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At Fife we pursue an environment that is safe, welcoming, and promotes learning for all students. While a “handbook” isn’t the most exciting document to read, it is critical that we take the time to look closely at the expectations outlined in it to ensure we all understand what is expected of Fife Trojans. We believe in Family; and within these pages you will see examples of how we do and don’t treat people who are in our “Fife Family.” We believe in Honor; and this handbook is an overview of guidelines that help us present ourselves to others in our school community, and outside our community, with honorable respect. We also believe in Service. This can often solicit images of helping the needy, or volunteerism; but it is so much more. Service is putting others ahead of yourself, going out of your way to positively impact those around us; our peers, our staff. Service is leadership. I’m hoping the discussion around this document will bring to mind ways you can make a difference serving others. It’s my hope that you take seriously our Family days going through Fife 101 reviewing this handbook and our school culture, but more importantly that you take being a student seriously. That you take pride it making our school better because you are here! It is a gift to receive a free education, don’t waste that gift!  Above all, let's have our Trojan Heart on display.

Get ‘em Trojans!

Brandon Bakke



General Information 3-4

  • ASB Officers 3
  • Office Staff 3
  • Sports and League Information 3
  • Bell Schedule 4

Electronic Systems Use Agreement 5-6

Athletic/Activities Code 7-10

Discipline 11-15

  • Discipline. 11
  • Exceptional Misconduct 12-15

General Information 16-33

  • Academic Non-Performance 15
  • Academic Standing/Grade Point 15
  • Accidents 15
  • ASB Cards 16
  • Assemblies 16
  • Attendance 16-19
  • Bulletins 19
  • Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation 19
  • Cheating/Dishonesty/Plagiarism 21
  • Civil Rights 22
  • Classroom/Student Conduct 22
  • Closed Campus 22
  • Dances 22
  • Dangerous Behavior 23
  • Defiance of School Authority 23
  • Deliveries 23
  • Displays of Affection 23
  • Disruptive Behavior 24
  • Dress and Physical Appearance 24
  • Dropping a Class 25
  • Eighteen-Year Old Students 25
  • Electronic Devices 25
  • Emergency Situations 26
  • Fees, Fines, and Bills 26

  • Fire Alarms 26
  • Freedom of Expression 26
  • Gang Related Behavior 27
  • Grading Procedures 28
  • Graduation 29
  • Insurance 29
  • Interviews and Interrogation 29
  • Lockers 30
  • Lunch Period 30
  • Medications/Nurse’s Office 30
  • Parent Conferences 30
  • Parking 31
  • Personal Belongings 31
  • Records 31
  • Responsible Use Violations 32
  • Schedule Changes 32
  • Search and Seizure 32
  • Selling Items at School 33
  • Special Services 33
  • Surveillance Cameras 34
  • Visitors 34
  • Withdrawal From School 34

Interpreter Services 35

Covid Insert 36

  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • Zoom Expectations

Remote Learning Daily Schedule 37


Fife High School                       

5616 20th St East                                @FifeHSTrojans

Tacoma, WA 98424                                @FifeHSAthletics

253-517-1100                                        follow us on Facebook!

253-517-1105 (fax)

2020 ASB OFFICERS                                2019-2020 ASB Coordinators


Principal- Brandon Bakke                                         

Assistant Principal- Paige Carroll (P-Z)                      Assistant Principal–Doug Gonzales (A-H)                                 Dean of Students/Athletic Director- Shane Nixon (I-O)

Office Manager- Kelly Wood

Attendance Office- Elaine Peretti

Bookkeeper- Michelle Nixon

Registrar- Pam Kilcup  

Counselors- Graham O’Brien (A-K),

Lisa Hope (L-Z)

On-Time Graduation Specialist- John Weyerhaeuser

SPORTS AND LEAGUE INFORMATION (View the modified WIAA 2020-2021 Sports Calendar

Fall Sports                                              Winter Sports                                         Spring Sports

Cross Country                                      Basketball                                               Boys Baseball

Football                                                   Boys Swim                                            Girls Fastpitch

Golf                                                         Wrestling                                              Boys Soccer

Girls Soccer                                                                                                    Girls Tennis

Girls Swim                                                                                                      Track and Field

Boys Tennis

Girls Volleyball


South Puget Sound League (SPSL) 2A


A - Monday Late Start Schedule

Warning Bell    8:35

1st                8:40 – 9:27

2nd                9:32 – 10:22        

3rd                10:27 – 11:14            

1st lunch        11:14 – 11:44

4th                11:49 – 12:36

4th                11:19 – 12:06

2nd lunch        12:06 – 12:36

5th                12:41 – 1:28

6th                1:33 – 2:20

D - Early Release Schedule

Warning Bell        7:35

1st                 7:40 – 8:09

2nd                 8:14 – 8:44        

3rd                 8:49 – 9:18            

4th                9:23 – 9:52

5th                 9:57 – 10:26

6th                 10:31 – 11:00

B - Daily T – F Schedule

Warning Bell         7:35

1st                 7:40 – 8:30

2nd                 8:35 – 9:25

Fife Flex          9:30 – 10:10        

3rd                10:15 – 11:05            

1st lunch         11:05 – 11:35

4th                  11:40 – 12:30

4th                 11:10 – 12:00

2nd lunch         12:00 – 12:30

5th                   12:35 – 1:25

6th                     1:30 – 2:20

E - Testing Schedule

Warning Bell            7:35

Testing                     7:40 – 10:55                    

1st                              11:00 – 11:35

1st Lunch                   11:00 – 11:35

1st                              11:35 – 12:05

2nd Lunch                  11:35 – 12:05

2nd                             12:10 – 12:32

3rd                             12:37 – 12:59

4th                              1:04 -  1:26

5th                              1:31 -  1:53

6th                              1:58 -  2:20

C - PM Assembly

Warning Bell        7:35

1st                7:40 – 8:30

2nd                8:35 – 9:25        

3rd                9:30 – 10:20            

1st Lunch         10:20 – 10:50

4th                 10:55 – 11:45

4th                 10:25 – 11:15

2nd Lunch         11:15 – 11:45

5th                 11:50 – 12:40

6th                 12:45 – 1:35

Assembly    1:40 – 2:20

NOTE: in order to get to class on time, students should be on campus when the warning bell sounds before school.

F - 2 Hr Late Schedule

Warning Bell        9:35

1st                9:40 – 10:17

2nd                10:22 – 11:02

3rd                11:07 – 11:44

1st Lunch        11:44 – 12:14

4th                12:19 – 12:56

4th                11:49 – 12:26

2nd Lunch        12:26 – 12:56

5th                1:01 – 1:38

6th                1:43 – 2:20        

Electronic Systems Use Agreement and Technology and Network Use

Fife School District Procedures 2022P


The Fife School District believes the Internet and other electronic systems offer vast, diverse, and unique resources to both students and staff. Our goal in providing these services to students and staff is to promote educational excellence in schools by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication.

With access to a global network also comes the potential availability of material that may be inappropriate for a school setting. The Fife School District, in accordance with its policies and procedures, will take reasonable precautions to ensure the appropriate use of its network by staff, students, and visitors to the district. However, it is not technically possible to control all materials and users may encounter inappropriate information either by accident or through intentional misuse of the system. The Fife School District believes the educational value of information and interaction through electronic systems outweighs the risk of inappropriate use. The procedures below outlines terms and conditions of system use that must be followed by students, staff, and visitors to the district.

Refs. Board Policy 2022                Board Procedure 2022P                Board Policy 3245

Responsible Use

Electronic resources provided by the Fife School District are to be used in a manner consistent with the district's educational mission and goals. Students and staff are encouraged to use the systems in support of research, instruction, collaboration, and other forms of academic work. Use of these resources is governed by federal, state, and local regulations. Use of the district's electronic resources in an illegal or unethical manner may result in disciplinary action, including loss of privileges to use the system, school or district sanctions, and referral to appropriate law enforcement authorities. The following guidelines illustrate the types of things that users should and should not do with electronic systems.

Personal Security

Personal information such as complete names, addresses, telephone numbers and identifiable photos should remain confidential when communicating on the system. No user may disclose, use, or disseminate personal identification information regarding students without appropriate authorization.

System Security

  1. System logins or accounts are to be used only by the authorized owner of the account for the authorized purpose. Users may not share their account number or password with another person or leave an open file or session unattended or unsupervised. Account owners are ultimately responsible for all activity under their account.
  2. Users shall not seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to other users, misrepresent other users on the system, or attempt to gain unauthorized access to any entity on the network.
  3. Communications may not be encrypted so as to avoid security review.
  4. Users should change passwords regularly and avoid easily guessed passwords.
  5. No use of the system shall serve to disrupt the operation of the system by others. System components including hardware or software shall not be destroyed, modified, or abused in any way. Malicious use of the system to develop programs or institute practices that harass other users or gain unauthorized access to any entity on the system and/or damage the components of an entity on the network is prohibited.
  6. Only district approved software shall be installed on district computers.
  7. Only district approved computers (or other network devices such as cell phones) shall be allowed to connect to the district network including wireless networks without authorization.

Appropriate Content and Behavior

  1. The unauthorized installation, use, storage, or distribution of copyrighted software or materials on district computers is prohibited. All users of the network shall comply with current copyright laws.
  2. The system constitutes public facilities and may not be used to support or oppose political candidates or ballot measures.
  3. Users are responsible for the appropriateness of the material they transmit over the system. Hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks, or other antisocial behaviors are expressly prohibited.
  4. Use of the system to access, store, or distribute obscene, graphic, or pornographic material is prohibited.

Filtering and Monitoring

  1. In accordance with federal, state, and local regulations, filtering software is used to control access to the Internet. This blocks or filters visual depictions that are obscene and other content that is harmful to students. Parents are advised, however, that filtering technology is imperfect, and that the possibility exists of obtaining access to prohibited materials. Educational staff will, to the best of their ability, monitor students' use of the Internet, and will take reasonable measures to prevent access to inappropriate materials.
  2. From time to time the district will make a determination on whether specific uses of the network are consistent with the regulations stated above. For security and administrative purposes the district reserves the right for authorized personnel to review network use and content. The district reserves the right to remove an individual’s network access privileges to prevent further unauthorized activity.

Google Apps for Education for Students

The Fife School District is providing online accounts for students through a service provided by Google called Google Apps for Education. These accounts include email, an online calendar, web-based documents, and other communication/collaboration tools. The purpose of these accounts is to help students better communicate with teachers and each other for learning purposes, giving students practice in using the types of technology tools essential to their future.

Google Apps for Education is similar to the tools you can use when signing up for a personal Gmail account but it is specially designed for schools to provide extra management and monitoring tools.

Acceptable use of Google Apps in Fife includes the following:

  1. Email - Participating students will be assigned a district email address. This account will remain active while the student is enrolled in the Fife School District at the discretion of district staff.
  2. Prohibited Conduct - Fife Google accounts should only be used to support educational activities. Fife Google accounts may not be used in the following ways:
  1. Unlawful activities
  2. Commercial purposes
  3. Personal financial gain
  4. False identity in email communication
  5. Misrepresentation of the Fife School District
  6. Interference with Fife technical operations
  7. Harassment, bullying, intimidation
  8. Disruption of educational processes
  1. Access Restriction - Access to and use of a Fife Google account is a privilege. The district maintains the right to withdraw account access should there be reason to believe that the account has been misused. Further discipline may follow as with other network use violations. Any violation of policies or laws will be referred to the proper authorities as needed.
  2. Security - The Fife School District cannot and does not guarantee the security of the electronic files on the Google system. Although Google does have a powerful content filter in place, the district cannot assure that users will not be exposed to unsolicited information such as spam.
  3. Privacy - The district maintains the right to access any information stored on a student’s Fife Google Apps account for the purposes of performing maintenance, diagnosing problems, or investigating potential misconduct. Students should not share their account information with other students. A legal guardian has the right to access their student’s account.

By using Fife School District technologies and networks, staff, students, and visitors agree to all applicable policies and procedures (ie Board Policy 2022, Board Procedure 2022P). I further understand that any violation of the regulations above is unethical and may constitute a criminal offense. Committing any violation may result in revocation of access privileges, disciplinary action, and/or appropriate legal action.



Students and staff in the Fife High School Athletics/Activities Program are constantly representing Fife High School in the public. This exposure places them in a position that requires they assume a greater amount of responsibility for their conduct.  Conduct in and out of school will directly reflect on fellow students, coaches/advisors, and Fife High School.  Discipline will apply to students participating in activities and athletics should they violate the FHS Athletic and Activity Code.


For this reason, an Athletic/Activity Code of Conduct has been established.  The Fife High School administration, athletic director, and coach/advisor will administer this code. As a condition of participation in co-curricular activities, participants will agree in writing to abide by all of the rules set forth below for the entire school year during which they wish to participate. Parents, guardians and/or legal custodians shall indicate in writing (electronic signature in skyward) that they have received a copy of the rules, understand, accept and will make every effort to assist all participants in upholding the rules set below.


This code begins with the student’s initial athletic clearance of his/her high school career, runs through the entire school year, and extends through graduation. School year is defined as the first day of tryouts in the fall through the last day of June (If an activity conducts official school practices, meetings and/or other activities during the summer months these rules shall be considered in force for those participants.) Once signed, these rules are in force for all participants during the defined school year for the entire time the participant is eligible in the Fife School District.


1 To promote positive citizenship and respect for rules and authority

1.1 by experiencing the principles of justice, fair play, and good sportsmanship.

1.2 by providing the opportunity for the student to adjust his/her attitude to the concept of team or group goals.

2. To promote and contribute to the goals of the total education program.

2.1 through the realization that a healthy body combined with structured practice increase the probability of effective learning.

2.2   by providing a strong program that attracts student body interest and models a positive learning atmosphere.

3.  To promote community interest and involvement in school activities

3.1  by providing enjoyable experiences for participants and spectators.

3.2 by establishing rules and setting high standards for activity participation that reflect the rules and regulations that follow.


Student Participants

The rules and regulations of the Activity Code will be regarded as a contract between the student, the school, and his/her coach or advisor.  It will apply to the following groups of students:

1. Athletes – Any student that participates in a school sponsored athletic sport.

2. Associated Student Body Officers, Class Officers, and Cheerleaders - ASB officers, class officers, and cheerleaders are unique groups representing the school throughout an entire year and are held to a higher level of accountability.  Therefore, any misconduct mentioned in this code, including illegal activities, by an officer or cheerleader will result in removal from office.  The ASB and class elective positions and cheerleaders are covered by the code from their date of candidacy through the end of that school year, during summer camp week, and during the subsequent year starting with the first day of fall athletic practice and ending with the conclusion of their season or term of office.

3.Music Department Performing Groups – Performances of FHS musical groups are an integral part of the music curriculum.  They are a required activity and are considered in determining a final course grade. Music students involved in violations of the activity code will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the performing group.  Additionally, students involved in violations of school rules will be subject to school disciplinary procedures.

4.Other Extra-Curricular Activities/Clubs – All other FHS activities and clubs that perform, compete or formally represent FHS in the community at large, such as Drama, FFA, FBLA, etc. are also subject to the expectations contained in this code.  Students involved in violations of this code will face school discipline as well as disciplinary measures in the respective club/activity.  Discipline will vary on the severity of the offense and may result in suspension/removal from the club or activity.

Rules and Regulations

1. Sportsmanship: Students must conduct themselves properly and use appropriate language at all times when representing Fife High at school and in the community.                

2. Appearance:  Students, while representing the high school, are required to be neat, clean and well groomed. The entire uniform, as required by state, league, and school rules shall be worn at all times during sports contests.

3. Athletic Awards:

-The Varsity Letter Awards

Students will receive a chenille "F" letter for the first varsity letter earned.  They are entitled to only one during their career.  Each letter earned will be rewarded with a certificate that states this achievement.  Head coaches will establish and announce lettering criteria for their sport.  These may vary from sport to sport.

·Career Athlete (Male/Female)

This award will be voted on by the coaches of Fife High School.  It will be based on ability, participation, post-season awards, leadership, citizenship, and coachability over the four year period.

· Scholar Athlete (Male/Female)

This award will be voted on by the coaches of Fife High School.  It will be based on their courses of study, grade point average, athletic participation, and excellence over the four year period.

· Coaches Award (Male/Female)

This award will be voted on by the coaches of Fife High School.  It will be based on an athlete’s positive leadership, citizenship, and total commitment to the school’s overall program over the four year period.

4.School Attendance:  A student absent from school any part of the day on which his/her extra-curricular activity is scheduled will not be allowed to participate in that scheduled activity/practice/rehearsal.  Exceptions will be made for verified doctor or dental appointments or other cases prearranged through a building administrator.

5.Equipment:  School-owned equipment checked out to a student is his/her responsibility.  Loss or misuse of this equipment will be the student's financial obligation. School-owned equipment may be worn only for practices, on game day, or to scheduled performances or activities. Athletes may be held out of participation, including practices and contests during the next sport season unless all gear that was checked out to them from the previous sport or activity has been returned or paid in full.

6. Fees:  All participants in either activities or athletics must purchase an ASB Card and will not be cleared to participate until a card is purchased.  Cost is $40.00 payable to the FHS Bookkeeper.

7.Grades:  FHS follows the WIAA guidelines for academic eligibility.  In order to gain initial eligibility, the student shall:  a) have been in regular attendance at least 15 weeks and b) passed a minimum of five full-time classes the previous semester.  Any student who was not enrolled for a minimum of 15 weeks or who did not pass at least five classes the previous semester may still turn out but will be declared academically ineligible to compete through the last Saturday in September and the first five weeks of second semester.  If the student is passing at least five classes at the end of this academic suspension, then s/he can begin competing at that time.  For all athletes, grades will be checked periodically at the minimum at each quarterly grade report.  Athletes who are not passing at least five classes at that time will be declared academically ineligible to compete until such point as s/he is passing a minimum of five classes.  All athletes must be enrolled in at least five full time classes.  Note:  Running Start students need to meet with the Athletic Director to go over academic eligibility standards prior to the beginning of their season and complete the appropriate WIAA Running Start eligibility form.

8.  Insurance:  All student athletes are required to provide proof of insurance coverage before being cleared to participate in extra-curricular athletics. This includes organized spring/summer participation.

9. Meetings, Practice Sessions and Games:  Students are expected to attend all scheduled meetings, practice sessions, performances and games whether school is in session or not. If a student needs to miss practice or meetings, prior arrangements must be made with the coach or advisor.

10. Risks of Participation:  Many activities involve possible risks to the participating individuals.  Some of these (i.e. tackle football) are dangerous activities involving MANY RISKS OF INJURY.  We expect the students and parents to be aware of these risks and the serious nature of the injuries that may possibly occur.  The participant should recognize the importance of following coaches' instructions regarding techniques, training and other team rules, and agree to obey such instructions. A signed inherent risk form for each sport that is participated in acknowledges this risk.

11. Additional Rules:  In addition to the rules stated herein, coaches or advisors may require adherence to additional rules needed to regulate their activities.



Participants who violate this code will face disciplinary action ranging from game/activity suspension to dismissal.  Students disciplined or dismissed from an activity will not be eligible for consideration in the voting for special awards related to the sports season/activity in question.  Disciplinary action is cumulative over the course of the student’s career.

1.  Athletic/Activity Dismissal - Students may be dismissed from an activity or athletic team in cases where students are involved in criminal activity, repeated violations of the activity code, or in flagrant violations of the code.  If the activity is extra-curricular in nature, the students may be removed from the classroom and placed in an alternative learning environment for the balance of the semester.  They will be provided with alternative class material and assignments that will allow them the opportunity to maintain their grade level in the class. Student-athletes who quit or who do not finish the season in good standing will not letter or be considered for post-season awards.

2. Appeal Process - Any student who is alleged to have violated the Activity Code is entitled to due process procedures as established by the Fife School District Board of Directors.  The principal should be contacted in writing to initiate this procedure.

3.Self-Reporting - It is the intention of this policy to provide guidance and assistance to students in need. Honesty and cooperation are the main objectives of the discipline policy.

4.Furthermore, students who seek immediate attention for an alcohol or drug-related problem, prior to disciplinary procedures issued by school authorities will not be denied the opportunity to continue participation in extracurricular activities at Fife High School.  An assessment will be included as part of this process and the student will be required to follow the recommendations of that assessment to continue to participate.


1. Legend drugs and controlled substances– Penalties for the possession, use or sale of legend drugs (drugs obtained through prescription, RCW 69.41.020-050) and controlled substances (RCW 69.50) shall be as follows:

·1st Offense: suspension for remainder of the current sports season. A participant shall be immediately ineligible for interscholastic competition in the current interscholastic sports program for the remainder of the season. Ineligibility shall continue until the next sports season in which the participant wishes to participate unless the student accesses the assistance program outlined in B (below.) An athlete who is found to be in violation of the Legend drugs and controlled substances rule shall have two options.

A. The athlete will be ineligible for participation in contests for the remainder of that interscholastic sports season and must meet the school’s requirements in order to be eligible to compete in the next interscholastic sports season. The school principal will have the final authority regarding the student’s participation in further interscholastic sports programs.

B. The athlete may choose to seek and receive help for a problem with use of legend drugs or controlled substances. Successful utilization of school and or community assistance programs may allow him/her to have eligibility reinstated in that athletic season, pending recommendation by the school.

·2nd Offense: A participant who again violates any provision of RCW 69.41.020 through 69.41.050 or of RCW 69.50 shall be ineligible for interscholastic competition for a period of one (1) calendar year from the date of the second violation.

·3rd Offense: A participant who violates for a third time RCW 69.41.020 - 69.41.050 or of RCW 69.50 shall be permanently ineligible for interscholastic competition.  

2. Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco - Students who use, possess, or are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, vape pens or related paraphernalia at any event or function that takes place either on or off campus will be subject to Fife High School Athletic/Activity Code disciplinary actions and possibly Fife High School Student Handbook sanctions.

· 1st Offense:  suspension from at least 20% of the current season or the next season in which the student plans to participate.  The student will complete a drug/alcohol assessment and will need to follow through with the recommendations of that assessment.

· 2nd Offense: suspension from participation for 365 continuous days (1 year) with the opportunity to appeal the suspension to the school principal.

· 3rd Offense: expulsion from athletics for the remainder of the student’s career.

3. NOTE:  Athletes who knowingly remain at a function in the presence of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or other activities in violation of this code will be suspended for at least the next scheduled contest.  Multiple violations of this kind may result in a greater disciplinary action.




It is impossible for teaching or learning to take place in a classroom unless good order is maintained.  According to WAC 392.400.210:

 “…it shall be the responsibility and duty of each student to pursue his/her course of studies…and submit to reasonable corrective action or punishment imposed by a school district and its agents for violation(s) of such rules.”

Students are reminded that they must adhere to a code of good behavior, not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit of others as well.  Students are responsible for their own actions and are held accountable for:

  1. All rules and responsibilities within this handbook;
  2. The Fife School District Board of Directors' policies concerning student conduct;
  3. Other rules set forth by the Fife High School staff and administration as outlined in the District Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Students not adhering to any of the above will be subject to discipline, suspension, and/or expulsion.


All rules apply to students:

  1. On the school grounds;
  2. Off the school grounds at a school activity, function, or event; when the prohibited behavior is a consequence of or directly related to causes or events which occurred or originated on school grounds, or when the prohibited behavior disrupts the educational process.
  3. Whenever the misconduct has a real and substantial relationship to the lawful maintenance and opera­tion of the school district, or a disruption to the educational process.


The discipline levels in this handbook are provided as a guide and may be modified in consideration of circumstances. The administration may take other disciplinary action not specifically outlined in this handbook when deemed necessary.


Students on suspension/expulsion from Fife High School are not allowed at any school activity, this includes activities that are either on or off campus, function, or event while on suspension/expulsion.


Graduating seniors who become involved in serious violations near the end of the school year may be denied participation in the graduation ceremony as part of the imposed school discipline.


Unless otherwise required by law, the district is not required to impose in-school or short-term suspensions and instead strives to keep students in school, learning in a safe and appropriate environment. However there are circumstances when the district may determine that in-school or short-term suspension is appropriate. Short Term Suspension means suspension for any portion of a calendar day up to and not exceeding ten (10) consecutive school days. Please see Fife School District Rights and Responsibilities 19-20 for complete description.

At Fife High School some examples of in school alternative forms of corrective actions that may be used when appropriate include but are not limited to lunch detention, conversations with appropriate staff, Restorative Justice/mediation, alternative learning opportunities, etc…. Our goal is growth and understanding. We are a learning organization and we want to educate students on appropriate behavior and the impact their choices have on not only themselves but others.

  Short Term Suspension means suspension for any portion of a calendar day up to and not exceeding ten (10) consecutive school days.

The following list are examples of  violations of school policy that could lead to short-term suspensions. Some could lead to long-term suspension. All items marked with an “*” contain more information in subsequent sections of this handbook.

  • Activity spectator problems
  • Bus misconduct
  • Cell phone/Electronic device use in class’
  • Cheating/Plagiarism *
  • Dangerous Behavior*
  • Defiance of School Authority*
  • Displays of affection
  • Disrespectful behavior*
  • Disrupting the educational environment
  • Dress Code violation*
  • Failure to cooperate
  • Failure to complete assigned discipline
  • Failure to follow attendance procedures
  • Forged communication (notes, emails, phone calls, etc.)
  • Gambling
  • Gang related behavior*

  • In-class/hallway/lunchroom disturbances
  • Lying about school related situations
  • Parking violations
  • Possession of laser pointers
  • Possession of lighters/matches
  • Possession/Distribution of inappropriate materials
  • Profanity or vulgarity
  • Public Displays of Affection
  • Responsible Use Violations – *
  • improper downloads and/or viewing
  • Student conflicts
  • Tardiness *
  • Tobacco use or possession
  • Trespassing
  • Truancy/Closed Campus Violation *
  • Unsafe Behavior



The goal of Lunch and After-School discipline is to provide a learning alternative as a part of a students discipline for violations of certain school policies.  Students who are subject to discipline for a school policy infraction, other than tardies, will have a conference with a building administrator (or opportunity for a conference).  The administrator informs the student of the discipline.  The administrator will then notify the student's parents or guardian informing them of the violation and give information about the program.  Lunch and After-School discipline is designed to be a work environment.  Students are expected to bring and complete school work.  Actions such as sleeping, refusal to do work, etc. will result in further discipline being assigned or suspension depending on the severity of the actions.

NOTE: Taridies: students who have excessive tardies will be automatically notified via email when they have been assigned to detention. Parents/Guardians will receive the same notification.

Students who do not attend or are late to lunch or after-school discipline will be assigned further discipline which may include suspension.


Unless otherwise required by law, the district is not required to impose long-term suspension or expulsion and may impose long-term suspension or expulsion only for specified misconduct. In general the district strives to keep students in school, learning in a safe and appropriate environment. However, in accordance with the other parameters of this policy there are circumstances when the district may determine that long-term suspension or expulsion is appropriate for student behaviors listed in RCW 28A.600.015 (6)(a) through (d). Please see Fife School District Rights and Responsibilities 19-20 for complete description.

  Long-term suspension means a suspension that exceeds ten (10) consecutive school days. A long-term suspension may not exceed the length of an academic term. A reengagement meeting will be held between the student and parent/guardian to discuss how to return a student to an educational setting.

  Emergency Expulsion means an emergency removal from school for up to, but not exceeding, ten (10) consecutive school days from the students current school placement by the superintendent or designee. An emergency expulsion requires the superintendent or designee to have good and sufficient reason to believe that the student’s presence poses an immediate and continuing danger to other students or school staff or an immediate and continuing threat of substantial disruption of the education process.

  Expulsion means a denial of attendance for a period of time up to but no longer than length of an academic term (as defined by the board of directors) from the time the student is removed from his/her current school placement by a school district superintendent or designee.

NOTE:  A police report may be filed in cases involving weapons, narcotics, drug paraphernalia, sexting, or unlawful interference with school authorities. Students sustaining physical injury during an altercation with another student will be encouraged to file a police report. Police may be contacted to liaison with the school when necessary. 


The Board of Directors believes that the use of tobacco (including inhalants, paraphernalia, vape pens, other electronic devices, and substances which purport to be real), alcohol, drugs, and mind altering substances by students is not only illegal in most cases, but also hinders their learning and is detrimental to their health. The possession, use or selling of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or mind-altering substances by students on or adjacent to school property, or at school sponsored events is prohibited. Students who violate this prohibition will be subject to discipline as prescribed in this policy.

Students will be disciplined when there is reasonable cause to believe they have violated the prohibition against possession or use of alcohol, drugs, or mind-altering substances. Reasonable cause shall mean specific observable facts that can be described and that indicate a particular student is in the possession of or has used alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or mind altering substances or that which purports to be on or adjacent to school property, or at school-sponsored activities. Possession for the purpose of delivering or selling to others will result in more severe discipline.

Students shall not be in possession of over-the-counter or prescription drugs or medications/remedies on school premises as provided in Policy 3416, Medication at School.

Corrective Action: Recommendation for Long-Term Suspension. Building administrators have the authority to reduce long-term suspensions to a shorter duration provided the building administrator is convinced that a plan is in progress which will result in elimination of future involvement with drugs and alcohol.  

Students who have been suspended or expelled according to this policy and who wish to re-enter school prior to the completion of the suspension/expulsion, may choose to be evaluated by a state accredited substance abuse treatment agency.  If the parents and the student agree to follow the health care recommendations of that agency, a portion of the suspension/expulsion may be suspended/reduced. In all cases, if the health care recommendations are not followed, the remainder of the suspension/expulsion will be reinstated.

POSSESSION OF WEAPONS (Policy 4210 & 3241P):


It is the policy of the Fife School Board that all students are prohibited from carrying or possessing a firearm or other dangerous weapon(s) (as defined by federal and state law and district policy and procedures) on school property, on school-provided transportation, in areas of facilities being used exclusively by public schools, or at school-sponsored events or activities. 

Under state and federal law, a student shall be expelled for not less than one year for possession of a firearm on school premises, school-provided transportation, or areas of facilities being used exclusively by public schools. In addition to being expelled or suspended from school, it is a crime under Washington state law for a person (not just students) to knowingly carry a weapon on school premises. The penalty for conviction could be up to a year imprisonment and a $5,000 fine.  RCW 9.41.280 

Other weapons

Students are forbidden to knowingly and voluntarily possess, handle, transmit, or use any instrument in school or on school grounds that is ordinarily or generally considered a weapon. Any object which could be used to injure another person and which has no school-related purpose (i.e. toy weapons) are prohibited. State laws RCW9.21.280 and RCW9.21.250 defines other dangerous weapons. Examples include, but are not limited to: ammunition, incendiary or explosive devices, clubs, knives of any kind, other cutting or stabbing instruments, chemical inhalants, stun-guns, slingshot, sand club, metal knuckles, air pistols, and look-alike items or replicas displayed or represented as real weapons. 

Possession is having a weapon on district property or at a district-sponsored event and includes, but is not limited to:  space assigned to a student such as a locker or desk; on the student’s person or property such as clothing, backpack, purse, or motor vehicle; under the person’s control or accessible or available and is hidden by the student. 

Students who possess a weapon or who carry, exhibit, or display any weapon or item capable of producing bodily harm, in a manner, under circumstance, and at a time and place that either manifests an intent to intimidate another or warrants alarm for the safety of other persons, shall be the subject of discipline up to and including expulsion.  

General Information and Terms



Fife High School believes learning is important.  Improving academic performance requires effort and cooperation at all levels.  Interventions may be assigned to a student for academic non-performance.  Academic non-performance is defined as, but not limited to the failure to:



Students will be promoted to the next grade level per the following:

                   Sophomore:              promoted by the junior high school

                   Junior/Senior:           promoted with class

Students will advance one grade level per year.  However, in each case, no student will earn a diploma until all graduation requirements have been completed.



In the equivalent of one semester. There are two semesters in a school year, each semester is a 90 day period of time.



Every accident in the school building, on the school grounds, at practice sessions or at any athletic event sponsored by the school must be reported immediately to the person in charge at the time of the activity and/or to the school office.  The appropriate accident report form must be completed by the staff member and turned in to the office.










The Associated Student Body is comprised of all Fife High School students.  Student government is formulated through the Associated Student Body.  Fife High School ASB cards are sold for $40.00. Students purchasing the ASB card will be admitted free to all home athletic contests and admitted at a reduced rate to away games, dances and other ASB activities.  All students will also be issued a picture ID card for identification purposes.  ID cards will have a sticker or stamp indicating ASB purchase. Students involved in extra-curricular activities, including, sports, drama, clubs and student leadership roles will be required to purchase an A.S.B. card.



On assembly days, students are expected to:

  1. Report directly from class to the assembly.
  2. Sit in proper section.
  3. Show respect during the flag ceremony.
  4. Listen considerately and attentively to speakers.
  5. Participate in the manner requested.  Rudeness such as booing, profanity, wisecracks, unkind remarks, roughhousing and throwing things will not be tolerated.  Students will be subject to discipline procedures for inappropriate behavior.
  6. Electronic devices put away unless prompted by the presenters.



In the State of Washington the law requires that children ages 6 to 17 who are enrolled in public schools attend school Monday through Friday unless there is a good reason for being absent. In such cases, the parent or legal guardian must excuse the absence by notifying the school. Consistent with RCW 28.A.225.010, students will be expected to attend and be punctual to regularly scheduled classes. Students missing 10 or more minutes of any class will be considered absent. 

When students miss school and their parents or guardians have not excused the absence, they can be considered truant. Truancy is defined as being absent from school or from the majority of a student’s classes without a valid excuse.  

Regular school attendance is necessary for the mastery of the educational program provided to the students of the Fife School District. Absenteeism may adversely affect the student’s academic performance (report card, student assessments, etc.) especially when the absences are unexcused, pursuant to FSD Board Policy 3122/3122P.


Students who are frequently late to class miss key instruction and are an interruption to the educational process.  To make sure students are getting to class on time, teachers will close and lock doors when the bell rings to begin class; any student not already in class will report to the attendance office.  Please note that students are allowed three tardies total each quarter, not three free tardies to each class.  Students who are late due to a legitimate academic reason such as finishing a test and arrive with a teacher’s note will not be penalized.


When a student needs to be released from school before the school day is over, a note should be given to the Attendance Office in the morning stating the time that the student should be in the office ready to leave. Students will not be released unless they are signed out in the office by their parent/guardian or an adult (ID required) that is on the student’s contact list. No messages will be sent to students after 2:00pm. Please have arrangements made prior to the school day.


The following are valid reasons for an absence from school to be considered “excused:”

The school principal (or designee) has the authority to determine if an absence meets the above criteria for an excused absence.


Any absence from school for the majority of hours or periods in an average school day is unexcused unless it meets one of the criteria listed above as a valid reason for an excused absence. Fife High School will notify the student’s parent or guardian via automated phone call whenever the student fails to attend school. Please contact the school’s attendance office within two school days of the occurrence at (253) 517-1120. You may leave a message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The “Becca Bill” (SB 5439) is our state’s truancy law. It is intended to stop truancy before it becomes a problem. If a student has unexcused absences, this law requires that schools and school districts take the following actions:

1. One (1) unexcused absence during any 30 day period of the school year: The school will inform you (and/or your student) of the unexcused absence (usually by telephone, but notification may also be in writing).

2. Three (3) unexcused absences during any 30 day period of the school year: A conference will be scheduled with you and your student to discuss the cause of the unexcused absences and find solutions to prevent further absences. During the conference, parent/guardian, student and school will identify and address barriers to your student’s attendance and develop a written attendance agreement/contract. An attendance assessment may be administered (WARNS).

3. Seven (7) unexcused absences in a 30 day period or ten (10) unexcused absences in a given school year: Washington State statutes permit the following actions to be taken by a school district. The school district will file a petition in the juvenile court to order the student to attend school. A notice of the truancy court petition will be sent by certified mail with return receipt or by in-person delivery.

The school district may also refer the family to a “Community Truancy Board.” A Truancy Board is a group of citizens who help resolve truancy cases away from the court.  


Fife High School strongly discourages students taking extended vacations during the semester or leaving school prior to the normal closing date. Students missing class lose essential instruction and place increased demands on classroom teachers in the areas of record keeping, administering make-up work, etc.

In order that students and parents may not be misled and suffer possible disappointment, it must be clearly understood that:

1. A notification of request that outlines reasons for the absence, expected duration and departure date, must be submitted to the Attendance Secretary at least one week prior to the first date of the absence.

2. A “Prearranged Absence Form” will be issued from the office to be presented by the student to his/her teachers.

3. Teachers have been asked to outline to the student possible consequences that could result from the extended absence and alternatives that would help minimize the potential harm to the student's final grade. An indication of willingness on the part of the teacher to assist the student is not to be construed as a promise that the student will receive full credit. The responsibility for completion of all make-up requirements rests with the student. During the planning for an extended absence, parents and students should understand that teachers cannot possibly, in all cases, pre-teach the lessons or provide make-up assignments to cover all the material that will be missed.

4. Final clearance must be completed in the office by returning the “Prearranged Absence Form” to the attendance office. The school administration will have final determination of whether the absence will be marked as excused or unexcused. 


In keeping with our belief that the classroom environment and interaction with the teacher are important aspects of the educational setting of Fife High School, the school reserves the right to require students to make up work and school time lost through absence.  If make-up tasks or responsibilities are required, it will be communicated to the student by the relevant teacher, counselor, or administrator.


Students have the right to make up work for all absences except unexcused absences or truancy. The student is responsible for making arrangements with the teacher to complete the required make-up.  Each teacher will explain the grading/make-up time-lines, which students must follow to receive credit for missed work/instruction. Students or parents who find themselves in an unusual situation (i.e. extensive illness, hardships, etc.) should make direct contact with the counseling office to allow a counselor sufficient time to work with the student and teachers to minimize the effects of the absences.  For absences of more than three (3) consecutive days, it is possible for homework assignments to be collected.  Arrangements can be made through the Attendance Office or by contacting the teacher through email.

At the teacher's request, students failing a course may be required to put in additional time before or after school until satisfactory progress is achieved in that class.


It is possible that during the year one or more of our athletic teams will be involved in state level tournament competition. The following will help parents and students understand the attendance procedure that the school will follow at these times.  The school does not encourage students to lose class time to attend contests that take place during the school day.

  1.  The school will be open.  Normal school hours and bus schedules will be maintained.  There will be appropriate supervision with regular classes or planned activities held at school.
  2. Parents must fill out the state level pre-arranged absence form to request the absence be excused if they feel it is appropriate for their child to miss school during the indicated time.
  3. Parents should notify the school prior to the absence.
  4. Students missing school without permission will be considered as "unexcused absent" or “truant.”




If you wish to have announcements made regarding school activities, you must have the announcement initialed by a teacher, advisor, or by an administrator.  All notices must be in the main office prior to 2:20 p.m. for the next day's bulletin.


Outside individuals or groups wishing to distribute literature on campus must first get approval from the Fife School District Administration Office.


The Fife School District is committed to a safe and civil educational environment for all students, employees, volunteers and patrons free from harassment, intimidation or bullying. “Harassment, intimidation or bullying” means any intentional written, verbal, or physical act, including but not limited to one shown to be motivated by any characteristic in RCW 9A.36.080(3), (race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, pregnant, married or mental or physical disability), or other distinguishing characteristics, when the intentional written, verbal, or physical act:

Nothing in this section requires the affected student to actually possess a characteristic that is a basis for the harassment, intimidation, or bullying.  “Other distinguishing characteristics” can include but are not limited to:  physical appearance, clothing or other apparel, socioeconomic status, gender identity, and marital status.  Harassment, intimidation or bullying can take many forms including:  slurs, rumors, jokes, innuendos, demeaning comments, drawings, cartoons, pranks, gestures, physical attacks, threats, or other written, oral or physical actions.  “Intentional acts” refers to the individual’s choice to engage in the act rather than the ultimate impact of the action(s).


This policy is not intended to prohibit expression of religious, philosophical, or political views, provided that the expression does not substantially disrupt the educational environment.  Many behaviors that do not rise to the level of harassment, intimidation or bullying may be prohibited by other district, program, building, or classroom policies.


Depending upon the frequency and severity of the conduct, intervention, counseling, correction, discipline and/or referral to law enforcement will be used to remediate the impact on the victim and the climate and change the behavior of the perpetrator.  This includes appropriate intervention, restoration of a positive climate, and support for victims and others impacted by the violation.  False reports or retaliation for harassment, intimidation or bullying also constitute violations of this policy.


It is the responsibility of any person at Fife High School who believes that he/she has been subjected to harassment or intimidation by any student, faculty or staff to bring this to the immediate attention of a teacher, counselor, or administrator.  All such complaints will be investigated and, where substantiated, corrective action will be taken. Fife High School will attempt to maintain a work place and campus environment free of harassment of any kind from any source, while treating all complaints fairly in order to prevent frivolous or malicious accusations. No retaliation will be taken against anyone who makes a good-faith complaint.  If you are a victim of or a witness to harassment, whether verbal, physical or sexual:


Conflict Resolution

Rumors, misunderstandings and assumptions cause many of the conflicts and fights at Fife High School.  Do your part to make Fife High School a great place to be by:


The policy of Fife High School is not to tolerate any verbal or physical conduct by any faculty, staff, or student who harasses, disrupts, or interferes with another's work performance or who creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment within the Fife High School community.  Sexual harassment, or any type of harassment on the basis of color, disability, race, religion, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation whether intentional or unintentional is not tolerated.



Students and staff are protected against sexual harassment by anyone in any school program or activity, including on the school campus, on the school bus, or off-campus during a school-sponsored activity.


Sexual harassment is unwelcome behavior or communication that is sexual in nature when:


Examples of Sexual Harassment:


You can report sexual harassment to any school staff member or to the district's Title IX Coordinator (listed under Non-Discrimination).  For a copy of your district’s sexual harassment policy and procedure, refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities or contact your principal or Title IX Officer.


Cheating includes, but is not limited to the following:

CIVIL RIGHTS (Policy 3210):


Fife School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination:

Title IX Coordinator, Ben Ramirez, Assistant Superintendent

Section 504/ADA Coordinator, Nancy Fitta, Director of Special Programs

Fife Public Schools

5802 20th St. E.

Tacoma, WA 98424



Teachers have the authority to discipline any student for any disruptive or disorderly conduct or other violation of rules for student conduct which may occur in the presence of the teacher. Students who are a disruption at school are provided opportunities (alternative forms of corrective action) to change their behavior. Any conduct, which materially and substantially interferes with the educational process is prohibited. Please see Fife School District Rights and Responsibilities 19-20 for complete description.

CLOSED CAMPUS (Policy 3242)


The Fife School District policy regarding closed campus is as follows:

  1. The Students’ school day begin when they:  a) step on the school bus, or, b) arrive at school in private transportation, on foot, or by other means.  In either case, once students arrive they are expected to remain within the red gates of the high school for the entire day unless they are under direct supervision of a staff member.  This includes lunch!
  2. Any student leaving the high school campus between the beginning and end of the school day must have permission from the school administration and must sign out through the attendance office.
  3. The parking lots, fields, and stadium are off limits during the school day.
  4. Only those students who have classes in East Fife High are permitted to travel to that building.
  5. Violations of the closed campus policy will result in discipline.



Dances sponsored by Fife High School are intended for the enjoyment of our students.  Fife High School students must show their F.H.S. ID Card before being admitted to the dance.  By purchasing a ticket, students and guests agree to follow the code of behavior outlined on the FHS dance contract.  The contract is on display at the bookkeeper’s window. Students will be expected to arrive at the dance within one hour after the start.  Students arriving after that time may not be admitted unless they have made prior arrangements with an administrator.  Once students enter the dance, they are not permitted to leave and then return.

Appropriate dancing is expected.  Students dancing in lewd or dangerous ways may be asked to leave the dance and may lose the privilege to attend future dances.  Dance contracts are available at the bookkeeper’s window.


Guests may only attend the Homecoming, Tolo, or Prom dance with a currently enrolled FHS student.

1) Guests must be at least a 10th grader but not older than the age 20.

2) Only one guest per student will be allowed to attend a dance.

Guest passes are available in the bookkeeper’s office; other requirements for guests are listed on the pass.  Completed passes are to be turned in before the dance.  Visitors will pay the cost of tickets without an ASB card. Persons who falsify guest passes will be subject to discipline and will not be allowed to enter the dance.



Anything that is disruptive in nature, obscene, considered a health hazard, safety problem, or that interferes with the learning environment is not allowed. Dangerous behavior can include:




Students who unlawfully fail to comply with school authorities will face school discipline. As per RCW 28A.635.090; it is unlawful for any person to interfere with any school employee who is in the peaceful discharge of his or her duties. Students must correctly identify themselves upon the request of any Fife School District staff member. The final disciplinary outcome could range from minor discipline up to expulsion.



FHS does not encourage parents, relatives, or friends to use the school for deliveries during the school day for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Balloons are not allowed in classrooms or on buses. Items will not be delivered to classrooms. Students will be notified to pick up items in the office after school. The school cannot guarantee that students will receive any items of this nature.

Please do not have lunch or other deliveries delivered by a delivery service (i.e. Uber Eats, Dominoes, Jimmy Johns, etc…) sent to the school. These types of deliveries will be turned away and not accepted.


The school building, school grounds, or school activities are not the places for public displays of affection. This would include kissing, prolonged hugging, and touching. Students who fail to conduct themselves appropriately in these situations may be subject to disciplinary action. All faculty members will consistently help with enforcement of this rule. Students who are not cooperative will be referred to the office. 



Disruptive behavior in the classroom can negatively affect the classroom environment as well as the educational experience for students enrolled in the course. Disruptive behavior is defined as any behaviors that hamper the ability of instructors to teach or students to learn and violations will result in discipline.


While we encourage individuality, the school dress code aims to foster a positive and healthy environment. Acceptable dress and appearance is that which does not endanger health or safety, is not offensive to others, and is non-disruptive or non-detrimental to the educational process. For students school is the equivalent of a work setting. Students should dress casually and comfortably for school, while wearing clothing that is well-suited for a school environment. Clothing may refer to other objects such as hats, pins, buttons, patches, stickers, etc.

The student dress code shall prohibit the following:

  1. Clothing presenting a reasonable expectation of a material or substantial disruption of the educational process, damage to school property, or a health or safety hazard.
  2. Clothing displaying obscene, sexual, profane, lewd, or advocating prejudice words, pictures, messages, or innuendoes.
  3. Clothing displaying tobacco, drug or alcohol-related words, pictures, messages, or innuendoes.
  4. Clothing which symbolizes gang membership or which displays gang-related words, symbols, messages, or pictures.

The student dress code shall require the following:

  1. Undergarments must be covered at all times. Pants that sag and show undergarments is prohibited; Shirts or clothing that shows undergarments is prohibited.
  2. Clothing will cover torso, midriff, chest and backside, and have sleeves or straps;
  3. Drawings, tattoos and accessories that display or promote negative messages are not permitted. These could include drug, gang, weapon, alcohol or tobacco-related information, obscenities, put-downs, stereotypes, sexual innuendos, nakedness, offensive words or graphics
  4. Skirts and shorts must not be any higher than the middle of the thigh;
  5. Holes in jeans, pants, etc. are not to be higher than mid-thigh;
  6. No pajamas, bedroom slippers, pillows, or bandanas (expect for school authorized special events);
  7. Faces will be uncovered
  8. No spiked rings, jewelry, chains and/or other spiked apparel.

If a dress code violation occurs, the student will be given the option to cover up, change into appropriate clothing or have someone bring them clothes to change into. Refusal to comply will result in school discipline.





Once a course has begun, the student has an obligation to complete the semester and accept the grade that is earned.  Under normal situations, students dropping a class prior to the end of the semester will re­ceive an "F" grade for that class.


During the first week of each semester, the counselors will make every effort to work through situations where a student was inappropriately placed. The identification of these situations is the joint responsibility of the student by asking for help, parents by calling the counselor, and teacher through normal progress report procedures.  If after conferencing with the student, parents, and teacher it is determined that a reasonable effort has been made by the student and that it would be in the student's best interest, the student will be allowed to drop the class and be re-assigned to an alternative placement for the balance of the semester.


After 5 school days, students will only be allowed to drop a class without an “F” grade due to extenuating circumstances beyond a student’s control.  Such cases will be dealt with on an individual basis and will require administrative approval.


The State of Washington recognizes a student who has reached his or her eighteenth birthday as being responsible for his/her own actions.  This fact does not alleviate responsibility to adhere to all of the rules and policies of the school board in order to maintain enrollment.


Information may be released to parents of an adult student (over 18) when parents provide more than half of the student's support.  We will, therefore, use the student's residence as the determining factor.  If a student over 18 is living with his/her parents, Fife High School will release information to the parents.



Electronic devices are permitted at Fife High School, but they are not to be a distraction to learning or used inappropriately.  Students are not to have cell phones on, use text messaging, or listen to music in the classroom setting (including the library and hallways) while their classes are in session with the exception of teacher approved use during class time. Moreover, students are not to be on their personal electronic devices outside of their classroom while class is in session.  If students persist in using these devices inappropriately, they will face discipline and the device may be confiscated for a period of time.

Fife High School does not assume any responsibility for cell phones or other electronic devices that are lost or stolen. It is not permissible to take any photos, audio recordings, or video recordings of students or staff members, and/or post such items on the internet or social media, without consent. Phones should not be used in the restrooms/locker rooms.



The winter months sometimes bring weather conditions, which require school schedule delays or closure.  You can go to the district website,,, or listen to the radio between 6:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. if you feel the weather may create hazardous traveling conditions.  Radio stations will be announcing schedule changes by district name and number.

Announcements will be in the following form:

  1. SCHOOLS CLOSED-all schools will be closed for that day. All meetings, field trips, after school activities etc. will be postponed or canceled.
  2. SCHOOLS OPEN LATE- usually two hours late and will be dismissed at the regular time unless otherwise announced.  Listen to your radio for further announcements.
  3. SCHOOLS OPEN – NO TRANSPORTATION-weight restrictions can also contribute to transportation changes due to thawing of frozen roads.  Be prepared to provide transportation if such notice is given.
  4. SCHOOLS OPEN - EMERGENCY SCHEDULE- bus service is limited due to road restrictions or weather conditions, bus drivers will inform students of roads that will not be traveled because of snow or ice (severe hills, bus stop changes, etc.).


Fees are required for specific classes.  Exact costs are identified in the individual course description printed in the Fife High School Curriculum Guide.


A student's diploma and transcript may be withheld until the student pays all fines and fees.  Participation in extra-curricular activities, including dances, will be denied until all fines and fees are paid. Upon payment for fines and/or fees, or the equivalent through approved voluntary work, the diploma and transcript will be released.  The student and his/her parents may appeal the imposition of a charge to the building administration, the superintendent and the board of directors.



At the signal, all students and faculty must leave the building via the posted emergency exit routes.  Students will be escorted from the building to designated areas well clear of the building where they will remain with their class. Any student who fails to comply with a staff member during an emergency drill or related event will be subject to school discipline. Falsely setting or disabling of a fire alarm; tampering with fire extinguishers or fire alarms is defined as a criminal act in the State of Washington.



Students shall enjoy the privilege of free verbal and written expression providing such expression does not disrupt the operation of the school (i.e. profane, obscene, or disrespectful language). The school administrators shall have the authority to monitor student verbal and written expression.

The guidelines below shall be observed to assure both free expression of opinion and the orderly conduct of school. Students who violate the standards for verbal and written expression shall be subject to corrective action or punishment (see Fife School District Rights and Responsibilities 19-20 for complete description).

1. Neither verbal, symbolic, nor written opinion shall be expressed or disseminated in such a way as to interfere with or interrupt the normal conduct of classes, school activity, or the movement to and from classes.

2.Students wishing to disseminate their opinion by distributing pamphlets, leaflets, or other written material on school property shall be subject to disciplinary action if the materials are found to:

a. be libelous, vulgar, profane, or obscene; soliciting funds or advertising a commercial enterprise;

c. be racially derogatory, harassing or intimidating to others;

d.have created substantial disruption of the ordinary and necessary order of the school.

Such material must bear the name or names of the student or students distributing them. Material may be distributed in a manner and at the times and in the places the principal has designated in order to assure both a minimum interruption of the normal activities of the school and the reasonable opportunity of students to disseminate their opinion.

3. Official student publications, such as newspaper or yearbook, shall comply with the criteria established in section 2, except that paid commercial advertisements may be included. Standards of responsible journalism, such as accuracy, completeness, and objectivity in reporting, shall be observed. The advisor to the student publication shall be responsible to assure that the publication meets these standards and criteria.



Students who initiate, advocate or promote activities which threaten the safety or well-being of persons or property on school grounds or which disrupt the school environment are harmful to the educational process.  For purposes of District policies and procedures, such groups are referred to as “gangs.”  The use of hand signals, graffiti or the presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, or manner of grooming which, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, symbol or any other attribute which indicates or implies membership or affiliation with such a group, presents a clear and present danger.


Incidents involving initiations, hazing, intimidation, and/or related activities of such group affiliations that are likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to students are prohibited.


Students will not be permitted to use gang sign language, graffiti, use communication devices that disrupt the educational process while on school property, make claims that they are in a gang, or wear/display recognizable gang symbols/attire (i.e. bandanas, colors, graffiti etc.).


Corrective Action:  Under authority provided in the Washington Administrative Code 392.400.205 and 392.600.455, the Fife School District will impose corrective action ranging from Short-Term suspension to Long-Term suspension for gang related activity.  However building administrators have the authority to reduce Long-Term suspensions to a shorter duration provided the building administrator is convinced that a plan is in progress which will result in elimination of future involvement with gangs.


Quarter grades (Report Cards) will be sent home the 9th week of each semester.  If for some reason a grade report is not received, call the school at 253-517-1100.  The quarter grades are meant to be an indicator of how a student is doing to that date and to help set future direction.


Final grades are issued at the end of each semester. Teachers will identify in their course grading procedures criteria used for determining grades.  Missed work from tardiness, non-attendance, and/or lack of participation may have an effect on overall grades for each course.  Grading policies for each course will be provided by the teacher.  Credits are granted only for final semester grades.

WAC 392-415-050 Definitions -- Marking system.  The standardized high school transcript shall be based on a marking/grading system that reports the marks/grades earned by students in courses as follows:


Letter Grade

Grade Point

Class of 2022: Honors/Pre-AP designated classes Rank Weighting

Class of 2022: AP Rank Weighting



















































Below 60%







A student must fulfill ALL graduation requirements by the end of the second semester in order to participate in the graduation ceremony and receive a diploma. The responsibility of the school district, upon the student’s completion of the requirements for graduation, is to issue a diploma to each graduate. Participation in the graduation ceremony is not a requirement to receive a diploma. Seniors who become involved in serious violations of school rules toward the end of the school year may be refused permission to participate in the graduation ceremony. Such exclusion shall be regarded as a school suspension. In such instances, the diploma will be granted.


The graduation ceremony will be conducted in the following manner:

  1.  Each participating student must participate in the graduation ceremony rehearsal.
  2. Each student who participates will purchase or procure the proper cap and gown as designated by the school administration. Caps and gowns will be worn in the proper manner, as designated by the school administration.
  3. Students who participate will be expected to cooperate with the class advisors and to participate in all parts of the graduation ceremony.
  4.  Students who fail to comply with the above requirements will automatically forfeit the privilege of participating in the graduation ceremony or may have their diplomas temporarily withheld.
  5. Only students who meet all Fife School District and Washington state graduation requirements will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

For information regarding academic & subject area award, please see the FHS Curriculum Guide.


The school reserves the right to determine the agenda, location, speakers, and student dress for the ceremony.        



Students must be covered under an insurance policy if they fall under one or both of the following categories:

  1. They drive a vehicle to and from school.
  2. They participate in an athletic activity sponsored by the school district.

School insurance is available and encouraged for every student.  The school is not responsible for medical costs due to accidents at school.



Please see District Policy #3226 and Procedure #3226P



Upon entrance, each student is issued a locker.  Students are expected to keep belongings in their own lockers. Report locker problems to the Attendance Office.  Students will have the same locker for three years, and it is entirely their responsibility to keep their locker combination secret and their locker clean and neat.  The cost of locker repair and vandalism will be charged to the student.


Each student is responsible for all items in his/her locker and should not keep valuable items or money in their lockers. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items from student lockers, and students are reminded that lockers are the property of the school district. School authorities may search lockers under certain circumstances (See Search/Seizure).



Fife High is a closed campus and students are not allowed to leave for lunch. Student lunches are determined by their fourth period class assignment.  Cooperation is expected in helping to keep the cafeteria clean and attractive.



Students are not to possess or distribute any type of prescription or over-the-counter medication (Including, but not limited to, Tylenol, Midol, Advil, Cold Medicine, etc.) during the school day.  Any medications must be handled through the nurse’s office. Students caught with, or distributing medications will be subject to discipline.


The school nurse is available to see students 7:30 – 11:00 Mondays through Fridays. Students should see her in the nurse’s office between classes or arrange an appointment time during the day. When she is not available, a student may leave a note for her with the counseling secretary. During other times, office staff will handle student health problems of a minor nature. Students who appear to have serious or prolonged health problems will be referred to the appropriate medical agency.


Parent contact must be made prior to releasing a student from school. If contact is not possible, then the decision to release a student can only be made by a building administrator. Staff will ensure that the appropriate action is taken to safeguard the health and safety of the student. Parents are expected to come to the attendance office or send a responsible adult to pick up their student. This is needed to ensure that the school releases the student to the appropriate party.



Parents may make appointments for conferences with teachers, counselors, or the building administrators by telephoning the counseling office (517-1110). One evening conference will be available each semester.



In accordance with state law RCW 28A.160, school authorities are empowered to supervise and control private transportation of students on the way to and from school, at school and in addition, require student-operated vehicles to be registered and parked according to the policy of the school.


Students are not to be in their cars or the parking lot during the school day (especially lunch).   Cars are not to be used as lockers for books or equipment storage during the school day.  Once parked, cars are not to be re-entered until students are ready to leave campus.  Students driving motor vehicles to Fife High School will be expected to drive carefully and observe the following guidelines:

  1. All vehicles must display a FHS parking pass. These passes can be obtained from the bookkeeper for $25 per year.
  2. Students with unpaid parking tickets at the conclusion of the school year will be denied a parking permit the following year until all parking fines are paid.
  3. Student motor vehicles will not be used during the school day without the permission of the principal or assistant principal.
  4. The speed limit for all driveways and parking lots is five (5) miles per hour.
  5. Student vehicles will be parked in the designated parking areas. This area does not include the district office parking lot.
  6. Student vehicles must be properly insured.

Violation of these regulations or improper parking may result in fines (tickets), school discipline, and/or impoundment.  Students are not to be loitering in the parking lot or areas in close proximity before school, during school hours, lunchtime, or after school.



Fife High School does not encourage students to bring personal items from home that have value such as money, cell phones, cameras, and other personal electronics.  These items often interfere with a student’s top performance in the classroom.  The school will not take responsibility for the loss of these items and in many cases, will not investigate cases of theft.  



Permanent Records

A permanent record will be kept on all students who attend school. This record will consist of identifying information, attendance records, and documents pertinent to the school situation. All information maintained in student files will be reviewed annually to assure relevance and appropriateness. All dissemination, inspection and review of the student records will be in accordance with the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.


Directory Information

"Directory Information" includes the student's name, telephone number, email, date and place of birth, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, awards and honors earned and the most recent previous educa­tional agency or institution attended by the student.


Fife High School would like to make clear to parents what types of information will be dis­seminated about their students to outside agencies without receiving prior approval from a parent of the student involved. Parents/Guardians have the right to refuse to permit the dissemination of any or all of the categories of personally identifiable information.


Parents/Guardians should inform the high school in writing that such information is not to be designated as "directory information" with respect to their student. Questions or concerns regarding procedures followed by the high school in safeguard­ing the privacy rights of parents and students are to be directed to the high school.



Any student found inappropriately accessing, bypassing or tampering with teacher, building, or district technology and security systems will face disciplinary action. In the event that the student’s actions are such that teacher, building or district technology systems are severely compromised or put at high risk, lower levels of discipline can be bypassed.  These incidents are considered exceptional misconduct, disciplinary actions up to Long Term suspension.  Examples of these types might include but are not limited to accessing or changing grades on a teacher computer, computer hacking, purposefully introducing viruses or malware, etc.




Every effort is made to schedule students into appropriate classes prior to the start of the semester.  Occasionally mistakes are made, or students and parents would like an opportunity to reconsider their choices. Schedule changes will only be made when a student was academically inappropriately placed, missing a class, or is missing graduation requirements. The first week of each semester is set aside by counselors to examine request for changes. To promote the importance of being in class and avoid disruptions during the first days of each semester, class changes will normally not be allowed after the first week of the semester. Schedule change requests must be made using the online request form. Class time will not be used for schedule changes.


School authorities may seize any contraband substance or object the possession of which is illegal, or any material or an object which violates a school rule or poses a hazard to the safety and good order of the school. Students are not to bring these items to school or to any school-sponsored function. Please see Fife School District Rights and Responsibilities 19-20 for complete description.

1.  Authority to Conduct a Search - The law allows school authorities to search students, their lockers, and personal property when they have reasonable suspicion that a particular student is in possession of something prohibited by school rules or by law.

2.  General Inspection - School authorities will be making general inspections of lockers for purposes including but not limited to safety, cleanliness, retrieval of school material, and maintenance. Such general inspections shall not include searching personal items stored in lockers, such as clothing, bags, or purses, unless reasonable particularized suspicion exists.

3.  Locker/Storage Area Inspections - All lockers and other storage areas provided for student use on school premises remain the property of the school district and are subject to inspection, access for maintenance, and search. No student shall lock or otherwise impede access to any locker or storage area except with a lock provided by or approved by school authorities. Unapproved locks shall be removed and destroyed.

4.  Personal Searches - A student's person and/or personal effects (e.g., purse, book bag, etc.) may be searched when a school authority has reasonable suspicion to believe that the student is in possession of illegal, unauthorized or contraband items.

5. Motor Vehicle Searches - Motor vehicles driven by students and parked on or near school property during regular school hours or during school activities are subject to being searched when school officials have reason.  Any student who refuses to submit to a reasonable search by school authorities will be subject to disciplinary action. School authorities may detain the student pending the notification and arrival of the student's parent(s)/guardian(s) and/or law officials as appropriate.

6.  Any student who refuses to submit to a reasonable search by school authorities will be subject to disciplinary action. School authorities may detain the student pending the notification and arrival of the student's parent(s) and/or law officials as appropriate.



The conducting of private business or selling unauthorized items is prohibited.



If your child (age 3 to 21 years): 1) has a mental, physical or developmental disability that significantly impairs self-care, performance of manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning and/or working; and/or 2) has a recorded history of such an impairment; and or 3) has characteristics that cause others to treat him/her as if he/she had such an impairment; then your child may be eligible for special education, related services and/or specialized educational accommodations under the Individuals with Disabilities Act and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  For further information, to refer your child for screening or to make your child a focus of concern, please contact the office listed below:

Ms. Nancy Fitta, Director of Special Programs, Fife School District No. 417

                   5802 20th Street East Tacoma, WA 98424

                   (253) 517-1000



Fife School District will utilize video security on its properties to help ensure the safety of school staff, students, community members, and visitors; to protect district property; and to aid in the enforcement of district policies, procedures, and rules. surveillance cameras will be utilized only in public places such as school buses, building entrances, hallways, playgrounds, gyms, cafeterias, athletic fields, libraries and parking lots. Security cameras will not be installed in private areas such as bathrooms, locker rooms, or private offices.

This equipment may or may not be monitored at any time. Fife School District does not guarantee that every school interior, parking lot, general surroundings, building, or bus will be equipped with a security camera. The district also does not guarantee that a security camera in any specific location will be operational, or that the camera will record specific behaviors with clear images in all situations.



Fife High School has a no visitor policy during the school day. This policy is in the best interest of the safety of all Fife High School students and prevents disruptions to the educational process.


Upon arrival to campus, parents and visitors must check in at the high school office. Failure to check in is a violation of state law and if warranted, could lead to arrest.


Parents who wish to visit classrooms or the cafeteria must have prior permission from the school administration.



Anyone who will be transferring schools during the year must have a parent/guardian notify the registrar in writing, by phone, or in person.  The request must include the date of withdrawal, the pupil's new address and if possible, the name of the new school.  The pupil must report to the office on the morning of the last day of attendance to be given a withdrawal checkout slip and to be informed as to proper withdrawal procedures. All books and materials loaned by the school must be returned and all fines and fees settled before proper clearance can be made. Transcripts will not be mailed until all fines and fees have been paid.

Student Withdrawal Process

The Registrar will be advised that a student is withdrawing from school. If the student is present, he/she will hand carry a withdrawal form to individual teachers, library, bookkeeper, athletic director, etc. The student then returns the completed form to the Registrar. If the student is not present, the counseling secretary routes the withdrawal form to appropriate teachers and staff.


Any and all returned books, material or fines/fees should go directly to the bookkeeper. Appropriate credit will be given.

Notice of Interpreter Services



If you do not speak English, please notify one of our office staff members.  Interpretation services are available.

Thank you.


Si usted no habla Inglés, por favor notifique a uno de nuestros miembros depersonal de la oficina. Los servicios de interpretación disponibles.



Якщо ви не говорите по-англійськи, будь ласка, повідомте одного з членівнашого офісного персоналу. Інтерпретація послуги доступні.



Если вы не говорите по-английски, пожалуйста, сообщите одного из членов нашего офисного персонала. Интерпретация услуги доступны.



Nếu bạn không nói được tiếng Anh, xin vui lòng thông báo cho một nhân viên văn phòng của chúng tôi. Giải thích các dịch vụ có sẵn.

Cảm ơn bạn.


Kung hindi ka nagsasalita ng Ingles, mangyaring ipaalam sa isa sa aming mga miyembro ng kawani ng opisina. Interpretasyon serbisyo ay makukuha.

Salamat sa inyo.

Covid 19 Insert: Attendance, Discipline and Zoom Class Expectations

Attendance Protocol for Remote Learning

  1. Teachers will take attendance daily in Skyward for every Zoom Class Session
  1. If you miss a Zoom Class Session
  1. As in the past parents need to contact the Attendance Office regarding absences
  1. Autocalls will be going out at the end of each day

Student Zoom Class Expectations

Discipline Protocol for Remote Learning

  1. Teacher Warning
  2. Teacher Parent Contact
  3. Teacher/Admin Referral in Skyward
  4. Admin Parent Contact