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INTERNATIONAL CALLS FOR ACTION ON UGANDA - Japan, France & USA lead the way on famine

Japan will spearhead rapid, decisive action on Ugandan Famine, promises Japanese Foreign Minister. In response, France commits to join international action on Uganda - “The idea that France would not be involved in positive interventions in Uganda is laughable, but we will commit ourselves to positive, sustainable action, rather than aid for aid’s sake”. UK also commits resources on Uganda.

In an exclusive interview, the US President states, “The Uganda crisis is a very dramatic event, US will put as many resources into solving it as we can, and we encourage all other countries to come together for a permanent solution.”

CLIMATE ACTION ROUNDUP - Nations commit to cleaner oceans

China spearheading attempt to clean up world’s oceans. US research sharing. Some potential tension in quite who is in charge. “Great to see Japan following our lead.” The UK & US have joined forces on Atlantic clean-up project, described as research sharing and a joint commitment of resources.


Russian tanks have been sighted moving to Kazakhstan, spurring worry among multiple nations including China. Asked for comment, a Russian representative said, “Uganda is on our mind, as it should be for all nations.” And what about the tanks? “Details are still to be sorted out,” said a Russian representative.

An additional statement from Defence Minister clarified, “This is not an aggressive action, we’re just patrolling our borders.” Would she say that Russian forces are as free to move in these ex-Soviet states as in their own borders? “Yes.”


UK Foreign Minister has signed trade agreements with US and India.

France announces international culture festival: “French culture still best in the world… we are not a war like people” – French premiere. Promises all participants during month-long festival sweet treats in reward (wine gums first come first served)”