector of Life, The Pattern and the Fabricator. The Great “I Exist”, I AM-ness was, is, and always will be The Sense of “I-ness”.

In The Beginning-ness, The Birthpoint and Assumed Start of It All, the time and space before time and space begins, in the peaceful, yet, expectant wait before movement begins. In the space where nothing but Pure Conscious Awareness always is, always was, and always will be. It all blooms from there, The Stillness- a timeless season or point of Pure Potential. From this pivotal axis of readiness and creativity, every “I” begins a purposeful journey. All motion began there at that magical, sacred, extravagantly creative moment. The Sacred I AM, Pure Conscious Awareness was there, before and as It All.

From The Start, The Creative Sound, The Cosmic Word, and Message Which has always been. This Intelligent Expression existed with and as The One and Only. It is the fully formed "I AM"- Sacred Sense. The Reason was “I AM”. Before our concept of time began was Logos, Pure Creative Intelligence and Logic was with and as Myth. We can barely explain and hardly describe This Reality.

Typical Translation

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

- John 1:1 (KJV)

1 John 4:8 THV Version

The person who does not love- breathe with affection and good-will, gladly regarding the welfare of others, perceiving the connection with The Life-Giving One that is All in all, does not truly know (has not had) The Experience (of The One). The One Who Gives Life breathes with affection and good-will, giving breath to us all.

Typical Translation

“He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.”

- 1 John 4:8 (KJV)


Love is the combined feeling or energy of peace, connection, affection, and good will. That Combined Feeling is The Being and Experience we have called “God”. We must understand that the only way to know peace, connection, affection, and goodwill is to know discord, disconnection, animosity, and hostility. ALL of this is in the knowledge and experience of “God”. But what is clearly being said here presents an idea that to be “God”, and therefore, “god-like”, is the Choice to be loving rather than hateful. Like yin and yang, The Knower (“God”) must be intimate or well acquainted with both sides, just as we potentially are. The physical illusion of our experience makes the dark side easy to see and the light harder to grasp. That is the exact reason for the journey: to discover the light, the truth, The Reality- That which will completely satisfy the soul and, thereby, change our world.

“GOD”, the:

I AM, Source, behind all I am’s                Heart of hearts                The I in “I”

Eye in and behind (your) eye         

Viewing-Feeling-Thinking behind all viewing-feeling-thinking

Memory holding every memory

                             The Self behind every self                The Great I AM (in you and them)

Source of What Is                 Source of Reality.        Ground of Being

The Field of Being                Containing The polar opposites of light and dark, good and evil, inside and outside, consciousness and unconsciousness.

Parent of the Universe                Frequency of All frequencies.

The Creative Field                Sacred Unity

Universe- Unity in Diversity

Divine Intelligence

The Infinite Field of Being and Knowing

The Illimitable “I Am”.


The Super-Ordinate Ethical Principle[1]          Song of All songs

Energy of All energies

Primordial Reason for Breath of breaths

Primordial Reason for Water of waters

Consciousness of consciousnesses

Conscience of consciences

Sacred of sacreds

Holy of holies

Mind of minds

  Perfectly Functional Recognition

        Pure Mind & Pure Potential

The Indivisible Law[2] (of Life)        The Whole Law of laws        Guiding Principle

        Boundary & Order & Alchemy                Inescapable Reality of Circulation

                        The Archetype of archetypes        The Highest Ideal

The Inspiration                                        Anthem of Soul

                        Heartbeat of heartbeats        

Creative Field of Consciousness and the Principle(s) thereof

The Subtle Essence of Everything, The Self of All that exists.

Spirit and Spirituality                        Eternal and Eternity                Life-Death-Love

                The Expanse of Life                        All That Is        That Which Is

        The Subject of All Objects                The Unseen-Knowable Seer         

The Eye-&-I Within You                                “I” in I

The Being-ness        

        Power- That which gives, supplies, and supports with energy and sense of/for life.

Pure Awareness

                        Simple Presence


                                                The Pure Expansive and Generative Power

                The Ever-Present Intelligence of Here & Now.

   First Reason

         The Unseen Cause

Whatever exists, exists in the context of The Infinite Field of Creative Consciousness (“God”). All things become possible in this Container, this Ground (of Being/Existence). If what we call “bad”, “evil”, and “darkness” are in our focus, then we are the creators thereof because we are one with Consciousness, one with Mind, children and creative participants in and of the Whole- an Existent Being that we call “God”. This IS the Intelligence which all things consist.

Deepak Chopra[3] said, “...both aspects of creation, objective and subjective, have the same origin. Consciousness is both creator and creation, the knower and the known, the inside and outside of everything no matter from what angle you observe reality.”

It is said that Albert Einstein[4] called the intuitive or metaphoric mind a sacred gift. He added that the rational mind was a faithful servant. We have mistakenly forgotten the divinity of the intuitive and made rational our “god”.

We only know the world in relation to ourselves. This mysteriously gives rise to the notion of our own god-likeness- that we are a reflection of some aspect(s) thereof. We must understand that to be All-Knowing means One has to know the full extent of “good” and “evil”, “heaven” and “hell”. What, then would allow such a Being to be defined as “Love”?

The Highest Expression of Good, is the Choice to master the knowledge of evil to such a degree that those energies do not master, run, or become the default program of the experience or the mind. What we are learning from these scriptures is that LOVE, The Highest Expression of Peace, Connection, Affection, and Good Will is the Master Program, “God”. It follows, therefore, that if “God” is Love, then God must also be, Patient and Patience itself, Honest and Honesty itself, Peaceful and Peace itself, Trusting, Trustworthy, and Trust itself, Persevering and Perseverance itself, Humble and Humility itself, Honoring, Honorable, and Honor itself. “God” is The Highest Possible Good in whatever case.

The desire to live and love existed before my own existence. By this I mean every person before me and before them, as far as we can tell, has had the will to live and connect with something other than and more than their individual self. The desire for life and connection is the essence of "God". Mind (source of desire) and Spirit (source of feeling) have to be Primordial. The three passages I have translated above, speak directly to this.

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[2] The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 2, translated by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely says, “I am the Law, thy God (Exodus), “the invisible Law”, without beginning or end”, “the whole Law of all laws.” “The Law is thy God…”

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